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Definition of the Tool

Our IP blacklist checker tool helps you identify if your mail server IP Address is blacklisted in any RBLs (Realtime Blacklist). It will check your IP address against many other RBLs. It is an entirely free tool. If your mail server IP address is blacklisted in RBLs, you might face some email deliverability issues. Once you find the DNSBL or RBL's name where IP is blacklisted, you can contact them to delist your IP Address from their listing.

Let's Understand DNSBL & RBLs

DNSBL stands for Domain Name BlackList, RBL stands for RealTime BlackList, both spam blocking lists. There are 100+ organizations, all of which utilize various criteria for delisting and listing and addresses with their algorithm to add any IP address to their blacklist. Most of the mail service uses their blacklist database to prevent any incoming spam emails from the listed IP Address.

Reason of IP Blacklist

One of the common reasons for IP blacklist is the spamming activity, whether it is knowingly or unknowingly. You might face the situation where your server is compromised and sending spam emails using the server IP address. You must verify your IP Address for blacklist before buying any server. Also, you should not rent any third party email list. This list may consist of the forge email address. Sending emails to such email addresses increases the high bounce rate. Due to the high bounce rate, your IP Address might lie to any of the RBLs listings.

Actions to be considered before submitting a delist request

You don't need to panic in case of an IP address blacklist. First, you must ensure that all devices you are using on your network are not infected, block all the loopholes to your server/website. Here are some precautionary actions that you can take.

  1. Reset all the passwords using special characters, alphabets, and numbers for all Email/FTP accounts. Please refer to How to create a strong password?
  2. Set the SPF (Sender Permitted Form), DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail), and DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance) record for all the domains added to your server.
  3. You have to update your CMS and ensure that you are using the latest version of your website's plugins/themes. You should download it from the trusted sources
  4. Remove all the vulnerable plugins/themes.
  5. Remove the unnecessary files/folders uploaded to your website root directory.
  6. Disable SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) auto relay on your server.
  7. Enable Logging of all the outbound activity on port 25 of your server.

After the above actions are done, you have to contact the RBLs where your IP address is blacklisted. There might be specific steps or a way to remove the IP address from their Blacklisting. Different RBLs may have different steps. You need to follow as per the outline order given by the RBLs. After submitting your request, it may take 3 to 7 days (depends on RBLs) to delist. There should be no more spamming activity after submitting the delisting request. Otherwise, RBLs might take a pretty long time in IP delist, and your email service suffers due to the IP blacklist.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Why is my IP Blacklisted?

    There are many reasons for your IP address to get on a blacklist. Your IP might only be listed in a single blacklist, or even listed in multiple blacklists. Every IP blacklist is maintained separately and they are not governed by any central source. Every blacklist might have unique standards for delisting/listing IP addresses.

  • How do I get my IP address off of a blacklist?

    Firstly, you must ensure that all devices you are using on your network are not infected. After you have determined your network is completely clean and no unauthorized traffic is going out of it. Then, find where your IP address is blacklisted and contact them for delisting. Each blacklist will have unique ways of requesting an IP delisting. And because you have made the delisting request, does not mean they will honor your request.

  • What if my IP address remains on a blacklist?

    If you are an average home-user, having your IP address on the blacklist probably will not make a difference with your surfing agenda. But, if you are a business and running your own mail server. You might have problems getting delisted. You will need to ensure each device on your network is quite clean and ensure your mail server is configured in the right way. Also, the mail server might be locked down so it's not permitted to send messages from any unauthenticated users.

  • What is the use of the IP Blacklist Checker Tool?

    The IP blacklist checker tool helps you to check if your IP address is blacklist in any RBLs or DNSBLs.

  • How much time does it take to delist the IP address from RBLs?

    There is no predefined time to delist the IP address as all organizations have different regulations and conditions to delist your IP address. Generally, it may take 3-7 days depending on RBLs criteria. There are 100+ RBLs active at the moment.

  • Can Accuwebhosting.com provide support to delist IP Addresses from RBLs?

    We can submit the delist request at RBLs for every client who purchased fully managed services of Accuwebhosting.com.

  • What does it cause if my IP address gets blacklisted at RBLs?

    You will receive the bounce back emails from the recipient mail servers who use the RBLs blacklist database. The high bounce rate will downgrade the IP/Domain reputation.

  • All the emails that I send to Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail are moving to the spam folder. Is it due to the IP blacklist?

    It shouldn’t be. If the IP Address is blacklisted, your emails should be bounced instead of moving to the spam folder. That means a user you are sending emails to have spammed you.

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