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Linux Reseller Hosting

Explore Linux Reseller Hosting powered by blazingly fast SSD's, CloudLinux Operating System & LiteSpeed WebServer

Windows VPS Global Server Locations

We do offer Windows SSD VPS at global locations. You can launch your SSD VPS in any of the following locations

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Reseller Hosting - Experience the Ultimate Reseller Hosting Today!

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Our reseller hosting is much advantageous than the leading ones out there, and we believe in elevating your convenience level to the max! Here are some mind-blowing and crucial features you will definitely love:


LiteSpeed Web Server

Currently, speed is the key to success, and that's where our competitors never stand in front of us! Our LiteSpeed web server helps to load your site 3 times faster than the traditional Apache Web Server.


WHM/cPanel Access

cPanel & WHM permit users and hosting providers' ability to automate server management tasks, and we offer you the tools you need for perfectly managing your sites. You will have reseller access to the WHM panel to manage your clients' cPanel accounts.


Money-Back Guarantee

You can trust our services, and we always have high confidence for the same! Our each reseller plan comes with a 30 days money-back guarantee, and you won't be asked a single question or reason! Just go for it!


99.9% Uptime

Uptime is a crucial aspect, and our motto is to never let your site go offline. For the sake of the promise, all of our reseller plans include a 99.9% uptime guarantee. You will never regret your decision to choose us!


24/7 Experts Customer Support

No matter what queries you have, our fully dedicated 24/7 customer support assists you via live chat and ticket system, and you'll surely appreciate our pace of assisting you on time!

Advanced Features

AccuWebHosting is the premier provider of private label reseller hosting powered by quality servers and reliable networks. We, at AccuWebHosting, strongly believe that our success relies on our resellers' success. We offer a complete range of Bulk Account Reseller plans backed by our robust 24/7/365 Technical Support. We also provide you the flexibility to customize your own hosting plans (the process of customizing your hosting plan is very simple, and our team is always dedicated to helping you). We believe in providing you with as much private label as possible to ensure we remain transparent to your clients.


Unlimited Resources

With all reseller hosting plans, you will get unlimited addon domains, unlimited sub-domains, unlimited email accounts, unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited FTP accounts. You can set resources for your clients as per your requirement.


WHM Reseller Account

When you sign up for our reseller plan, we set up your WHM account with reseller privileges. You can create custom packages for your client, define the resources for your client, and create their cPanel account. You will have complete access to your clients' reseller account.


One-click Application Installer

Each cPanel account you set up will be bundled with the Softaculous application. It offers installation of 300+ great scripts, such as; WordPress, Magento, PrestaShop, Drupal, Joomla, phpBB, WHMCS, MediaWiki, CodeIgniter framework, and much more.


Automatic Daily Backups

We understand how critical the data backup is, especially when you are reselling your services to your clients. With this note in mind, we do offer a daily backup with all reseller plans completely free of cost.


Website Builder

Hey, are you a newbie in website design? No need to panic. With all reseller plans, we offer RVSite Website Builder, which, besides being very simple to use, is exceptionally attractive! It allows you to use professional website templates for your site and make it look tremendous. No need to code it manually at all!


Run your Own Business

Hey, wanna make some money? Wanna fill your pockets? Our reseller hosting plans bring golden opportunities! Select any plan, host your customers' account, and earn good bucks. We will never interfere with what you charge to your customers. You can design your custom plans and resell them to your customers the way, or at whatever plans you want!



Whenever you need more resources to host more customers, you can always upgrade your plan to the next level anytime, and the process takes no time. Upgrading the account is a very straight forward process. Your all accounts will remain intact during the upgrade process, and we guarantee no data loss.


Business Email Accounts

You can define the number of how many business emails accounts your customers can create. Your reseller plan comes with unlimited email accounts, isn't that amazing? Besides that, you can restrict your own plans to any number of accounts you wish and sell it to your customers.


Free Migration

Already a reseller and want to switch your accounts to us? We'd exclaim, you have made a decent choice! AccuWebHosting offers free migration with any plan you select. You can read more about our migration terms here.

Why Should You Choose AccuWeb Hosting?

It has always been difficult to select a suitable, efficient, and yet, affordable web hosting service provider hasn't it? The choices on the web are seemingly endless. However, when comparing apples to apples, and adding up all the facts, the choice becomes crystal clear. Explore the reasons why is the right choice for your web hosting requirements:


Best value for money.

You are here to get what you expect, but we insist you'll get even more.



There are two reasons why our servers are stable: (1) We never oversell (2) We upgrade our hardware on a regular interval. These two core practices ensure reliability, agility, and unbeatable speed.


99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Based on the quality of our servers and our management team, we can confidently guarantee 99.9% uptime of your website. The uptime is measured by our round the clock monitoring system.



There are many reasons why you can rely on our services. Here are just a handful of the many aspects of 1) Distributed Architecture. Here at, we utilize distributed architecture for our Windows Hosting plans. In this Architecture, services such as Database, Email, and Hosting are distributed among different servers. This ensures that all services of any domain cannot go down together. 2) We use only Quality and Branded servers constantly monitored by both our tech team and the data center tech team 3) Moreover, we have a proven track record of reliability and consistency with over 10,000 satisfied customers since the last decade.


Special hosting services suitable for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.

Our servers are equipped to host any of the aforementioned requirements. If there are additional requirements that are not listed, please advise our tech team, and we will accommodate you most of the time.


Free of cost and hassle-free transfer from other service providers.

Changing the hosting provider is much easier than you think if you've got the support of the expert team of AccuwebHosting. If you are planning to change your hosting service provider, all you need to do is to let our support team know about your decision, and they will take care of the rest.


Unquestionable 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Our 30-day money-back guarantee enables our clients to test our quality services, the stability of our servers and experience the acumen and expertise of our technical team.


Genuine Technical Support on 24x7.

Claiming and truly providing round the clock technical support are two different things. Anyone can test our round the clock presence on our live chat support. Additionally, we offer 24 x 7 support via our ticket system. We're glad to say we hold a track of the first response time in 11 minutes as an average.

Linux Reseller Hosting FAQs

The reseller hosting is a sort of hosting service through which you can easily and rapidly begin your own web hosting business and expand it later. In reseller hosting, you purchase the host's services wholesale and further sell them to customers at a higher price, for making the profit. The best benefit of reseller hosting is that you don't need to set up any infrastructure or customer support.

Yes, we do provide WHM/cPanel with all reseller plans. WHM will allow you to create cPanel accounts for your clients, and the presence of the cPanel clearly means that your clients will feel great ease at operating their websites.

Yes, if you need more cPanel accounts than what is mentioned for each plan, you can purchase it. The cost is very low! Additional 10 cPanel accounts will cost you $10 USD/Month only!

If you purchase any of our reseller plans, you won't face data loss related issues. Yes, with all plans, we do provide free daily backup - we backup your data on a daily basis with 15 recovery points. This means at any point of time, we will have the backup of the last 15 days.

Yes, you/your clients can create business email accounts with any plan. We do offer unlimited email accounts with all reseller plans.

Nope! There is absolutely no fee for setup. You only need to pay for the plan you purchase. Also, our team doesn't make you wait long while setting up your account.

Yes, you can launch your reseller account at any available location.

Yes, you can create hosting packages for your clients and resell them at your own price. Reseller Hosting is actually designed for you to make high Money, and we've kept our prices very low so that your profit margin increases.

Yes, all plans come with a 30-day no question asked money-back guarantee. You can evaluate our services in 30 days, and if you find that the plan is not suitable for your requirement (hardly any chances are there!) t, you can request a cancellation, and a refund will be done quickly.

Yes, as soon as you need more resources, you can easily upgrade to the next reseller plan anytime. The upgrade is seamless. Your data/sites will be intact, and there will be no downtime during the upgrade.

* Price reflects 5% off the first order. This discount will be applied on the 2nd step of the checkout process. To get the benefit of the lowest price, signup with the higher billing cycle.