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It is a heading line.

Once you enter any website in the above tool, you will get the information about the webserver the same website is running.

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What is a webserver?

A web server is a machine where you host your websites, and in simple words, webserver stores the website content. These contents arinclude e images, texts, videos, and other application data. Webserver delivers these data to web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox using the protocol Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). HTTP protocol works on port number 80. Simplifying it further, a web server displays the website to your browser. It supports other protocols like HTTPS, FTP, etc.

Which are the popular webservers?

IIS, Apache HTTP Server, LiteSpeed, and Nginx are the popular webservers at the moment.

Webserver Supported OS
IIS All Microsoft Operating System
Apache HTTP Server

1. CentOS, RHEL, Ubuntu, SuSE Linux, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora etc.

2. Windows server OS with XAMPP/WAMP installed.


CloudLinux OS, CentOS 5 and up, Ubuntu 8.04 and up,

Debian 4 and up, FreeBSD 4.5 and up, MacOSX 10.3 and up,

Solaris: Sun0S 5.8 and up


Alpine Linux 3.10 to 3.12, Amazon Linux (2018.03+),

Amazon Linux 2 LTS, CentOS 7.4+, 8.0+, Debian 9 and 10,

FreeBSD 11.4+ and 12.1+, Oracle Linux 7.4+, RHEL 7.4 to 8.+,

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12, 15, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS to 20.04

Webserver Work

How does the webserver work?

Itís a computer machine with a role installed for web service. Webservers hold the website components such as HTML pages, images, CSS stylesheets, JS (javascript) files, etc.

When an end-user searches a website on the web-browser, it connects the webserver through the internet using DNS. After receiving the request, the webserver will deliver the webpage to the web browser. Itís called the HTTP response. If the page is not there, it will give an error 404 Page not found.

Nowadays, people use the HTTPS protocol for end-to-end encryption of their data. It is a must to have an SSL Certificate installed on your website to use the HTTPS protocol. Looking for SSL Certificate? Get SSL Now.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Which protocols does a webserver use to serve the web content?

    Webserver uses HTTP and HTTPS protocol to serve the web-content to the end-user.

  • Can I run the Apache webserver on a Windows machine?

    Yes, you can. You first need to install xampp/wamp, which is an open-source, cross-platform web server solution.

  • Which is the recommended webserver for wordpress hosting?

    We recommend the LiteSpeed webserver, which is a drop-in replacement of the Apache webserver. It is faster than the Apache webserver.

  • Do you provide support for the website hosted on Apache using xampp in windows machine?

    No. If clients have hosted a website on a windows machine using xampp, then they will need to manage it on their end. We recommend IIS as a webserver in the windows server.

  • How many websites can I host on a single webserver?

    There are no limitations on the number of websites. However, you will need to consider your serverís resources like CPU, RAM, and disk space.

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