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‘Flat Rate Multi-Layer’ Affiliates Program

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Recurring Commission Web Hosting Affiliates Program
AccuWeb Hosting Affiliate Program - What is it?

What is AccuWeb Hosting affiliate program?

AccuWebHosting.Com is pleased to offer our valued clients a high rewarding Flat Rate Affiliate Program with a multi-layer commission. In our affiliate program, you get up to $200 commission for each signup. Also, with our new module, you will get an additional commission for every visitor you send to our website even though they don't purchase plans/products. No gimmicks, no tricks. You don't also need to be an AccuWebHosting customer to sign up for our Affiliate Program!

Your Earning = Commission for Each Sale + Commission for Every Visitor You Refer

Introducing our new enhanced affiliate program, In this program, you will achieve commission for every single visitor you send to our website, we respect your efforts. That means, even if none of your visitor signups with AccuWebHosting you still earn for them.

Accuweb Hosting, New Affiliate program, gives a new chance to our all affiliates to earn the elite commission. Whenever your visitors click on your affiliate link and visit our website, you will be eligible to earn an extra commission for that referral.

What do I get?

Signup for our Affiliate Program and get amazing benefits.

  • Flat rate high commission starting from $25 up to $200 per sign up
  • Extended cookie life of 90 days
  • We will pay you for each signup, plus every visitor you bring to our website.
  • For more understanding, you can check here on the Affiliate calculator.
AccuWeb Hosting Affiliate Program - What do I get?




1 to 5 new signup / Month $25 USD / Signup
6 to 10 new signup / Month $40 USD / Signup
11 to 15 new signup / Month $50 USD / Signup
16+ new signup / Month $65 USD / Signup




1 to 5 new signup / Month $35 USD / Signup
6 to 10 new signup / Month $50 USD / Signup
11 to 15 new signup / Month $75 USD / Signup
16+ new signup / Month $100 USD / Signup




1 to 5 new signup / Month $50 USD / Signup
6 to 10 new signup / Month $75 USD / Signup
11 to 15 new signup / Month $100 USD / Signup
16+ new signup / Month $125 USD / Signup




1 to 5 new signup / Month $100 USD / Signup
6 to 10 new signup / Month $125 USD / Signup
11 to 15 new signup / Month $150 USD / Signup
16+ new signup / Month $200 USD / Signup

Calculate Your Commission

Recurring Commission Web Hosting Affiliates Program

Potential Earning


  • Total Visitors:
  • Product Purchase:
  • Product Purchase:

Start Referring Customers Today To Take Advantage Of:

Unlimited Cash Earning Potential

There is no cap on your affiliate commission earnings. Refer as many people as you'd like and get up to $200 USD commission.

Get Rewarded for your Every Effort

Get Rewarded for your Every Effort

Yes! You heard correct. We will pay you for every effort you make to bring visitors to our website. This new enhancement in our affiliate program will give you a reward for your performance. Hurry Up! Become our affiliate and start earning from today.

Marketing Materials

Ready-to-use attractive banners, email links, text ads to attract visitor referrals. Simply select the marketing material that most effectively complements your website look and feel.

Robust Tracking

We use advanced, customized technology to guarantee you always get the credit for each and every referral with 90 days of cookie life.

Easy To Use Dashboard

Easy-to-use Affiliate Control Panel with capabilities to segment referred traffic and monitor how different activity performs.

Anti-Fraud Protection

An aggressive anti-fraud protection to minimize chargebacks.

Easy Sharing

An easy to share campaigns for social media channels.

How Do I Sign Up?

Getting Started is as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

  • Existing AccuWebHosting Customers can log-in to their account and activate as an affiliate !!!
  • Not a Customer!!! No problem, Sign up here and activate your account as an affiliate !!!
  • Select your banner and get HTML Code.
  • Place banner and code on your site and start earning!
AccuWeb Hosting Affiliate Banners

Affiliate Banners

Select from the wide variety of AccuWeb Hosting creative banners and text links we have provided for our affiliates. Post the creative banner on your site that will best attract your customers to click through and purchase.

Where can I find the affiliate banners?

More The Referrals, Bigger The Rewards

Signup now

Testimonials from our Affiliates

Read our 350+ customer reviews from across the globe...

AccuWebHosting Customer Reviews
AccuWeb Hosting Affiliate Program Testimonial

Robert P. ( Gold Coast, Australia )

‘’ Over 800 of my clients have worked with Accu Web Hosting over the years with great success.

I have been working with Accu Web Hosting for about 3 years now and have sent them over 800 clients during that time. At times some of my clients have had special requirements and every time the team at Accu has been able to support their specific needs. The level of value and support on offer is second to none. ,,

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AccuWeb Hosting Affiliate Program Testimonial

Jinal S. ( Ahmedabad, India )

‘’ Excellent services to clients.

I am recommending Accuwebhosting to all my valuable clients. Truly great experience with Accu team. Support staff is truly dedicated and expert. With this support we can serve our client with 100% services. Thank you Accuwebhosting for providing such good services to clients. ,,

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How do I apply for the Accuwebhosting Affiliate Program?

You can signup for our program at Here

Does Your Affiliate Program cost anything?

Our Affiliate program is absolutely Free to Join.

Who Can Join our Affiliate Program?

Everyone can join our affiliate and start earning commission.

How many days does it take to approve my sale?

It takes 90 days to approve a sale. If your referred sale is active for 90 days on AccuWeb Hosting, your sale will be approved.

What is the minimum and maximum commission criteria per product purchased?

There is no cap on your earnings. Minimum commission you can earn on each sale is $25 and maximum commission on each sale is $200. Apart from this, you can earn commission for every visitor you refer to AccuWeb Hosting.

Do You Provide Marketing Materials?

Yes! We offer a wide range of eye-catching banners and text links for your use in promotion of Accuwebhosting services. Also, take care not to use fraudulent techniques for advertisement. For more information click here.

Do I have to be an Accuwebhosting customer for being an affiliate?

No! Anyone one who is having a website/blog can be our affiliate. There is no necessity to become our customer. Even Though, if you are already a customer of accuwebhosting you can also become an affiliate.

What is your enhanced affiliate program?

We offer you the opportunity to earn a double commission while bringing visitors to our site and promoting our hosting products to your clients and audience.

How will I be paid?

Your Commission will be paid via Paypal.

How much can I earn from your Affiliate Program?

There is no limit on your earnings. All though, you will be paid for your every legitimate sale.

Can I check how much visitors commission I get?

Yes you can check on this Calculator

What is the minimum limit to withdraw?

To withdraw your amount you need min. $200.

What is like a cookie or length of period cookie?

We provide an extensive length of cookies of 90 days.

When will I be paid?

All the commission will be processed on the first day of the month for sales of period three months prior according to the billing cycle of accuwebhosting.com.

How can I keep track of my earnings?

Your affiliate dashboard provides details about sales and earnings that you generated from your promotional activities.

Can I refer myself for commission?

Referring yourself for your own purchase will not be considered as sale. To know, more please visit here in the terms and condition section of that page.

Do you have any affiliate terms and conditions?

YES! You are abiding by our affiliate terms as you become our affiliate. These terms and conditions are for betterment and beneficial of affiliates and organization, you can visit here for more information.

Does my account have to be ACTIVE for receiving commission for sales?

You must have an ACTIVE account to become eligible for earning commission

We Guarantee:

Money Back Guarantee
Hassle-Free Cancellation
100% Customer Satisfaction

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