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'Recurring Commission' Affiliates Program

Recurring Commission Web Hosting Affiliates Program
AccuWeb Hosting Affiliate Program - What is it?

What is recurring commission?

AccuWebHosting.Com is pleased to offer our valued clients a very rewarding Affiliate Program with a recurring commission. In our affiliate program, you get recurring 12.5% commission for each signup life long or till the order is active. No gimmicks, no tricks. You don't even need to be an AccuWeb Hosting customer to sign up for our Affiliate Program!

What do I get?

Signup for our Affiliate Program and get amazing benefits.

  • Instant $25 USD Affiliate signup bonus.
  • Recurring 12.5% affiliate commission.
  • Pay per clicks - get additional $5 USD for every 100 visitors referred to our website*.
  • Place minimum two banners on your prominent pages and get additional $25 USD one time bonus **.
  • Get additional bonus for multiple signups every month:
  • 5 to 9 new signups/month - Additional $40 USD
  • 10 to 20 new signups/month - Additional $100 USD
  • 21 to 30 new signups/month - Additional $200 USD
  • 31 or more new signups/month - Additional $300 USD

AccuWeb Hosting Affiliate Program - What do I get?




1st Month (15 New Sign ups) $21.60 x 15 = $324 $41.00 + $100 (additional bonus)
2nd Month (15 existing referrers + 15 new sign ups) ($21.60 x 15) + ($21.60 x 15) = $648 $82.00 + $100 (additional bonus)
3rd Month (30 existing referrers + 15 new sign ups) ($21.60 x 30) + ($21.60 x 15) = $972 $121.50 + $100 (additional bonus)
On the 12th Month (165 existing referrers + 15 new sign ups) ($21.60 x 165) + ($21.60 x 15) = $3888 $486.00 + $100 (additional bonus)

Start Referring Customers Today To Take Advantage Of:

How Do I Sign Up?

Getting Started is as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

  • Existing AccuWebHosting Customers can log-in to their account and activate as an affiliate !!!
  • Not a Customer!!! No problem, Sign up here and activate your account as an affiliate !!!
  • Select your banner and get HTML Code.
  • Place banner and code on your site and start earning!
AccuWeb Hosting Affiliate Banners

Affiliate Banners

Select from the wide variety of AccuWeb Hosting creative banners and text links we have provided here. Post the creative banner on your site that will best attract your customers to click through and purchase.

More The Referrals, Bigger The Rewards

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Testimonials from our Affiliates

Read our 350+ customer reviews from across the globe...

AccuWebHosting Customer Reviews
AccuWeb Hosting Affiliate Program Testimonial

Robert P. ( Gold Coast, Australia )

‘’ Over 800 of my clients have worked with Accu Web Hosting over the years with great success.

I have been working with Accu Web Hosting for about 3 years now and have sent them over 800 clients during that time. At times some of my clients have had special requirements and every time the team at Accu has been able to support their specific needs. The level of value and support on offer is second to none. ,,

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AccuWeb Hosting Affiliate Program Testimonial

Jinal S. ( Ahmedabad, India )

‘’ Excellent services to clients.

I am recommending Accuwebhosting to all my valuable clients. Truly great experience with Accu team. Support staff is truly dedicated and expert. With this support we can serve our client with 100% services. Thank you Accuwebhosting for providing such good services to clients. ,,

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We Guarantee:

Money Back Guarantee
Hassle-Free Cancellation
100% Customer Satisfaction
*Pay per clicks - Conversion rate must be more than or equal to 2% / month.
**Additional bonus is only one time and banners have to be there on your site for more than thirty days. You will need to submit the URL of the page where you have placed our banners.
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