Top 10 Bulk Email Verification and Validation Services Compared

What is a Bulk Email Verification Service?

Bulk email verification – an indispensable tool for companies sending mass emails – determines whether or not a list of email addresses is fully valid and deliverable. The process involves an address-by-address analysis of each email on an uploaded list and is offered as hosted software.

How Does Email Address Verification Work?

The legitimacy of an email address can be measured through a combination of validation techniques and – depending on the internal database – proprietary algorithms.

At the end of the list validation process, any invalid addresses will have been filtered out, leaving a clean, fully deliverable email list, ready for marketing and business requirements.

Below, we’ve described in detail just how the email validation process – essentially, a process of separating the wheat from the chaff – works.

  1. Email Address Syntax Check: This removes improperly formatted email addresses, according to IETF standards.
  2. Domain/MX Records Check: This verifies the DNS entries of an email address. If a domain is found to be invalid, or an MX entry is missing, this process marks the corresponding email address as invalid.
  3. Role-Based Account Detection: Email sends to role-based such as [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], etc. can negatively impact your deliverability, and even blacklist you with some ISPs. This process detects and flags such addresses.
  4. Disposable Email Address (DEA) Detection: Throwaway/disposable email addresses, or “junk collector” email addresses,” are detected and processed
    appropriately. These are usually used for signup forms or to bypass login forms which require a valid email address.
  5. Honeypot/ Spam Trap Detection: This detects spam seeds, BOTs, honeypots, blacklisted, or bogus email addresses by checking the addresses in the list
    against the known list of email addresses/domains, used for trapping spammers.
  6. Checking DNSBLs and URI DNSBLs for blacklisting: A DNS-based blackhole list (DNSBL) or Real-time Blackhole List (RBL) is a list of IP addresses often used for spamming. A URI DNSBL is a DNSBL that lists domain names which have been found in the body of spam email messages but generally, have not been found inside legitimate messages. In the process, email addresses and IP addresses are checked against known DNSBLs and URI DNSBLs to trap spam networks.
  7. Final Verification: This phase performs deep-level extended SMTP verifications on each email address. The addresses will be pinged for mailbox existence without sending an actual email to the inbox.

Why is Email Address Verification So Important?

Most websites have forms asking for customer details, including an email address. While filling out such forms, it’s not uncommon for users to enter an incorrect email
address – whether intentionally or by mistake. All those incorrect email addresses added to your lists will be inaccurate – and undeliverable.

If you send emails to such addresses, the ratio of bounce-back emails will increase significantly. This bounce-back negatively impacts your mail server reputation, which is constantly monitored by Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, Hotmail, and other ISPs.

If your IP address develops a poor reputation, it may get blacklisted by popular email services like Gmail and the like.

This means that if you plan to run bulk email marketing campaigns, such as newsletters or sales emails, the identification and removal of invalid email addresses is essential.

Email verification ensures your email list is clean and thoroughly valid, which helps reduce bounce-back, ultimately saving you time and money.

Validating email addresses also helps you to maximize deliverability of your marketing campaign, and separates low-quality addresses from high-value contacts.

By harnessing the power of email list validation services, you can enjoy peace of mind with every send, knowing your emails go out to real, live humans.

Who Are The Best Email List Cleaning And Email Validation Services?

The below is a list of the best email list cleaning and email validation services identified by thru ongoing exhaustive analysis. Please note, variable listing fees may affect the position on the list. This compensation, however, unequivocally does not influence our review process.

1. QuickEmailVerification – Accurate and thriving Email Verifier



QuickEmailVerification is a leading bulk email verifier that offers online email list cleaning using real-time verification as well as batch processing. They are extremely popular in the USA, UK and the rest of the Europe because of their accuracy (over 97%), speed (about 200k emails verified in under 3 hours) and competitive fees.

It is the fastest, the most accurate and one of the most reliable email verifier in the industry. Till date, QuickEmailVerification has helped over 50k businesses (from SMBs to Fortune 500 companies) around the globe with their deliverability solutions.

Their verification process includes 7 different validations, starting from syntax validation and to the checking of mailbox existence. At the end of the verification process, you get a detailed report with safe-to-send emails separating from the list. They verify domestic & international B2C & B2B emails.

QuickEmailVerification offers two different APIs – real-time API and bulk verification API. The real-time API, which is almost instant, checks new submissions on your form while bulk email verification API process a batch of email addresses and validate them.

All payments are accepted through secure payment gateways.

  • Cost :: Fees begin at $4 for 500 credits (1 credit = 1 email verification) and then drops sharply with increasing volume. Can go as low as $0.0005 per email for monthly plans. One-time plans are also available.
  • Free Trial Offered? :: Yes, cleaning of 100 emails per day is free of cost. You don’t need credit cards to sign up and use their free email verification credits.
  • Real Time Verification through API? :: Yes, response is immediate, almost in less than a second.
  • What formats do you accept for uploads? :: .xls, .xlsx, .ods, .csv and .txt formats
  • What format is available to download results? :: .csv
  • Provide Custom jobs? :: Yes, please contact their support team.
  • Guarantee of deliverable emails after verification? :: 97% View details
  • Offers bulk email verification? :: Yes
  • Bad domains detection? :: Yes
  • Spam Keywords detection? :: Yes
  • Role accounts detection? :: Yes
  • Catch-all accounts detection? :: Yes
  • Disposable email address (DEA) detection? :: Yes
  • Checking DNSBLs & URI DNSBLs? :: No
  • Software Download and installation required? :: No
  • Support :: 24/7 friendly & personalized service support.
  • Additional Features
    • Email validation capacity?
      200,000 email addresses can be validated in 2 to 3 hours using their self-service application.
    • How long will it take to validate 200,000 emails?
      They are quick. It takes less than 3 hours to validate 200,000 email addresses.
    • What is their accuracy ratio for validating Yahoo & Outlook emails?
      Their accuracy for validating Yahoo and Outlook emails is among the highest in the industry.
    • Is it easy to import & verify email list from other ESP?
      QuickEmailVerification has seamless integration with major ESPs like MailChimp, CampaignMonitor, Emma, GetResponse, VerticalResponse, AWeber, ConstantContact and many others, which will allow you to easily connect & import your list from another ESP.
    • Privacy Policy & Data Protection Policy
      This information can be found in privacy policy available on their website.
  • User questions ::
    • Do you provide data validation service that can be integrated with our homegrown database and Marketo database through API? Would like to have the price sheet, how it works, etc.

      Answer by QuickEmailVerification – Yes, by integrating our email verification API with your own application or with Marketo, you can validate your email addresses in real-time. For pricing please visit our website.

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2. EmailChecker – Email Verification You Can Trust


EmailChecker Bulk Email Verification

Email Checker provides one of the most robust and accurate email verification services within the marketplace, with both subscription and ‘Pay as you go’ plans to fit all budgets. Their experience, knowledge and dedicated server infrastructure is so powerful that they can provide you with an email verification platform and service that ensures your email addresses are accurate and checked in all situations. To learn more about pricing plans, service levels, and support options please visit their website here.

  • Cost :: Basic plan starts from $14 for 1000 verification. You can choose “pay as you go” or “monthly subscription”. Use Coupon code ACCU20 and get additional discount
  • Free Trial Offered :: Yes, 50 verification credits for FREE upon registration. No Credit Card required to use free trial.
  • Real Time Verification through API? :: Yes – Industry Leading – With Detailed Integration Documentation for Python, Java, PHP and C#. ind more details
  • Provide custom jobs? :: Yes, please contact their sales team
  • Accuracy :: 97% – details available on their website.
  • Offers Bulk Verification? :: Yes
  • Email duplication removal? :: Yes
  • Habitual complainers detection :: Yes
  • Bad domains detection :: Yes
  • Spam Keywords detection :: Yes
  • Role account detection :: Yes
  • Catch-all account detection :: Yes
  • Disposable email address (DEA) detection :: Yes
  • Checking DNSBLs & URI DNSBLs :: No
  • Spam Trap Removal :: Yes
  • Software Download and installation required :: No
  • Support :: 24/7 Professional Support offered by their Experienced and Dedicated Helpdesk.
  • Privacy policy :: Email data that you submit for processing is fully secure. Click here to view their privacy policy.
  • Data Security :: Their environment offers both HTTP and HTTPS endpoints, providing customers with the option should for any reason, they be unable to use HTTPS. Environment transport is firewalled and SSL secured wherever possible.

    All servers are hardened and access to data is restricted by policy. Only authorised server administrators and developers are permitted access to the data, and only then when required to do so as part of an investigation or troubleshooting.

    Customer data is stored and replicated centrally in the EU, with processing servers dispersed in different regions – EU, US, UK, ZA. Once data has been processed outside of the EU, it is no longer stored and only the results are returned to the EU.

    Access is username and password protected. Where necessary, data fields are encrypted.

  • Additional Features
    • Integrations :: Integrations are another area where we excel, we realise that different clients need different integration options, and sometimes a mix. With Email Checker you can have automated batch file submission and retrieval using our batch API, or FTP access to your account, or plain old fashioned manual upload.
    • Bulk API :: Their batch API service has been designed from the ‘ground up’ for fast batch processing of large B2B lists (up to 1 million per day).
    • Response Codes :: Detailed reasons for each Bad and Unknown emails.
    • Professional :: Modern dashboard, very simple to use.
    • Personal Service :: We offer a friendly and personal service where you can actually speak and interact with a member of staff and not just an automated system.
    • Responsive :: Fast API with market leading uptime and SLA (99.97% in last 12 months?)
    • Great Documentation :: Detailed documentation with lots of code examples hosted in Github.
    • Yahoo Verification :: They offer an “extreme” Yahoo (and Ymail) option in their Real-Time API for the best possible accuracy.

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3. HuBuCo – Most Affordable & Accurate Option to Fit Your Needs


HuBuCo Email Verification

Hubuco is a reputable British company, headquartered in London, UK. HuBuCo prides itself on being the most accurate email verification service provider.

99%+ Email Delivery Rate, Guaranteed
Email verification is an important step in achieving bounce free email marketing. However, getting rid of your hard bounces is just one aspect of improving delivery rate. Using HuBuCo’s services you can achieve 99%+ email delivery rate, guaranteed.

You have several credit packages to choose from 10,000 to 2 Million verification credits. The larger the credit pack you purchase, the less it costs per email. The verification credits you purchase from HuBuCo will never expire, and you won’t get charged for emails that they couldn’t verify.

Professional Support
With HuBuCo, email list verification is incredibly simple, but if you are experiencing any difficulties their friendly support team is available anytime.

  • Cost :: $80 for 10,000 email verifications and $1,997 for 1M email verifications. The larger the credit pack you purchase, the less it costs per email. Credits never expire + 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Trial Offered? :: Yes, 200 verification credits for FREE upon registration. No Credit Card required to use free trial.
  • Real Time Verification API / Bulk Verification API :: Yes, Both APIs are available. Real Time API is suitable for verifying single email address, and bulk API to verify Millions of emails on a daily basis. A sample php code is available on GitHub.
  • Provide Custom jobs? :: Yes, custom jobs are available, please contact support team for this.
  • Email Deliverability Guarantee :: After cleaning your email list, Hubuco offers deliveriability guarantee for 99%+ emails. Click here to view details.
  • Offers Bulk Email Verification? :: Yes, you can upload your email lists in a .CSV, .TXT or .XLSX file format and your results will be just a click away.
  • Bad domains detection :: Yes
  • Spam Keywords detection :: No
  • Role based accounts detection :: Yes
  • Catch-all accounts detection :: Yes
  • Disposable email address (DEA) detection :: Yes
  • Checking DNSBLs & URI DNSBLs :: Yes
  • Software download and installation required? :: No
  • Time to process 200k email addresses? :: In less than 3 hours.
  • Privacy Policy / Data Protection Policy :: Both these policies are in place and extensively protecting your data. Please visit their website to view these policies.
  • Support :: 24/7 – professional support through helpdesk and emails.
  • Additional Features ::
    • Aside from removing virtually all hard bounces HuBuCo also offers a professional bounce analysis service to help eliminate your soft bounces too.
    • Market leader in both deliverability and prices
    • HTTPS, strict data protection policies and secure payments via credit card or PayPal.
    • All unknown emails are automatically reverified to ensure that any bad emails are filtered out of your email lists.
  • User questions ::
    • I only want the hard bounces removed, not the soft. Can you do this?

      Answer by Hubuco support team: Yes, that is possible. The report will remove nearly all the hard bounce from the list.

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4. Xverify – Call and Speak directly with an Email Consultant


Xverify Email Verification

Xverify is a clear industry leader in email list verification space. They validate all email addresses globally and can validate both B2C and B2B emails. Accuracy, Security, Trust, and Customer service is what sets them apart.

What makes working with them easy, is that you can call and speak directly with an email consultant. The company has built a strong reputation in email verification industry for over 7 years, having 2 office locations in the United States. Being that they are EU Privacy Shield Certified and located in the US, you can trust them to safely and accurately clean your data.

Be very cautious considering any providers who you don’t give you the option to call and speak with someone or boast similar independent certifications. The security and privacy of your data is their #1 Priority. Click and Call to speak with a live consultant today.

Auto Correction Feature

The typos alone can create 10% of invalid email addresses in a list. Xverify’s built-in auto-correction can easily notify the end users when they spell a domain incorrectly.

Fraud Protection

Xverify’s built-in fraud protection ensures that an email address is not a temporary account or involved with any online fraudster and chargebacks.

Email List Cleaning Accuracy

xVerify’s accuracy rate is about 98% across all major email domains including Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.

Turn-around Times For Email Verification

It purely depends upon the size of the email list and type of email addresses present in the list.

  • 100,000 email address of B2C data may take about 1 hours to finish.
  • 100,000 email address of B2B data may take about 2 hours to finish.
  • 10,000 email address may take about 10 minutes to finish.

Email Verification Response Time

Most of the time, validating major players like AOL, Comcast, Outlook, Yahoo, and Gmail take less than 1 second. While validating a B2B email address, response time may be slightly higher.

  • Cost :: Less than $0.01 per each email verification Pay As You Go – Deeper discounts on bigger volume. They can also work out for custom rates and packages for anyone who contacts directly.
  • Location :: Chicago, IL New York, NY
  • Free Trial Offered? :: Yes, just contact xVerify sales team to get a free list assessment so you can try before you buy.
  • Real Time Verification through API :: Yes, API and JavaScript implementation methods are available.
  • Provide custom jobs? :: Yes, please contact xVerify support team to get a quotation.
  • Guarantee of deliverable emails after cleaning :: 98% deliverability guarantee mentioned on their website.
  • Offers bulk verification? :: Yes
  • Turn around time :: Milliseconds on API and minutes via batch but can vary with list size.
  • Complainer detection :: Yes, detects complainers to lower your spam complaint rate.
  • Bad domains detection :: Yes
  • High-risk email detection :: Yes, removes hazardous emails that hurt your deliverability.
  • Catch-all accounts detection :: Yes
  • Disposable email address (DEA) detection :: Yes, prevents temporary and disposable email addresses.
  • Software Download and installation required :: No
  • Support :: 24/7 support available for all clients.
  • Additional Features
    • Affiliate Monitoring
      XVerify can help you identify which affiliate or sub-affiliate is sending you too much garbage data with their built-in reporting.
    • Send Shield Technology
      Built in Send Shield technology minimizes your risk of fraud.
    • IP Blacklist Monitoring
      Monitor your own mailing IPs to detect blacklisting.
    • Accuracy ratio for validating Yahoo & Outlook emails
      One of the best solutions tested for high volume accuracy of Yahoo and Outlook email verification.
    • Privacy Policy & Data Protection Policy
      This information can be found in privacy policy available on their website.
  • User questions:
    • I see you can do realtime api calls, will it filter out people who have left jobs and their email addresses are no longer valid?
    • Answer by XverifyLLC: Yes, we do a real time check to make sure the email is valid at the time of the verification.

    • Does your service check if a Gmail account is Active or not? Active being defined as any activity (Send/Open) in the last 3-6 months?
    • Answer by XverifyLLC: Since we never send any emails to the emails we are asked to verify, we cannot tell you if someone is not using their gmail account. No company can unless they are sending emails to those users and seeing responses. If a verification company is saying they can, I would never trust sending and emails to them to verify. Only Google would really know.

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5. EmailListVerify – Bulk Email Checker


EmailListVerify Email Verification

A leader in the email deliverability market, Email List Verify ensures that your list of email addresses get validated securely and easily with the best possible sender score. By removing dead addresses, Email List Verify helps organizations to launch more cost effective email marketing campaigns in almost zero time.

EmailListVerify can provide a 97% accuracy with zero false positives and guaranteed a 10x reduction in bounce rates. Their email verification algorithm includes domain validation, syntax verification, spam-tram removal, risk validation, MTA validation, MX records validity checking, complainers verification, real time bounce email checking and email deduplication.

EmailListVerify gives you a simple web interface to process your batches. They also provide an API that can be integrated with your web application or a web form. After validation of a batch, you will be given a detailed report that shows your activity and improvement over time.

  • Cost :: Basic plans starts from $4 for 1000 verification. You can choose “pay as you go” or “monthly subscription”.
  • Free Trial Offered :: Yes, processing of 100 emails / day at no cost for 10 days. No Credit Card required to use the free verification. Additional 1000 free email verification is offered by applying the coupon 1KWELCOME on top of free trial period.
  • Real Time Verification through API :: Yes, for Python, Ruby, PHP and C#. Sample php code available on GitHub.
  • Provide custom jobs :: Yes, contact support or call +44 203-514-8803
  • Deliverability Guaranteed after cleaning your email list :: 97% deliverability
  • Offers Bulk Verification :: Yes
  • Email duplication removal :: Yes
  • Habitual complainers detection :: Yes
  • Bad domains detection :: Yes
  • Spam Keywords detection :: Yes
  • Spam Trap Removal :: Yes
  • Software Download and installation required :: No
  • Support :: Limited online support via email and Live chat. Phone support is available in English.
  • Additional Features
    • Capacity in terms of processing email validation
      It depends on factors such as list size and quality. Processing time takes somewhere between 30 to 120 minutes.
    • Email List Verify can be easily integrated with MailChimp and you can import and export email list from MailChimp.
    • Email List Verify is equipped with 256 bit SSL protocol to secure your data.
    • Real time Bouncing : Email List Verify sends undetectable verification emails to those on the list which they cannot validate accurately.
    • Privacy Policy & Data Protection Policy
      This information can be found in privacy policy available on their website.
  • User Questions:
      • I see you can do realtime api calls but it could take up to 120 minutes to receive the email response. We use transactional emails. If I send you realtime emails (1 at a time) how long before I get the response?
    • Answer by EmailListVerify: For one by one API verification, it takes 6 to 25 second to get the response.

      • What do I get back exactly if I verify a list? The original list with all data fields with some rating of each line item so that I can remove them and then replace the original list? Or just good and or bad email addresses in a list? Or new list already removed bad addresses?
    • Answer by EmailListVerify: You will receive two files, once your email list is verified. The first file will only contain valid email list and the second file will have all the emails uploaded with a new column, which will contain the information of different status for every email address. To check different status code click here.

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6. EmailMarker – Email List Cleaning Service


EmailMarker - Email Verification And Clenning Services

EmailMarker is one of the leading email list cleaners in the industry since years. Being in the industry for many years, EmailMarker takes pride in delivering email lists cleaning services of incredible quality.

In the recent years, EmailMarker has made a great transformation using an automated self-service software. Due to this, the client’s are allowed to upload their lists online on the emailMarker web application, and the system handles everything very easily and very fast. Filtering low-quality emails this software protects your reputation and boosting your email campaign.

The level of professionalism has made EmailMarker a successful provider and all the clients are always satisfied with the excellent results. They handle every customers’ lists with great responsibility and ensure the clients that, they prioritize safety more than anything. This is the reason that various huge companies trust EmailMarker with their data and continue working with them every time. They do provide a full refund if you receive more than 5% bounce-backs from the cleaned email list.

EmailMarker diverse and very functional team is always ready to take challenges and works with passion and devotion.

  • Cost :: Basic plans starts from $3 for 1000 verifications
  • Free Trial Offered :: Yes 150 verifications FREE, signup is required
  • Credit Card Required for Free Trial ? NO
  • Real Time Verification through API :: Yes, for PHP , Python, Ruby and C#.
  • Provide Custom jobs: :: Yes
  • Email list cleaning accuracy :: 97% deliveribility guarantee
  • Offers Bulk Verification :: Yes
  • Bad domains detection :: Yes
  • Spam Keywords detection :: Yes
  • Role accounts detection :: Yes
  • Catch-all accounts detection :: Yes
  • Disposable email address (DEA) detection :: Yes
  • Checking DNSBLs & URI DNSBLs :: Yes
  • Software Download and installation required :: No
  • Support :: Limited online support via email and Live chat. Phone support is available in English.
  • Additional Features:
    • Email Deduplication:: Identify and merge duplicate records to save cost.
    • Accurate Syntax Engine:: Detect invalid email formats and lets the good ones through
    • Active Mail Check:: Verify whether mail to a mailbox will bounce or deliver
    • Quality Domain Database:: This ensures the most accurate condition of every email domain
    • Import and export email list from MailChimp
    • 256-bit encryption

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7. Bounceless – Email List Verification Made Simple


BounceLess Email Verification

Headquartered in Hawthorne (CA), is a privately owned Email List Verification and Email Validation service provider. Bounceless validates and cleans list of email addresses through a simple interface, keeping your list clean and fresh to maximize the ROI. With Bounceless, you don’t need to be an expert to get results from your e-mail campaigns.

  • Cost :: Pay as you go plans. No monthly payment, no upfront fee and your credit never expires. Basic plans starts from $19 for 2500 verification, $49 for 10,000 verifications, $159 for 50,000 email verifications, $259 for 100,000 email verifications and $1089 for 1 million email verifications
  • Free Bulk Email Verification Trial? :: Yes first 100 verifications are offered free of cost, signup is required.
  • Real Time Email Verification/API service :: Yes, API available for Python, Ruby, PHP and C#. Sample php code available on GitHub.
  • Provide Custom jobs? :: Yes
  • Deliverability Guaranteed after cleaning your email list :: 95% email deliverability Guarantee
  • Offers Bulk Email Verification? :: Yes
  • Turnaround time :: Unknown
  • Habitual complainers detection :: Yes
  • Honeypots/Spam traps detection :: Yes
  • Spam Keywords detection :: Yes
  • Spam seeds detection :: Unknown
  • Bad domains detection :: Yes
  • Role accounts detection :: Unknown
  • Disposable email address (DEA) detection :: Yes
  • Software Download and installation required :: No
  • Third party integrations :: Integration with MailChimp
  • Support :: Limited online support via email and Live chat. Phone support (+1 310 956 4293) is available in English only.
  • Data security? :: Privacy policy and data security policy is well defined and is available on their website.
  • Social connectivity :: Blog, Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin

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8. BriteVerify – Staying clean is as easy as cut & paste


Brite Verify Email Verification

BriteVerify is little different from other email verifiers. Their main focus is simplicity in processing and accuracy of cleaning. Email list cleaning with them is as easy as — just drag & drop. Drag & drop your email list into the window, or import it from your Email Service Provider (ESP) and at the click of a button you are off and running.

After email verification is completed, you can download your list, or you can automatically unsubscribe invalid and risky emails from your campaigns.

They are fast, accurate, and reliable. Your emails are quickly verified with a simple drag and drop interface. After completion, you can download clean email list.

BriteVerify can be integrated with your sign-up forms to validate email addresses as they are entered by visitors. BriteVerify claims to reduce your bounce rate by 98% and take an average of 0.5 seconds per email verification.

The price starts at just a penny per verification and gradually reduced to $.005/email for higher volumes. They also offer a free trial, which is on-request. BriteVerify provides 24/7 in-app support and a comprehensive online knowledgebase to ensure that you get a help within a few clicks.

  • Cost :: Upto 0-250K $0.01 per verification, $0.005 for 1M-2M email verifications. Pay-as-you-go service. No upfront deposits required.
  • Location :: Two offices, BriteVerify USA Charlotte, NC, USA and BriteVerify UK LTD, London, UK
  • Free Trial? :: On customer request
  • EU-US & Swiss-US Privacy Shield protection? – Yes, Click here to verify their privacy shield status.
  • Real Time Verification/API service :: Yes, A simple JSON based REST Web Service that requires two parameters – email address & api key.
  • Provide Custom jobs :: Yes, contact their sales team
  • Email Deliverability Accuracy :: 98% deliverability guarantee
  • Bulk Email Verification? :: Yes
  • Bad domains detection :: Yes
  • Checking DNSBLs & URI DNSBLs? :: No
  • Role based accounts detection? :: Yes
  • Disposable email address (DEA) detection? :: Yes
  • Software Download and installation required? :: No
  • Phone Support :: USA +1.855.862.7483, UK +44 (0)20 8004 7138
  • Additional Features
    • Capacity in terms of processing email validation and time it takes to validate 200,000 emails
      200,000 email addresses will be processed in 2 to 3 hours using their self-service application.
    • Accuracy ratio for validating Yahoo & Outlook emails
      Their accuracy for Yahoo and Outlook email address validation is high but they don’t have specific statistics to quote.
    • Privacy Policy & Data Protection Policy
      They are active participant of Privacy Shield Framework, which is designed to comply with data protection requirements when transferring personal data from the European Union and Switzerland to the United States and vice-a-versa. Click here to verify their status. Privacy policy & data security policy is available on their website.
    • CEO Matt McFee’s LinkedIn Profile :: Matt McFee –
    • Briteverify’s LinkedIn Profile ::

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9. Verifalia – Email Scrubbing Service


Verifalia Email Verification

Verifalia is a web-based email validation service that allows customers to upload and validate lists of email addresses with ease. It is an email validation service developed and supported by Cobisi, a leading provider of software development tools. Cobisi has been in email validation business since 2006.

For automated validation, you can use their HTTPS-based RESTful API, so that you can check the validity of an email address at the point of collection.

Unlike other providers, Verifalia can detect temporary mailbox unavailability such as mailbox full errors. Also, it automatically retries each address multiple times at specific intervals, to avoid a greylisting filter.

Verifalia provides three quality of cleaning service Standard, High and Extreme for top-notch filtering depending on your needs.

  • Cost :: $9/month 250 validations, they also have pay as you go plans starting at 4$ for 500 email verification
  • Location :: Headquartered in Padova, Italy
  • Free Trial :: Yes, 25 validations/day
  • Accuracy :: 95%
  • Real Time Verification/API service :: Yes
  • Provide Custom jobs :: Yes
  • Bulk Email Verification :: Yes
  • Advanced syntax verification :: Yes
  • Checking DNSBLs & URI DNSBLs :: No
  • Role accounts detection :: Yes
  • High-risk email detection :: Yes
  • Mailbox existence check :: Yes
  • Temporary unavailability detection :: Yes
  • Disposable email address (DEA) detection :: Yes
  • Software Download and installation required ::No
  • Additional feature
    • International domain names (IDN) & International mailboxes check
    • ISP-specific syntax validation with support for a number of ISPs
    • Temporary unavailability detection
    • Catch-all testing
    • Mailbox existence checking
    • Greylisting checking

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10. Towerdata – Email List Hygiene


TowerData found in 2002, is one of the leading email validation service provider today. They provide an easy to access tools and services for kick-starting a multi-channel marketing campaign.

TowerData’s fast, accurate and secure Email Validation service can remove bad emails from your list, leading to higher opens, clicks, and conversions.

  • Cost :: Upto 1-99K Emails $0.01 per query, 100k-249k Emails $0.009 per query
  • Free Trial :: Upto First 1000 email addresses
  • Real Time Email Verification/API service :: Yes
  • Provide Custom jobs :: Yes
  • Accuracy :: 95%Source
  • Bulk Email Verification :: Yes
  • Habitual complainer detection :: Yes
  • Honeypots/Spam trap detection :: Yes
  • Spam Keywords detection :: Yes
  • Bad domains detection :: Yes
  • Role accounts detection :: Yes
  • Bulk Email Verification :: Yes
  • Disposable email address (DEA) detection :: Yes
  • Software Download and installation required :: No
  • Additional feature
    • Owns Proprietary Domain Database which ensures the most accurate status of every email domain.
    • Email Active Metrics :: Tells you how old an email is, how active it’s been, and when it last opened.
    • Detailed Status Codes :: Provides 30 diagnostic codes to precisely categorize which emails are bad and why.

Visit Towerdata » Ask Towerdata a Question »

Do you have user experience with any of the above providers? If yes, we would like to hear that. Please comment your experience about any of the above company.

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Rahul Vaghasia

Rahul is CEO at He shares his web hosting insights at AccuWebHosting blog. He mostly writes on the latest web hosting trends, WordPress, storage technologies, Windows and Linux hosting platforms.
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Latest Comments
  1. Kim says:

    Hi Rahul,

    Mail Box Validator(our company) is providing email list scrubbing service. We will be glad if you can also evaluate our service. Thank you.

  2. Victor says:

    We have been using Email Answers for about a year now and I would recommend their service. They’re really nice people to work with and seem to care about their customers. Pretty rare in today’s Internet economy. They also have a new platform called Purelist for real-time list scrubbing.

  3. Mailing lists says:

    mailboxvalidator provides organization for integration with your mailing client delivering marketing information to targeted audience

  4. Micheal Loy says:

    Hello Rahul,

    I honestly think that BulkEmailChecker at #8 should be ranked much higher up on the list. With their 95% deliverability guaranteed quality of their email validation services coupled with all of their additional features and affordable pricing, compared to others they really are much better than most of these companies. I have tried 6 or so from this list and after visiting Bulk Email Checker my search stopped as I know I can not find better at this time. They are the best bang for the buck, I hope you will revisit that company and see the amazing results such as myself.

    • Rahul V says:

      Hi Michael,

      Thank you for your feedback. The list here provided is a random list.

    • Joan says:

      Michael Loy, Thanks for suggesting Bulk Email Checker. After looking many services. I picked them also. I asked a pre-sales question and they responded in 15 minutes. Plus they are very affordable. Thanks again.

    • Jimmy says:

      no, they are terrible as cant check yahoo email addresses sadly. Its the toughest one to check as its catchall and they dont mention it anywhere that they have trouble with them

  5. Roshan says:

    Hi Rahul,

    You seem to have missed out one of the best email verification apps that I have used – emailverifierapp

    I think your visitors would find it resourceful. But good list there. Well done compiling them into one big list. These services are helpful indeed.

    Roshan Jonah

  6. Daniel says:

    This company (lead-factory) also offers database cleaning API.

  7. jacob says:

    How were we left out? We have been in the game longer than most of the companies on this list, we do over 300,000,000 a month. We can give you a free trial to test out our service if you would like.

  8. Bhavik says:

    I use mycleanlist and they are very good too… And I found them cheapest price among of all of above…. give it a try…

  9. Hi Rahul, have you listed this email validating softwares rank wise or just randomly?

  10. B2B Email Lists says:

    is there is any indian company which provide email verification service, i am looking for low cost email verification

  11. josh says:

    Great list!! I am looking to become a email cleaner. Can you recommend a email list cleaning software reseller. We would love to find a good software to buy. Thank you.

  12. amanda says:

    Would love for you to try out and evaluate YouVerifyIt’s email verification service. Our founders have been in this space for a decade and have built a phenomenal verification engine that is soon to be released!

    Just fill out the contact form and we can get you started!

  13. Validmail says:

    we can make an offer to you in order to clean your mails. can validate about 99.999% of email address for you.
    Our products can treat about 10 millions address by day if necessary, and can treat protected mails like or which are using sender-verify technics.
    Best regards.

  14. Bill Kaplan says:

    If one is simply looking to ping (i.e. perform an SMTP check) on email addresses, which is what the companies listed above all do, then you’re not going to be solving your deliverability problems.

    Deliverability issues are the result of three main factors in the following order of priority:

    • The existence of spamtraps and/or honeypots
    • Excessive spam complaints – .3% (i.e. 300 complaints out of 100,000 sends) is the typical threshold used by ISPs.
    • Exceed this threshold and a dynamic block will be put up, preventing the delivery of any future emails for 24-48 hours.
    • Exceed this multiple times and you’ll find yourself blocked and/or blacklisted for good.
    • Exceeding bounce rate thresholds – 10% is the typical threshold used by ISPs but this can vary significantly across ISPs, some of which are also factoring engagement metrics into this calculation and their determination of whether or not you’re a worthy sender.

    Pinging is discouraged by many ISPs, which will shut down attempts over a certain number or provide back inaccurate information so any service that simply performs pinging only might result in more issues than you first started with as you will end up throwing out good addresses with the bad. Furthermore, pinging an email address, even if this could be 100% accurate, will not flag spamtraps, honeypots, heavy spam complainers, “role” accounts that go to multiple accounts, and other malicious addresses that can destroy one’s email program.

    Accordingly, marketers need to employ a service that blocks deliverable but toxic addresses, corrects hygiene errors, and validates all email addresses that survive the first two screens. Doing this properly requires expertise, experience, technology, and a knowledgebase built over years of reviewing billions of email addresses.

  15. John says:

    I used Bulkemailchecker for a list of about 1,000 emails that from my business contacts. The user interface was very easy to work with and the dashboard is nice. My only issue is that 54% of my emails came back as “Unknown” with the following messages:
    The address does not have a mx server.
    Is a Catchall mx server config.
    The address does not have a valid dns.

    Is this common when you have a lot of corporate email domains?

    • Omer Sharif says:

      Yes man this is kind of common when your list contains non free corporate domains idz .Best way to check those idz if your list is small. Mix them with known valid yahoo/gmail/hotmail idz & shootout a test campaign with a free mailchimp account (Upto 2000 contacts) & you’ll get the best possible result!

  16. Eric Londo says:

    I use bdwebit dot com their SMTP and Email verifier is too good. I am using their service from last 3 years.

    • Zeus says:

      we suggest you to visit validmail dot fr
      This online service give you fast answer about mail validity with
      – Security about files transfers
      – Greylist treatment
      – Secured mail treatment
      – Further possibilities via Batch, Web-service, direct test

      Prices are about the lowest on the web.

      Take a look, and don’t hesitate to comment and make remarks.

    • Son says:

      Can you tell me a little bit more about bdwebit Email Verifier? What’s its feature? Can it detect spam trap, honeybot,…? Is it effective? And if possible, would you please show me the screenshot of this software? Thank you!

  17. Jim Warren says:

    Hi, I recently purchased a US business database close to 500K executives and soon after my 1st campaign my mailing account was locked. Can you suggest a good email verifier to remove invalid, spam traps, catch all and other possible troublesome emails? I’m confused with the options available and dont want to be spending another bomb on this database.

  18. Scotty says:

    An excellent article Rahul. Thank you so much for putting together a list of some of the verification vendors. We recently evaluated several vendors for verification and have found most of them to all offer the same thing. Let’s face it, verification is a commodity. Webbula is someone I noticed that wasn’t on your list and we found their service offering to be excellent because not only do the offer the same verification services as everyone else, but they offer hygiene services to identify moles, traps, complainers, and other toxic emails. That won us over.

  19. Abhishek says:


    I recently validated my few emails through mybulkemailverifier its awesome!!!

  20. Arpit Agarwal says:

    Hello Rahul,
    Nice to see your post which is very help full for all the fraternity in email marketing domain. We are an Indian startup and recently launched our venture in the same domain as verifyemaillist dot com. I request you to please evaluate the same and if possible please cover it in your any existing or upcoming article.

  21. Todd Steininger says:

    Hello Rahul,

    Thank you for the informative article and for providing the large list of vendors. I am currently using emailverifierapp dot com to verify emails in my opt-in forms since January. Their service is top notch as I have experienced a 100% uptime, an average bounce rate of just 0.33% and their speed is so fast my subscribers do not even realize their email is being verified in realtime.

    I am curious as to why they have not made this list of vendors since the service they provide seems to be a perfect fit?

  22. Jamie says:

    Love bulkemailchecker dot com

  23. Scott says:

    we have been using the api and are fairly pleased with it. Price wise it is less expensive that others and as far as quality and speed, I was not able to to detect any difference between as far as accuracy of the data.

    The user interface is a little odd – feels incomplete – can’t search the hard bounces, when exporting hard bounces they come back as 1 row (normally I would expect the data to come back 1 row per entry) and a few other things like that.

    Support has been responsive and have answered questions within a few hours. I contacted support for several others and bulkemailchecker provided the fastest responses.

  24. Jo says:

    Thank you for the article. Email Hippo validates Yahoo addresses, it’s the only service that does this.

  25. Jordan Brown says:

    Experian Data Quality has the best validation services in the game. Shoot me an email and I can set you up with a free data test and show you how it works – jordan.brown at

  26. Jeff Straight says:

    I can’t believe you don’t have emailverifierapi dot com added to this list. Out of all the services you have listed, Email Verifier Api is the only enterprise grade service. I don’t want to deal with issues, so enterprise grade quality is the only acceptable services.

  27. Rajesh says: is not reliable. I bought a package of cleaning 100000 email but it cleaned only just 25000 email and rest 75000 was not cleaned. Issue was intimated to Support team . Its 5 days since issue happened and they are not able to fix.

    So be careful and better to go by small volume packages to ensure that the service and product works fine.

    I am now looking for another email list cleaner .

  28. Vincent says:

    Hello Rahul,

    I hope you’ll take a look at captainverify dot com, same services than the others, but lowest prices.

    Cost :: One-Time verification plans and monthly subscription plans are available
    Location :: Located in Europe and spread across multiple countries
    Free Trial Offered :: Yes, processing of 100 emails / day at no cost
    Real Time Verification through API :: Yes
    Accuracy :: 98%
    Offers Bulk Verification :: Yes
    Bad domains detection :: Yes
    Spam Keywords detection :: Yes
    Role accounts detection :: Yes
    Catch-all accounts detection :: Yes
    Disposable email address (DEA) detection :: Yes
    Software Download and installation required :: No
    Support :: 24/7 friendly & personalized service support.

  29. Neus says:

    We are looking for a company who can give officially approved document about that the verified e-mail addresses are really valid and checked.
    Do you know any company like that?

  30. Rahul says:

    Hi Neus

    We at Locate Ventures pvt ltd can do that. Check out locateventures dot com

  31. Stephen says:

    Thanks for collecting all services together. It helps to compare services but some of the features listed above for some services are not available. Even they do not provide what they claim for on their website. We’ve been using daily credits plan of for more than two years now. Excellent service and support. It is Enterprise level service designed for both large and small businesses. We have already compared many other service providers in the above list and have also tried paid service from some of them but we could not get the accuracy we expected. Nearly zero bounce rate was our primary concern since we have been using MailChimp for sending email campaigns. Due to high bounce rate our account had been suspended by MailChimp and we had very hard time to get it fixed.

  32. Hi,
    I would like to recommend our new application HuBuCo –
    – Fast online validator, one by one, bulk uploads and API.
    – Very competitive pricing: e.g. $19 for 10,000 emails
    – Refund your credits for Unkown like catch all and anti spam systems

    It would be great if you tried our system (also offer 500 free credits to try) and left your comments.


  33. Carl says:


    Great article.
    Question: Is there any way to verify an email address if the server has been set to “accept all”.
    I am busy testing http://Www.QuickEmailVerification.Com and became aware of some of our clients who have this config. Specifically those who route their mail through websense.

    • Nikolai says:

      Actually to identify accurately if email is “accept all” or not is also an advance feature! I believe that there is no other option to verify “Accept All” emails with 100% accuracy. Based on amount of “Accept all” emails in your list you can plan your strategy to send email campaign. After comparing some best-in-class providers in the above list (Thanks AccuWebHosting), we’ve been using for last four months now and have been satisfied with that service. There are many providers but very few of them having best accuracy of the service. And from those accurate service providers, only QuickEmailVerification’s price meets best to us. You may also find the one which meets with your needs from this list!

  34. Anna says:

    I found this service proofy dot io as most accurate and obviously the best one on the market.

    • Petko Ichev says:

      Proofy dot io doesn’t serves its purpose well and is full of problems:
      – we have been billed 3 times to withdraw a single list of checked mails
      – One check returned status “undeliverable” for all emails in it, which by no chance is not true, cause the same list was tested in 3 other services as well.
      – Their support is **** . We issued like 4-5 notifications/tickets to their support – recieved so far 0 feedback (3 weeks so far)
      – Their statistics before withrdawal of a list are buggy as well – e.g. from a list with 3000 mails, the statistic contained 1500 emails with certain status, after downlowding the actual list, what a surprice! all entries had a status; another e.g. very often after a check is done once the statistic shows xx% pricocessing, after log out and log in – yy% processing.

      You are free to draw your own conclusions. For us – one of the worst services, we’ve used.

      • Support says:

        Hello, Petko!
        We are very sorry for this situation
        In last few month service Proofy changed all support team
        We want to see what problem do you have and we ask you please send your user ID and email from proofy account

  35. Jennifer says:

    I used HuBuCo for verifying my email list and it was very easy. It allowed me to quickly get a very accurate list of ok emails, bad emails and even emails that forward to other addresses (so if a recent contact has left a company, I will know if the email is being forwarded or if it was just deleted from that company’s server). I scanned over 10,000 email addresses and the verification was completed within 15 minutes. Very easy and when I had questions, customer service was quick and easy to work with. They even offered help with a piece of the process they had no control over, which was very nice of them and makes me feel very comfortable recommending them as my #1 choice for verifying email address lists quickly and accurately. Hope that helps!

  36. Mick says:

    Thanks for this great list of tools.

    In the past, I’ve used some services of your list like Briteverify or DataValidation, but recently, I’ve switched to nojunk io which is quite new but I think it has the best RoI :

    • results are similar to other’s, but I didn’t try them all
    • it’s cheaper than most of them

    Thanks again, this list helps a lot to discover and try new email validation services and I hope you’ll have great results with nojunk


  37. Hiren says:

    Hi, This blog is just phenomenal. I came across another provider: verifalia dot com. They provide 125 validations / day for free. Any experience with this provider?

    • Patty Drake says:

      Hey Rahul
      Great post! I wanted to test and compare services and this post gave me a lot of options!
      I have been into email marketing for a few years now and I have learnt an important lesson: never use email lists that have not been cleaned. MailChimp once suspended our account and man, did we have a hard time, getting it back in action!

      So while comparing services listed here I used criteria like Accuracy, Support, Pricing and Speed, mostly in this order. While no service can score 10/10 on every criteria, I think (currently # 3 in this list) makes most sense. I was particulary impressed with its Accuracy and the Support. I first used their 100 free validations and found the output was highly accurate and quick. I shot a querry to their Support (like I did for every service I tried) and QuickEmailVerification’s reponse was most helpful. And of course, their Pricing is extremely competitive so you don’t have anything else to think about.

      Of course, you may want to check it out yourself and not take my word for it – go ahead.

  38. Clay says:

    This is a great article. Are there any providers support mobile apps integration and also if we can get update via mobile for our cleaned list and download list etc.

    • Rahul V says:

      Thanks Clay for reaching out. Try out any of these – QuickEmailVerification, Hubuco & xVerify. They have responsive dashboard. You can access it through your mobile device, upload email list and download cleaned list. Also, Email YoYo has launched their mobile application for email cleansing. You can also consider them.

  39. Jonas says:

    Hey Rahul, I must say its a great compilation. I had used datavalidation in past and they had been excellent so far but I am willing to cut short my budget. Can you suggest us similar provider with affordable pricing? Thanks.

    • Rahul V says:

      Thank you, Jonas! We review many providers at regular intervals to update our blog with the best providers.I can suggest you looks similar to Datavalidation.

  40. jeroma says:

    Hello Rahul, Great detailed article. I want to clean my generic free email provider list like Yahoo, Gmail and hotmail. Can you suggest a provider.

    • Rahul V says:

      Yeah certainly. You can choose either of these QuickEmailVerification, Hubuco or BriteVerify. These providers have good track records in cleaning free email providers.

  41. Asgar Ali says:

    Thanks for the great share. Most of the listed providers here offer limited free trials. I need a provider who can offer unlimited free email validations forever. Can you suggest any?

  42. Surya says:

    Can anyone personally recommend the tool. We used the but campaigns where not that great.

    Look forward for some recommendation

    • Rahul V says:

      What was the problem with QuickEmailVerification campaign? We’d recommend any of top 3 email validation providers, i.e., Xverify, HUBUCO, Towerdata and Kickbox. You can choose as per your budget and requirements. It’d be better to take a free trial before signing up. Best of Luck.

  43. Jim Carter says:

    The list and details are superb. Do you know any of the email hygiene provider which provides a WordPress plugin kind of solution, so even a non technical person can also use it. I know API are available but just wondering if any ready to use wordpress plugins are available?

  44. Laura says:

    This is a really helpful list Rahul, thank you. Could you clarify whether you have listed it in order of those you think perform the best, or is there no rationale for the order? I notice that some at the top don’t have some of the features those lower seem to offer. Also, it would be amazing if at some point you could compile a table with checks / crosses next to features offered – would really make comparison easy.

  45. Laura says:

    Just an FYI, I’ve been running tests with each provider that offers free tests. Mailbox Validator marked every hotmail email as invalid, which is not the case.

  46. Hi,

    Any email verification vendor GDPR/PrivacyShield certified except Xverify? Thanks in advance!

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