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Windows Hosting FAQs

Various Frequently Asked Questions regarding Windows Hosting

Windows Hosting works distinctly:

  • You have to place your order successfully and have an active account.
  • We will set up your account (DNS, website, FTP, etc.) and send you an email containing your complete hosting details.
  • You will receive DNS and FTP settings. Both are essential to get your website alive (or, a-net).
  • You will need to update your domain's DNS from its control panel and upload your file/project to our server.
  • We offer the Web Deploy option.

Yes, we openly permit you to use our Windows Hosting solution regardless if you have purchased your domain name from AccuWebHosting or any other registrar. However, you have to update your DNS details on the control panel provided by the register. Once the DNS correlates with the domain and other resources, your website will point directly to our server and run smoothly.

As a customer, you are precious to our consortium. So, you don't need to sweat it! We will maintain your website, our server and take care of everything else.

Well, yes! With an SSD Windows Hosting account, you will have a Plesk panel, and with Cloud Windows Hosting, you will have SolidCP. Control panels make things easy, and we utilize one of the best: Plesk. You have full administrative access to your Plesk/SolidCP control panel, and you can use it to manage your website, web files, FTP accounts, email accounts, databases, etc.

Data is the core of everything these days. We understand this and guarantee you never lose your data under any circumstances. As a result, we provide a completely automated backup system that backup your entire account per diem.

Of course, yes! If you want to install WordPress on your web hosting account, we provide a one-click application installer available on the control panel. The installer offers more than 1000 applications, and WordPress is one of them.

That is great news! After paying for your Windows hosting plan, we will play our part by setting everything for you on our platform. As mentioned earlier, all you need to alter is your domain's DNS, and you also need to upload your project to our server. All the required information is sent to your email, so you can securely have them. To ease the process, you can contact the customer support team.

Well, how about anytime you wish? Yes, anytime at all. We can tell that your website or web app will surely grow as time goes on, so we have made upgrading an easy task. The entirety of our Windows Hosting plans are flawlessly scalable so that you can move to a bigger canvas anytime you deem fit. While we bring more power, functionalities, and resources, your initial data and settings will remain intact during and after the process.

As the name implies, the full-refund money-back guarantee is an assurance of our premium service. In addition, you can use the guarantee to test your website or web app on our Windows servers. So, if by any chance you are not satisfied with our Windows Hosting solution, we will refund you completely - as long as your termination is within 30 days of account activation.

Yes, we do provide 150 business email accounts per domain. You will be able to manage the email accounts from your control panel directly.

Well, the storage mentioned for each plan includes web content and databases. We do provide separate 2 GB space per domain for email storage.

You will have 250 MB Memory and 1 CPU core for each of your websites hosted in our windows shared hosting plan.

You can send 200 emails per hour from each of your domains.

Yes, with each plan, you will have at least one MSSQL Standard database and 10 MariaDB. You can access the SQL database from your local SQL Server Management Studio and MariaDB from PHPMyAdmin.

All our Windows Shared Hosting plans come with 30 days full money-back guarantee.

Okay, the truth is domain is the main requirement of hosting a website or web app. You can register your domain name with another registrar and allow us to host your website, or you can register a domain name with us and also let us host your website.

* To get the benefit of the lowest price, signup with the Triennially billing cycle.