What is Remote Desktop Windows VPS?

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Remote Desktop is a program that allows you to connect to your Windows VPS machine from the remote location and allow you to take a complete control of that virtual machine.
  • The remote desktop access to Windows VPS is made through an Internet connection, allowing users to interact with the remote computer as if it were local. The remote desktop is commonly accessed on default RDP port 3389. For the security reasons, you should always change the default RDP port to an unknown port number.
  • In a remote desktop setup, the local computer receives a copy of the remote server’s image. This image is updated on the local computer on a timed interval or when a change is detected by the remote desktop software.
  • The local computer’s keyboard and mouse events are transferred to the remote computer through the remote desktop protocol (RDP) and operating system on remote Windows VPS will process these instructions. All these processes are performed swiftly so that you feel no or very little lag while playing with the remote computer.
  • Remote desktop is useful for a variety of things such as, troubleshoot and fix remote computer problems, accessing a workplace computer from home or when traveling, accessing a home computer from other locations, perform the administrative tasks on the remote computer, etc.
  • Nowadays, remote desktop has become an essential tool for the administrators and tech support personnel to access, diagnose, repair remote machine’s OS, application or hardware problems.
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