Top 10 Bulk Email Verification and Validation Services Compared

What Is An Email List Verification & Validation Service?

Email list verification is a process of determining whether a list of email addresses are valid and deliverable. It is an address-by-address analysis of emails from the uploaded list, to identify their deliverability. It is offered as a hosted software/services.

What Is The Process Of Validating An Email Address?

The validity of an email address can be measured through a combination of several validation techniques, and internal databases check with some proprietary algorithms.

At the end of list validation process, invalid email addresses will be filtered out and the outcome will be a clean email list – validated and ready for marketing and business requirements.

Below is a detailed description of how entire email validation process works:

  1. Email address syntax check: This process will remove any improperly formatted email addresses. The email addresses are validated according to the IETF standards.
  2. Domain/MX records check: This process will check the DNS entries of an email address. When the domain is invalid or MX entry is missing, the process will mark this email address as invalid.
  3. Role-based Account detection: In this email validation process, role-based account email addresses such as [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], etc. are detected and flagged as inappropriate for mailing list.
  4. Disposable email address (DEA) detection: Throwaway/disposable email addresses or junk collector email addresses will be detected and processed appropriately.
    These email addresses are used for one-time use to sign up or to bypass login form with providing a temporary valid email address. Disposable email address usually become invalid in few minutes or few hours.
  5. HoneyPot/Spam trap detection: This process will detect spam seeds, BOTs, honeypots, black listed or bogus email addresses.
    In this process, all the emails are checked against the known list of email address/domains used for trapping spammers.
  6. Checking DNSBLs and URI DNSBLs for blacklisting: A DNS-based blackhole list (DNSBL) or Real-time Blackhole List (RBL) is a list of IP addresses which are most often used for sending spam emails. A URI DNSBL is a DNSBL that lists the domain names which are found in the body of spam emails, but generally not found inside legitimate emails. In this process, email address or IP address is checked against the known DNSBLs and URI DNSBLs to trap spam networks.
  7. Final verification: This phase performs deep level SMTP verification on each email address. Each email address will be verified for mailbox existence without sending actual emails on that address.

Why Bulk Email Verification Is So Important?

Most of the online websites have web forms asking for customer details along with email address. During this form fill up, intentionally or by error, users may enter a wrong email address.

Building your email list by accepting such email addresses, your list will be filled up with inaccurate and undeliverable email addresses.

If you send emails to such email addresses, the ratio of bounce back emails will be much higher. This will negatively affect your mail server reputation, which is constantly monitored by Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, HotMail and other ISPs.

An IP address with the poor reputation may get blacklisted by popular email services like Gmail, Hotmail, AOL & Yahoo.

So, if you are planning to run bulk email campaigns like sending newsletters, identification and removal of invalid email addresses are essential.

Bulk Email verification service ensures that your email list is clean and properly validated which helps you reducing bounce back and save your hard-earned money and valuable time.

Validating email addresses also helps you maximizing deliverability of your email marketing campaign and helps you to separate the low-quality addresses from high-value contacts.

By using email list validation services you can enjoy peace of mind as you are only sending emails to the real users.

Who Are The Best Email List Cleaning And Email Validation Services?

The below is a list of the best email list cleaning and email validation services identified by thru ongoing exhaustive analysis. Please note, variable listing fees may affect the position on the list. This compensation, however, unequivocally does not influence our review process.

1. HuBuCo – Best Email Verifier


HuBuCo Email Verification

A reputable British company, headquartered in London, UK. HuBuCo prides itself on being the most accurate email verification service provider.

99%+ Email Delivery Rate, Guaranteed
Email verification is an important step in achieving bounce free email marketing. However, getting rid of your hard bounces is just one aspect of improving delivery rate. Using HuBuCo’s services you can achieve 99%+ email delivery rate, guaranteed.

You have several credit packages to choose from 10,000 to 2 Million verification credits. The larger the credit pack you purchase, the less it costs per email. The verification credits you purchase from HuBuCo will never expire, and you won’t get charged for emails that they couldn’t verify.

Professional Support
With HuBuCo, email list verification is incredibly simple, but if you are experiencing any difficulties their friendly support team are available anytime.

  • Cost :: The larger the credit pack you purchase, the less it costs per email – credits never expire + 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Trial Offered? :: Yes, 200 verification credits for FREE upon registration. No Credit Card required to use free trial.
  • Real Time Verification through API :: Yes, sample php code available on GitHub
  • Provide Custom jobs: :: Yes, please contact support
  • Email Deliverability Accuracy :: 99%+ Source
  • Offers Bulk Email Verification :: Yes
  • Bad domains detection :: Yes
  • Spam Keywords detection :: No
  • Role accounts detection :: Yes
  • Catch-all accounts detection :: Yes
  • Disposable email address (DEA) detection :: Yes
  • Checking DNSBLs & URI DNSBLs :: Yes
  • Software Download and installation required :: No
  • Time to process 200k email addresses :: less than 3 hours
  • Privacy Policy :: Click here
  • Data Protection Policy :: Click here
  • Support :: 24/7 – contact support
  • Additional Features ::
    • Aside from removing virtually all hard bounces HuBuCo also offers a professional bounce analysis service to help eliminate your soft bounces too.
    • Market leader in both deliverability and prices
    • HTTPS, strict data protection policies and secure payments via credit card or PayPal.
    • All unknown emails are automatically reverified to ensure that any bad emails are filtered out of your email lists.
  • User questions ::
    • I only want the hard bounces removed, not the soft. Can you do this?

      Answer by Hubuco support team: Yes, that is possible. The report will remove nearly all the hard bounce from the list.

Visit HuBuCo » Ask Hubuco a Question »

2. QuickEmailVerification – Most Trusted Email Verifier



QuickEmailVerification is one of the leading bulk email verifiers that offers online email list cleaning using real-time verification, REST API and batch processing. They are extremely popular in the USA, UK and the rest of the Europe because of their accuracy (over 97%), speed (about 200k emails verified in under 3 hours) and competitive fees.
It is the fastest, the most accurate and one of the most reliable email verifier in the industry.

Till date, QuickEmailVerification has helped over 35k businesses (from SMBs to Fortune 500 companies) around the globe for their deliverability solutions.
Their verification process is composed of different validations, starting from syntax checking and to the checking of mailbox existence.
It verifies domestic & international B2C & B2B emails.

No software download is required; they have easy-to-use interface to verify bulk emails. This interface is well-integrated with all major ESPs so your data is fully secure.

Payments are accepted through secured payment gateways. You may sign up and get up to 100 free email validations every day.

  • Cost :: Fees begin at $4 for 500 credits (1 credit = 1 email verification) and then drops sharply with increasing volume. Can go as low as $0.0005 per email for monthly plans. One-time plans are also available.
  • Free Trial Offered? :: Yes, cleaning of 100 emails per day is free of cost. You don’t need credit cards to sign up and use their free email verification credits.
  • Real Time Verification through API? :: Yes
  • Provide Custom jobs? :: Yes, please contact their support team.
  • Guarantee of deliverable emails after verification? :: 97% View details
  • Offers bulk email verification? :: Yes
  • Bad domains detection? :: Yes
  • Spam Keywords detection? :: Yes
  • Role accounts detection? :: Yes
  • Catch-all accounts detection? :: Yes
  • Disposable email address (DEA) detection? :: Yes
  • Checking DNSBLs & URI DNSBLs? :: No
  • Software Download and installation required? :: No
  • Support :: 24/7 friendly & personalized service support.
  • Additional Features
    • Email validation capacity?
      200,000 email addresses can be validated in 2 to 3 hours using their self-service application.
    • How long will it take to validate 200,000 emails?
      They are quick. It takes less than 3 hours to validate 200,000 email addresses.
    • What is their accuracy ratio for validating Yahoo & Outlook emails?
      Their accuracy for validating Yahoo and Outlook emails is among the highest in the industry.
    • Is it easy to import & verify email list from other ESP?
      QuickEmailVerification has seamless integration with major ESPs like MailChimp, CampaignMonitor, Emma, GetResponse, VerticalResponse, AWeber, ConstantContact and many others, which will allow you to easily connect & import your list from another ESP.
    • Privacy Policy & Data Protection Policy
      This information can be found in privacy policy available on their website.
  • User questions ::
    • Do you provide data validation service that can be integrated with our homegrown database and Marketo database through API? Would like to have the price sheet, how it works, etc.

      Answer by QuickEmailVerification – Yes, by integrating our email verification API with your own application or with Marketo, you can validate your email addresses in real-time. For pricing please visit our website.

Visit QuickEmailVerification » Ask QuickEmailVerification a Question »

3. Xverify – Intelligent Email Verification


Xverify Email Verification

Xverify is clear industry leader in email list verification space. They validate all email addresses globally and can validate both B2C and B2B emails. Accuracy, Security, Trust, and Customer service is what sets them apart.

What makes working with them easy, is that you can call and speak directly with an email consultant. The company has built a strong reputation in email verification industry for over 7 years, having 2 office locations in the United States. Being that they are EU Privacy Shield Certified and located in the US, you can trust them to safely and accurately clean your data.

Be very cautious considering any providers who you don’t give you the option to call and speak with someone or boast similar independent certifications. The security and privacy of your data is their #1 Priority. Click and Call to speak with a live consultant today.

Auto Correction Feature

The typos alone can create 10% of invalid email addresses in a list. Xverify’s built-in auto-correction can easily notify the end users when they spell a domain incorrectly.

Fraud Protection

Xverify’s built-in fraud protection ensures that an email address is not a temporary account or involved with any online fraudster and chargebacks.

Email List Cleaning Accuracy

xVerify’s accuracy rate is about a href=””>98% across all major email domains including Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.

Turn-around Times For Email Verification

It purely depends upon the size of the email list and type of email addresses present in the list.

  • 100,000 email address of B2C data may take about 1 hours to finish.
  • 100,000 email address of B2B data may take about 2 hours to finish.
  • 10,000 email address may take about 10 minutes to finish.

Email Verification Response Time

Most of the time, the major players like AOL, Comcast, Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail take less than 1 second. While validating a B2B email address, response time may be slightly higher.

  • Cost :: Less than $0.01 per each email verification Pay As You Go – Deeper discounts on bigger volume. They can also work out for custom rates and packages for anyone who contacts directly.
  • Location :: Chicago, IL New York, NY
  • Free Trial Offered? :: Yes, just contact xVerify sales team to get a free list assessment so you can try before you buy.
  • Real Time Verification through API :: Yes, API and JavaScript implementation methods are available.
  • Provide custom jobs? :: Yes, please contact xVerify support team.
  • Guarantee of deliverable emails after cleaning :: 98% View details
  • Offers bulk verification? :: Yes
  • Turn around time :: Milliseconds on API and minutes via batch but can vary with list size.
  • Complainer detection :: Yes, detects complainers to lower your spam complaint rate.
  • Bad domains detection :: Yes
  • High-risk email detection :: Yes, removes hazardous emails that hurt your deliverability.
  • Catch-all accounts detection :: Yes
  • Disposable email address (DEA) detection :: Yes, prevents temporary and disposable email addresses.
  • Software Download and installation required :: No
  • Support :: 24/7 support available for all clients.
  • Additional Features
    • Affiliate Monitoring
      XVerify can help you identify which affiliate or sub-affiliate is sending you too much garbage data with their built-in reporting.
    • Send Shield Technology
      Built in Send Shield technology minimizes your risk of fraud.
    • IP Blacklist Monitoring
      Monitor your own mailing IPs to detect blacklisting.
    • Accuracy ratio for validating Yahoo & Outlook emails
      One of the best solutions tested for high volume accuracy of Yahoo and Outlook email verification.
    • Privacy Policy & Data Protection Policy
      This information can be found in privacy policy available on their website.
  • User questions:
    • I see you can do realtime api calls, will it filter out people who have left jobs and their email addresses are no longer valid?
    • Answer by XverifyLLC: Yes, we do a real time check to make sure the email is valid at the time of the verification.

    • Does your service check if a Gmail account is Active or not? Active being defined as any activity (Send/Open) in the last 3-6 months?
    • Answer by XverifyLLC: Since we never send any emails to the emails we are asked to verify, we cannot tell you if someone is not using their gmail account. No company can unless they are sending emails to those users and seeing responses. If a verification company is saying they can, I would never trust sending and emails to them to verify. Only Google would really know.

Visit Xverify » Ask Xverify a Question »

4. EmailListVerify – Bulk Email Checker


EmailListVerify Email Verification

A leader in the email deliverability market, Email List Verify ensures that your list of email addresses get validated securely and easily with the best possible sender score. By removing dead addresses, Email List Verify helps organizations to launch more effective email marketing campaign.

Email list Verify can provide a 97% accuracy with zero false positives and guaranteed a 10x reduction in bounce rates. Their email verification algorithm includes, Domain Validation, Syntax Verifier, Spam-Tram Removal, Risk Validator, MTA validation, MX Records Validity, Complainers Verify, Realtime Bounce Email Processing and Email Deduplication.

Email List Verify gives you a simple web interface and an API that can be integrated with your web application or a web form. After each validation batch, you are given a detailed report that shows your activity and improvement over time.

  • Cost :: Basic plans starts from $4 for 1000 verification. You can choose “pay as you go” or “monthly subscription”.
  • Free Trial Offered :: Yes, processing of 100 emails / day at no cost for 10 days. No Credit Card required to use the free verification. Additional 1000 free email verification is offered by applying the coupon 1KWELCOME on top of free trial period.
  • Real Time Verification through API :: Yes, for Python, Ruby, PHP and C#. Sample php code available on GitHub.
  • Provide custom jobs :: Yes, contact support or call +44 203-514-8803
  • Deliverability Guaranteed after cleaning your email list :: 97% Source
  • Offers Bulk Verification :: Yes
  • Email duplication removal :: Yes
  • Habitual complainers detection :: Yes
  • Bad domains detection :: Yes
  • Spam Keywords detection :: Yes
  • Spam Trap Removal :: Yes
  • Software Download and installation required :: No
  • Support :: Limited online support via email and Live chat. Phone support is available in English.
  • Additional Features
    • Capacity in terms of processing email validation
      It depends on factors such as list size and quality. Processing time takes somewhere between 30 to 120 minutes.
    • Email List Verify can be easily integrated with MailChimp and you can import and export email list from MailChimp.
    • Email List Verify is equipped with 256 bit SSL protocol to secure your data.
    • Real time Bouncing : Email List Verify sends undetectable verification emails to those on the list which they cannot validate accurately.
    • Privacy Policy & Data Protection Policy
      This information can be found in privacy policy available on their website.
  • User Questions:
    • I see you can do realtime api calls but it could take up to 120 minutes to receive the email response. We use transactional emails. If I send you realtime emails (1 at a time) how long before I get the response?
    • Answer by EmailListVerify: For one by one API verification, it takes 6 to 25 second to get the response.

Visit EmailListVerify » Ask EmailListVerify a Question »

5. Bounceless – Email List Verification Made Simple


BounceLess Email Verification

Headquartered in Hawthorne (CA), is a privately owned Email List Verification and Email Validation service provider. Bounceless validates and cleans list of email addresses through a simple interface, keeping your list clean and fresh to maximize the ROI. With Bounceless, you don’t need to be an expert to get results from your e-mail campaigns.

  • Cost :: Pay as you go plans. No monthly payment, no upfront fee and your credit never expires. Basic plans starts from $19 for 2500 verification, $49 for 10,000 verifications, $159 for 50,000 email verifications, $259 for 100,000 email verifications and $1089 for 1 million email verifications
  • Free Bulk Email Verification Trial? :: Yes first 100 verifications are offered free of cost, signup is required.
  • Real Time Email Verification/API service :: Yes, API available for Python, Ruby, PHP and C#. Sample php code available on GitHub.
  • Provide Custom jobs? :: Yes
  • Deliverability Guaranteed after cleaning your email list :: 95% Guarantee, View details
  • Offers Bulk Email Verification? :: Yes
  • Turnaround time :: Unknown
  • Habitual complainers detection :: Yes
  • Honeypots/Spam traps detection :: Yes
  • Spam Keywords detection :: Yes
  • Spam seeds detection :: Unknown
  • Bad domains detection :: Yes
  • Role accounts detection :: Unknown
  • Disposable email address (DEA) detection :: Yes
  • Software Download and installation required :: No
  • Third party integrations :: MailChimp – read documentation
  • Support :: Limited online support via email and Live chat. Phone support (+1 310 956 4293) is available in English only.
  • Data security? :: Checkout their privacy policy
  • Social connectivity :: Blog, Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin

Visit » Ask a Question »

6. BriteVerify – Email Validation & Verification


Brite Verify Email Verification

BriteVerify delivers real-time email verification solutions that greatly enhance the quality of your email lists, email deliverability, and your marketing efforts.

They are fast, accurate, and reliable. Your emails are quickly verified with a simple drag and drop interface. After completion, you can download clean email list.

BriteVerify also integrates with your sign-up forms to validate email addresses as they are entered. BriteVerify’s validations are 97%+ accurate and take averages 0.5 seconds per verification.

The prices are on-demand and free trials make it super easy to go from evaluation to production. BriteVerify provides 24/7 in-app support and an comprehensive online knowledgebase ensuring you get help within few clicks.

  • Cost :: Upto 0-250K $ 0.01 per verification and BriteVerify is a pay-as-you-go service.
  • Location :: Located at Charlotte, NC (USA) and London (UK)
  • Free Trial :: On Demand
  • Real Time Verification/API service :: Yes
  • Provide Custom jobs :: Yes
  • Email Deliverability Accuracy :: 98% Source
  • Bulk Email Verification:: Yes
  • Bad domains detection :: Yes
  • Checking DNSBLs & URI DNSBLs :: No
  • Role accounts detection :: Yes
  • Disposable email address (DEA) detection :: Yes
  • Software Download and installation required :: No
  • Additional Features
    • Capacity in terms of processing email validation and time it takes to validate 200,000 emails
      200,000 email addresses will process in 2 to 3 hours using our self-service application.
    • Accuracy ratio for validating Yahoo & Outlook emails
      Their accuracy for Yahoo and Outlook email address validation is high but they don’t have specific statistics to quote.
    • Privacy Policy & Data Protection Policy
      This info can be found in privacy policy available on their website.
    • CEO LinkedIn Profile :: Matt McFee –
    • Company LinkedIn Profile ::

Visit BriteVerify » Ask BriteVerify a Question »

7. Verifalia – Email Scrubbing Service


Verifalia Email Verification

Verifalia is a web-based email validation service that allows customers to upload and validate lists of email addresses with ease. It is an email validation service developed and supported by Cobisi, a leading provider of software development tools. Cobisi has been in email validation business since 2006.

For automated validation, you can use their HTTPS-based RESTful API, so that you can check the validity of an email address at the point of collection.

Unlike other providers, Verifalia can detect temporary mailbox unavailability such as mailbox full errors. Also, it automatically retries each address multiple times at specific intervals, to avoid a greylisting filter.

Verifalia provides three quality of cleaning service Standard, High and Extreme for top-notch filtering depending on your needs.

  • Cost :: $9/month 250 validations, they also have pay as you go plans starting at 4$ for 500 email verification
  • Location :: Headquartered in Padova, Italy
  • Free Trial :: Yes, 25 validations/day
  • Accuracy :: 95%
  • Real Time Verification/API service :: Yes
  • Provide Custom jobs :: Yes
  • Bulk Email Verification :: Yes
  • Advanced syntax verification :: Yes
  • Checking DNSBLs & URI DNSBLs :: No
  • Role accounts detection :: Yes
  • High-risk email detection :: Yes
  • Mailbox existence check :: Yes
  • Temporary unavailability detection :: Yes
  • Disposable email address (DEA) detection :: Yes
  • Software Download and installation required ::No
  • Additional feature
    • International domain names (IDN) & International mailboxes check
    • ISP-specific syntax validation with support for a number of ISPs
    • Temporary unavailability detection
    • Catch-all testing
    • Mailbox existence checking
    • Greylisting checking

Visit Verifalia » Ask Verifalia a Question »

8. MailboxValidator – Bulk Email Verifier


MailboxValidator Email Verification

MailboxValidator is easy-to-use email validation service to clean up email lists. It reduces bad email reputation due to undelivered or bounced emails and improves the delivery success rate.

Each email is validated through comprehensive checks which include, Email Syntax Checker, MX Record Checker, Email Greylisting Checker, Spam Trap/Honeypot Checker, Free Email Provider Checker, Disposable Email Provider Checker, Role Email Checker and Duplicate Email Remover.

MailboxValidator has a different price structure for both API and Bulk verification.

  • For 1,000 Queries $19.95 / month @ $0.02 / Query
  • For 3,000 Queries $29.95 / month @ $0.01 / Query

With MailboxValidator, you can validate approximately 500,000 emails within 24 hours. Once bulk validation process is completed, an email will be sent to the user so they can view the results or download the results in the form of a CSV file.

  • Cost :: Various of plans, starting from $19.95 for 1,000 Queries and goes upto $999 for 2M queries
  • Free Trial :: Yes, with 30 Days Validity, No Credit Card required
  • Real Time Email Verification/API service :: Yes
  • Provide Custom jobs :: No
  • Email Deliverability Accuracy :: 96% Source
  • Bulk Email Verification :: Yes
  • Turnaround time :: less than 60 minutes for 1000 queries
  • Habitual complainers detection :: Unknown
  • Honeypots/Spam traps detection :: Yes
  • Spam Keywords detection :: No
  • Spam seeds detection :: Unknown
  • Bad domains detection :: Yes
  • Role accounts detection :: Yes
  • Catch-All accounts detection :: Yes
  • Disposable email address (DEA) detection :: Yes
  • Software Download and installation required :: No
  • Checking DNSBLs & URI DNSBLs :: No
  • Additional Features
    • Email Greylisting Checker :: Yes
    • Suppressed Email Checker :: Checks if an email is in our own Do Not Mail list.
    • Duplicate Email Remover :: Removes duplicate emails in list to save cost.

Visit MailboxValidator » Ask MailboxValidator a Question »

9. EmailMarker – Email List Cleaning Service


EmailMarker - Email Verification And Clenning Services

EmailMarker is one of the leading email list cleaners in the industry since years. Being in the industry for many years, EmailMarker takes pride in delivering email lists cleaning services of incredible quality.

In the recent years, EmailMarker has made a great transformation using an automated self-service software. Due to this, the client’s are allowed to upload their lists online on the emailMarker web application, and the system handles everything very easily and very fast. Filtering low-quality emails this software protects your reputation and boosting your email campaign.

The level of professionalism has made EmailMarker a successful provider and all the clients are always satisfied with the excellent results. They handle every customers’ lists with great responsibility and ensure the clients that, they prioritize safety more than anything. This is the reason that various huge companies trust EmailMarker with their data and continue working with them every time. They do provide a full refund if you receive more than 5% bounce-backs from the cleaned email list.

EmailMarker diverse and very functional team is always ready to take challenges and works with passion and devotion.

  • Cost :: Basic plans starts from $3 for 1000 verifications
  • Free Trial Offered :: Yes 150 verifications FREE, signup is required
  • Credit Card Required for Free Trial ? NO
  • Real Time Verification through API :: Yes, for PHP , Python, Ruby and C#.
  • Provide Custom jobs: :: Yes
  • Accuracy :: 97% Source
  • Offers Bulk Verification :: Yes
  • Bad domains detection :: Yes
  • Spam Keywords detection :: Yes
  • Role accounts detection :: Yes
  • Catch-all accounts detection :: Yes
  • Disposable email address (DEA) detection :: Yes
  • Checking DNSBLs & URI DNSBLs :: Yes
  • Software Download and installation required :: No
  • Support :: Limited online support via email and Live chat. Phone support is available in English.
  • Additional Features:
    • Email Deduplication:: Identify and merge duplicate records to save cost.
    • Accurate Syntax Engine:: Detect invalid email formats and lets the good ones through
    • Active Mail Check:: Verify whether mail to a mailbox will bounce or deliver
    • Quality Domain Database:: This ensures the most accurate condition of every email domain
    • Import and export email list from MailChimp
    • 256-bit encryption

Visit EmailMarker » Ask EmailMarker a Question »

10. Towerdata – Email List Hygiene


TowerData found in 2002, is one of the leading email validation service provider today. They provide an ease to access tools and services for kick-starting a multi-channel marketing campaign.

TowerData’s fast, accurate and secure Email Validation service can remove bad emails from your list, leading to higher opens, clicks and conversions.

  • Cost :: Upto 1-99K Emails $0.01 per query, 100k-249k Emails $0.009 per query
  • Free Trial :: Upto First 1000 email addresses
  • Real Time Email Verification/API service :: Yes
  • Provide Custom jobs :: Yes
  • Accuracy :: 95%Source
  • Bulk Email Verification :: Yes
  • Habitual complainer detection :: Yes
  • Honeypots/Spam trap detection :: Yes
  • Spam Keywords detection :: Yes
  • Bad domains detection :: Yes
  • Role accounts detection :: Yes
  • Bulk Email Verification :: Yes
  • Disposable email address (DEA) detection :: Yes
  • Software Download and installation required :: No
  • Additional feature
    • Owns Proprietary Domain Database which ensures the most accurate status of every email domain.
    • Email Active Metrics :: Tells you how old an email is, how active it’s been, and when it last opened.
    • Detailed Status Codes :: Provides 30 diagnostic codes to precisely categorize which emails are bad and why.

Visit Towerdata » Ask Towerdata a Question »

Do you have user experience with any of the above providers? If yes, we would like to hear that. Please comment your experience about any of the above company.

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