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Hosting Glossary

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Windows VPS hosting is a virtual private server with Microsoft Windows as an operating system. Windows VPS hosting is also referred as windows virtual hosting (short name Windows VPS). Read more about Windows VPS hosting »
In the Web Hosting business, a dedicated server is typically a powerful computer connected to high-speed Internet connection, housed in the remote data-center or co-location facilities. Read more about a Dedicated Server »
A web hosting environment which is highly optimized for WordPress CMS is referred to as a WordPress Hosting. These environments are highly secured for hosting your WordPress blog. Read more about WordPress Hosting »
Shared web hosting is the most economical and popular web hosting solution, wherein big number of web sites reside on a single web server utilizing its available resources. Read more about Shared hosting »
A virtual private server (commonly abbreviated to VPS) is created when a physical server is divided into smaller, virtual compartments. Just like a dedicated server, a virtual private server has its own operating system, dedicated storage, and dedicated RAM and CPU resource but it costs much less than a dedicated server. Read more about VPS hosting »
Remote Desktop is a program that allows you to connect to a Windows VPS machine in remote location and take a complete control of that virtual machine. Read more about Remote Desktop for Windwos VPS »

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Andrew N.

( Leipzig, Germany )

‘’ I have been a customer for years, and although I am on the other side of the world, the service and helpful staff keep me loyal. I would recommend AccuWebHosting to anyone!.... ,,

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Valerie C.

( Richmond, VA, USA )

‘’ I have had a home account and a work account with Accuweb for many years and they excel with their customer service. I love their online chat and they let you open a "ticket" if they cannot... ,,

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Pichay S. P.

( Chennai,India )

‘’ Its been many years with Accuwebhosting,they provide reliable and prompt VPS service. Thanks to Accuwebhosting and their great support. Good job Accuwebhosting... ,,

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Ryan A.

( Peoria, AZ, USA )

‘’ Had a great experience with the tech department. I royally screwed up my server settings and got some clear directions from their. The ones before them were helpful...,,

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