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Paging with PagedDataSource and Repeater Control in ASP.Net

Repeater control offer a fast and flexible proceeds of displaying data on an ASPX page. But it offer no paging functionality built in. The DataGrid control has integral paging but its configuration is stiffer. Im going to show you how to use the Page ....(Posted By Shane)

Types of IP address and its requirements

IP addresses are basically of two types:1) Static IP address2) Shared  IP address An IP Address is a 32-bit number that identifies a computer on the Internet. Every web site on the internet is found not by its domain name but by its IP address.W ....(Posted By Nia)

Layer 2 Vs. Layer 3 Networks

  LAYER 2 NETWORKS   A switch works with MAC addresses at layer 2 of the OSI 7 layer model. Devices used on a Layer 2 Ethernet network include network interface cards, hubs, bridges and switches. Ethernet devices use burned in MAC add ....(Posted By Simon)

Importance of Firewall in Internet world!!!

Anyone connected to the internet must have heard the term ‘firewalls’ But what exactly the firewall is? Basically it’s a separation between room or sections, which prevents, fire from spreading from one room to another. So if one ro ....(Posted By Nia)

How to install Zend optimizer on Windows

The Zend Optimizer goes over the intermediate code generated by the standard Zend run-time compiler and optimizes it for faster execution. In addition, the Zend Optimizer enables PHP to load and execute files encoded by using Zend Guard. The standar ....(Posted By Shane)

An Introduction of MX Records Priority

An MX record or Mail exchange record is a type of source record in the Domain Name System (DNS) specifying how Internet e-mail should be routed. MX records position to the servers to send an e-mail to, and which ones it should be sent to first, by ri ....(Posted By Shane)

Comparison between web servers (Linux-windows NT)

If youve been looking in the various forums and newsgroups devoted to webmastering, You can see lot of debate is about web servers. More precisely, which one is better: Apache or Internet Information Server (IIS). You can see these both web server p ....(Posted By Alvin)

cPanel :: Advantages - Disadvantages

Advantages: - Easy to navigate,  colorful,  and vibrant client interface:      cPanel offers a beautiful client-side interface.  It is extremely easy to navigate,  with an icon-based menu on the main page,& ....(Posted By Manuel)

"Internet Email Routing"

How MAIL ROUTING Works? This article presents the explanation of how mail systems on the Internet are estimated to route messages based on information from the domain system described in emails. Introduction: The procedure of directing an email t ....(Posted By Alex)

MX record and its priority

MX records : Introduction to customer MX (Mail eXchanger) records These are special resource records for mail routing. An MX record specifies a domain name and an associated computer, the "mail exchange", which is able to deliver e- ....(Posted By Manuel)

Difference between POP and IMAP protocol for mail

POP/IMAP Accounts POP and IMAP are two protocols that mail programs use to access mail stored on remote computers. How do I know if I normally use IMAP or POP to check my mail? The vast majority of users access their mail using POP. So if you don ....(Posted By Manuel)

Data Center Selection Criteria :: Changing web host

Data Center Selection Criteria There are two broad categories of data center providers. The first only supply computer room floor space, access to an ISP, basic monitoring and power. These are called collocation providers. The second group provides ....(Posted By Manuel)

HTTP Error message 404 and 403

What is 404?     HTTP Error 404 is an error message which means that the web page you are looking for cannot be found.     The 404 error is also known as "File not found", "Not Found" and "Go ....(Posted By Martin)

Use of Literal Control to Arrange data using ASP.NET

Arrangement of data in each and every application is very important because if your data is not arranged in perfect format then it never looks good and hence you will not be able to attract client towards your application. This is very important if w ....(Posted By Aden)


The ability to provide E-mail services to clients includes two critical functions: SMTP and POP3. Most e-mail systems that send mail over the Internet use SMTP to send messages from one server to another; the messages can then be retrieved with an e- ....(Posted By Alvin)


The Domain Name System (DNS) was developed primarily to allow humans to use more easily remembered character strings in place of dotted decimal or, heaven forbid, hexadecimal numbers. You can enter a destinations numeric IP address into a browser or ....(Posted By Alvin)


Here we discuss how to write code in ASP.NET by executing which we can download any specified file. Many developers require such type of code in their application of ASP.NET but they do not know how to write such a code in ASP.NET, which provides suc ....(Posted By Aden)

Database Connectivity in ASP.NET using CSharp

Today I am going to show you how to connect your application with SQL Server 2000 using CSharp and ASP.NET. As we know that CSharp and VB.NET are different from each other in many sense so as there are many other rules to connect your application wit ....(Posted By Aden)

Step by step guide for domain transfer process

1. You submit the transfer through our web site. We send the confirmation email of domain transfer - renewal to your email specified. The domain secret codes (EPP codes) must be provided to us in the very first step of the transfer process. 2. Then, ....(Posted By John)

Two ways of doing programming in ASP.NET

Today’s topic of discussion is based on the ways ASP.NET providing facility for doing programming. Actually there are two ways; you can do programming in ASP.NET. One is In-Line and second is Code-Behind. All the programmers have their own styl ....(Posted By Aden)

Connection String Used In ASP And ASP.NET Using DSN

As we know that there are two ways to connect with database one is using DSN and second one is without DSN. Today I will provide you guideline how to establish connection with MS ACCESS database using DSN. To establish connection with database using ....(Posted By Aden)

how to send Email in ASP.NET using SMTP sever

Here, I will provide an easy way to send mail from ASP.NET pages. Suppose, you have developed one registration form in your site for adding new user and after completion of whole procedure you want to inform your client or you want a notification of ....(Posted By Aden)

Connection String For ASP And ASP.NET Using SQL Server 2000

When we are start with programming in any language at that time we need to perform many basic tasks, one of them is connecting our application with database and for that we need to set one connection string which is the only way by which we can perfo ....(Posted By Aden)

A domain alias is like having multiple front doors to one location.

Basically you can have two or more domain names that take you to a single site. Domain aliasing allows you to host a Web site on one domain and point other domain names to the site. It is also called domain name pointer to root or domain stacking. ....(Posted By Simon)

SQL Server 2005 - Express Edition for Web Hosting

SQL Server 2005 is a comprehensive database platform providing enterprise-class data management with integrated business intelligence (BI) tools. The SQL Server 2005 database engine provides more secure, reliable storage for both relational and str ....(Posted By Jason)

What do you mean by ASP?

A website is built with collection of Web Pages and Web Page is designed with html, xml tagging. ASP is a Microsoft technology that creates a web page with .asp extension. A simple web page is design with html or xml tagging, but if you ....(Posted By Jason)

Having fun with File Manager in HELM

After chased your hosting partner, and hunted the plan for your domain, your momentous need will be, when your domain will be working? For domain to be viable, you need to upload the web pages on your domain. HELM, the divine control panel, scrolls ....(Posted By Simon)

What do you mean by SSL in Web Hosting?

Suppose, you are owner of a well developed company, and you want to promote your company world wide. Then you need to design a web site to promote your company over the international market. At the time of hosting you find out the odd ter ....(Posted By Jason)

Noahs Classifieds

Noah Classifieds is the software for managing online classified ads. It requires 1 MySQL database, Php4 script module and 1.66 MB of disk space.   cPanel makes it so easy to install Noahs classified in your domain, few easy steps and you a ....(Posted By Nici)

Simplifying ListBox Controls for ASP.NET

Simplifying ListBox Controls for ASP.NET Simplifying things, especially in web designing adds to the enthusiasm of a programmer in building one.  If a programmer has infinite possibilities to do so, then making his web pages more dynamic will c ....(Posted By teamhoney)

Competition in the Web Development World - ASP.NET Vs PHP

Competition in the Web Development World - ASP.NET Vs PHP Competition has long been present in our world.  This is not surprising, since every one of us want to be on top.  Every one of us has our techniques in dealing with the challenges ....(Posted By teamhoney)

What is SQL, SQL Database & SQL Database Hosting?

What is SQL Databse? SQL stands for "Structured Query Language". This language allows us to pose complex questions of a database. It also provides a means of creating databases. SQL very widely used. Many database products support SQL, thi ....(Posted By Jason)

Web Hosting Core Components

Web Hosting Core Components In this article I will discuss the Core Components involved in web hosting today! Web Browser When viewing the web you use a web browser like Internet Explorer. Many web hosting companies provide a Control Panel to adm ....(Posted By Jason)

Cheap Web Hosting

Cheap Web Hosting Web hosting services have slowly made its mark as a necessity for people who aim to maximize and utilize the benefits that the Internet has to offer to them, both in the personal and business aspect. Building on identity alone is ....(Posted By Jason)

Creating a Site Navigation Hierarchy with ASP.NET

New Features:   ·    Site Navigation Provider - The site navigation provider in ASP.NET 2.0 exposes navigation information to pages in your application, allowing you to define the structure of your site separately from th ....(Posted By Jason)

Web Hosting Traffic

The topic of hosting involves many different aspects; reliability, customer support, pricing, add-on features, programming, and allowable installation of PHP and other popular marketing scripts.  Today, Im going to focus on ONE topic, traffic, ....(Posted By Jason)

Setting up Apache for Multi Domain Hosting - VirtualHost Directive

If you want to set up your Apache Web server for multiple domains and sub-domains (e.g., and, you can do so with the VirtualHost directive. Its not very difficult, but there are some subtle aspects that may cause ....(Posted By Jason)

Hosting Excel Appliactions as a contorl in .Net form

I am sure that many of you are facing problem like I did for hosting excel applications. I was not sure that how to host Excel applications inside your Application main Form that I was building? I want to add it as a control same as web browsers in ....(Posted By Jason) Blogging Tools

Of all of the different kinds of programs on the market today, many people feel that Microsofts recently released ASP.NET blogging software is the most advanced. In many ways, this particular program is more adaptable and more versatile than any oth ....(Posted By Jason)

What is KDE in Linux operating system?

What is KDE in Linux operation system? KDE stands for K Desktop Environment. It is a desktop environment for Linux based operation system. You can think KDE as a GUI for Linux OS. KDE has proved Linux users to make it use as easy as they use windows ....(Posted By John)

What is Cookie Munging?

What is Cookie Munging? ‘Cookie Munging’ is a concept of ASP.Net which lets users to manage session variables if their browsers do not support cookies. By default, ASP.Net uses cookies to store session ID’s. But, as we all know tha ....(Posted By John)

Mac Hosting - Control Panel Options?

Many of our dedicated server clients looking to setup web server on MAC OS have frequently asked following question. "I want to find out what control panels are available for MAC?"A very simple answer to this is ... there are 2 control pa ....(Posted By Jason)