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MEAN.JS Stack Hosting on SSD Linux Server

Explore MEAN.JS Stack Hosting on SSD Servers

MEAN.JS Stack Hosting

MEAN.JS Stack Hosting
  1. Truthfully, building web applications and maintaining their organisation is often difficult. MEAN.JS is a productive solution that permits the creation of responsive, robust, and maintainable web applications, utilising a variety of powerful technologies such as MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js. Essentially, MEAN.JS aims to liberate you from the heavy toil of dealing with the multitude of web frameworks and their integration, while guiding you towards making fewer mistakes. No monotonous grunt work here – you will be able to get started, in a thoroughly organized manner, as expeditiously as you wish!
  2. Today, scalability also matters in a profound way. Why? Your website can grow astoundingly rapidly, serving thousands of customers across the entirety of a speedily developing planet, and they expect it all to be blazing-fast. To achieve this, we only offer MEAN.JS plans that permit an intense degree of scalability. Of course, we have so many choices that you may well find yourself somewhat overwhelmed by the selection. If this is the case, have no fear. We have many expert staff whose sole duty is to assist you in making a choice. Please be sure to notify us of any need, so that we can deliver you from the oft-intimidating, albeit useful, variety of choice.

How It Works?

How It Works?
We Guarantee:

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Fully Managed MEAN.JS VPS Hosting

Pure Solid State Drives, fully managed hosting for MEAN.JS on Linux platform...

Pure RAID 6 SSD storage

Pure RAID 6 SSD storage

High Speed SSD Storage

High Speed SSD Storage

Environment Friendly Setup

Environment Friendly Setup

Low power consumption

Low power consumption

Plesk with Node.js

MEAN.JS Stack hosting On blazing fast SSD Server









The totality of our MEAN.JS plans include....

Find the details of what is included with all MEAN.JS Hosting plans.


The MEAN.JS Stack set-up and pre-configured


SSH / Full Root Access (i.e. almost unrestricted administration)


A 7 Day, Full Money Back Guarantee for your peace of mind


A warp-speed SSD Environment


MongoDB Database


No I/O Limitations


Free Complimentary Backups

Security & Service

24/7 Security and Service Monitoring


Unlimited number of Restores

Our Network & Infrastructure

Data Center Location

Data Center Location (Denver, Colorado, USA)

Our no-compromise approach to quality led us to establish a state of the art data center in the U.S.A. More specifically, in the beautiful, picturesque state of Colorado, city of Denver (CO, USA.) This centrally situated, gleaming, state-of-the-data center is perennially staffed 24 x 7 by an onsite personnel. Combined with multiple internet connections, an incessant 24 x 7 monitoring of facilities, critical fire suppression systems, the capacity for backup power generation, ceaseless video surveillance and pass-card restricted entrance, you can rest easy knowing that your data is both safe and secure. There can be no doubt, if you are on the hunt for the utmost in quality, then deploying your service to our U.S. data center is the superlative hosting choice.

Data Center Location

1Gbps Connectivity

Speed matters. There is precious little time to be lost in a world that is changing so rapidly. Cognizant of this prescient need, our HyperV Server nodes universally run with a full 1 Gbps of premium connectivity. We pride ourselves on an exemplary quality of service, making this the consummate hosting-home for your websites, MEAN.JS Stack applications, Game Servers, Web Development, Business requirements, and an ample range of additional applications.

Data Center Location

SSH & Full Root Access

Full administrative access is a critical component for your web-hosting needs. After all, it is highly possible you may have custom needs and desire, combined with server management expertise, and a lack of time or patience to have others do tasks you are perfectly competent in. Thus, the totality of our MEAN.JS VPS offers come provisioned with complete administrative access through SSH. Since each VPS instance has its own dedicated virtualised Operating System installed, you will have the liberty to install and execute whichever custom, personal applications you choose. Remember that with a VPS, you gain a plethora of benefits oft reserved otherwise for the dedicated server space, at a minuscule fraction of the price.

VPS Management, Backup & Upgrade Options

VPS Management, Backup & Upgrade Options

Your Virtual Machine will be installed and set-up by AccuWebHosting, using our quick setup configuration. This means that not only your Operating System will be installed with our defaults, but also the MEAN.JS Stack environment will be initialised and preconfigured by our expert techies. Starting out can be particularly difficult, and thus we proffer help during the initial stages of your webhosting journey to resolve any possible software defects or failures within the preinstalled applications.

Support should ideally be as quick to respond as possible. A problem for you is a problem for us, and we thus guarantee a response to your support ticket within the hour. Uniquely, every MEAN.JS VPS plan that we offer is covered under the helpful Fully Managed Support contract. In short, you can rely on us to surveil, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, your server, to proactively manage your server, and to provide a ‘best effort’ installation support for third party tools and operating systems. In addition to these exceptionally convenient services, we also propose a full two (2) hours of precious administration time with one of our staff each and every month. You can take recourse to this unique opportunity for a plethora of tasks: whether you desire VPS optimization or consulting. Please read more about our superlative Fully Managed Support offer.

The world we live in is not perfect. Disks can catastrophically fail. Data can be lost. The only way to fight back is with backups. We consider your data to be our highest priority, and thus commit, regardless of which plan or service, to offer a 100% free, complimentary backup for your VPS. A basic backup should not be pay-walled. Keep in mind that this backup process is actioned WEEKLY, and that we provide an unlimited number of restores. Do be aware that the availability of a restore point is necessarily contingent upon availability of that backup. Most pertinently, however, is that every restore is completely FREE.

Of course, we recognise that your requirements may necessitate more frequent backups. Thus, we offer a paid CDP backup service. Under this contract, your VPS will be progressively backed up on a daily basis. Naturally, you will receive the capacity for an unlimited quantity of restores at whichever time you require. Of course, our capability to restore to a certain time is contingent upon the requisite availability of a desired backup. This economical offer is reasonably priced at USD $10/month, per a 20GB block of data (CDP 2 Backup). This is the minimum size block we offer; thus you must purchase a minimum 20GB block. We invite you to read more about our premium Paid Backup service. With our paid backup service purchased, we have the capacity to conveniently restore any desired specific file or folder at your behest.

We aim to make upgrading your VPS as straightforward as is feasible. Thus, each and every MEAN.JS VPS plan we offer can be upgraded without the loss of data or current IP address. A MEAN.JS VPS can be upgraded to any more advanced VPS that is within the same series.

Naturally, for your administrative needs every MEAN.JS VPS helpfully includes a web-based VPS management Panel. This permits the monitoring of critical system components, such as your server’s CPU utilization level, memory, and disk space. You can immediately action common tasks such as pausing, resuming, or rebooting your VPS, for any reason, directly from this control panel.

Server Processor & Server Storage

Data Center Location

Powerful Dual Xeon E5& E7 series Servers

Processing power is especially important for the responsive nature of your web applications. We thus provision every one of our MEAN.JS Linux servers with exceptionally performant Dual Xeon E5 or E7 series servers, each with an astounding 256 GB ECC/Registered DDR3 RAM. We’ve got you for our disks, too: with blazing-fast server grade SSD drives in a RAID6 configuration, ensuring an exceptionally snappy VPS.

Data Center Location

Lightning-quick RAID 6 Server SSD Drives

We provision our servers with the proverbial cream of the crop. Each MEAN.JS Virtual servers is furnished with server grade SSD drives with a RAID 6 architecture. The servers are equipped with premium quality Intel Series SSD drives, and you can choose between a RAID 6 or RAID 10 setup.

The Essentials: Software & An Operating System

Software & An Operating System

Our servers are virtualized using XEN / SolusVM. XEN is a pack-leading virtualization technology with a hefty and prominent slice of the virtualization market. XEN has been in action since 2004, providing testament and proof as to its robust technological capability, as well as its platform agnosticism. By being at the vanguard of technology, along with inbuilt security capabilities, a high level of reliability, and enterprise-level performance, you cannot err with such an excellent choice.

If you are searching for the Ubuntu operating system on your Virtual Server, our experts can invariably deliver. There’s really no problem or inconvenience, we will happily install OS along with MEAN.js setup.

The Internet is an unkind & perilous locale for an unsecured server. Thankfully, your server does not have to face the battalions of hackers and no-gooders alone. Our Linux experts toil around the clock to fortify and secure our servers. Should you so desire, we are capable of installing a CSF firewall on all requisite VPS nodes. Should you still wish for an alternative firewall, such as an offering of Juniper or Cisco, we offer a range of paid options for your requirements.

MEAN.JS Stack VPS Add-ons

Add-ons can be purchased anytime

Additional Disk Space (10 GB) $5 / Month $5 / Month $5 / Month $5 / Month
Additional Bandwidth (100 GB) $20 / Month $20 / Month $20 / Month $20 / Month
Additional 1 GB Ram $20 / Year $20 / Year $20 / Month $20 / Month
Additional Dedicated IP (1) $3 / Month $3 / Month $3 / Month $3 / Month
Extra 1 vCPU $10 / Month $10 / Month $10 / Month $10 / Month
Daily CDP Backups (10 GB) $5 / Month $5 / Month $5 / Month $5 / Month
OS Reinstall $30 / Incident $30 / Incident $30 / Incident $30 / Incident

Important Notes

  • Every quoted price is provided in USD $ (U.S. Dollars).
  • Check or Money Orders are only accepted for annual subscriptions.
  • A Virtual Hard Drive Image cannot be simply downgraded. Due to this limitation, you cannot downgrade a MEAN.JS offering to a lower capacity hard drive.