Should I buy Windows VPS or Linux VPS?

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When You’re not sure about Operating System selection for VPS, this article will be helpful. Most of the Microsoft technologies are more compatible with Windows Operating System. For example:

(1) Remote Desktop Connection

(2) ASP.Net / Classic ASP

(3) Microsoft SQL Server

(4) Internet Information Server

(5) ColdFusion

(6) PHP with FastCGI runs quite well on IIS nowadays. So you could run both an ASP.NET and a PHP system on a Windows Server, however, the general opinion is that PHP is faster and better on Linux.

If you’re looking for any of the following, go for Linux Operating system based VPS.

(1) SSH. Linux does not recognize RDP for remote connections. You have to look at Putty or SSH.

(2) Linux will be a more stable and open source option. It has PHP and mySQL of course and is what a lot of people use.

(3) Linux/Unix is generally better in cost and performance. plus you don’t have
the headache of licenses and closed source code bs.

(4) Linux is best for PHP based sites – it is free, fast and PHP/MySQL is ideally supposed to run on it. PHP and MySQL is again free, best platform for rapid developments with tons of open source scripts for almost everything you need. is an experienced US Based Windows Hosting Company. has been providing world class Windows Hosting solutions to the global community for nearly the past decade. Priding ourselves in providing innovative VPS technology coupled with top notch customer service, this credo has allowed not only us, but our customers to experience success and substantial growth. We have successfully hosted 20,000+ domains and 10000+ VPS Windows on our servers.

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