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Easily find and remove unwanted CSS

Easily find and remove unwanted CSS at no cost!

All of us know the criticality and importance of web page speed in today's date, and we're ready to try hand and leg to get rid of slow page loading speed. There are bunches of factors affecting the speed, and among the most considerable ones is CSS.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is used to describe the presentation of Web pages. In simple words, if you use CSS, you can have great control over the web page's layout. However, the negative is that CSS increases page loading time, and there's an utter need to minify it as well as removing the unused CSS. If not, then it would get close to impossible to dominate SERPs.

And to deal with this hassle, here we present to you the world's most perfect and accurate tool for removing unused CSS.

The core difference between this tool and the rest of the CSS treatment tools of the world is that it offers you the best solution and eliminates the hassle of hiring a developer to do the same.

Easily find and remover unwanted CSS with no cost!

What all we can help you to conquer

  • Provide clean CSS files to download
  • Automatically find unused CSS rules
  • Regularly check your website for changes
  • Scan Javascript files for CSS rules
  • Explore responsive design rules as well as media queries
  • Set a custom user agent for crawling your website
  • Show a visual distinction of the clean CSS file
  • Compatible with all websites, no matter WordPress, Bootstrap, or anything else.
Use this Tool

How to use this tool?

Using this special CSS detector and eliminator tool includes no hassle. It is as simple as the Google Speed Insight; just the functionality is different.

  • After visiting the page, you need to enter the URL of your page for which you want to remove unused CSS.
  • This tool will take a little bit of time to scan your URL.
  • The tool will generate the output in two CSS files: (1) Used CSS (2) Unused CSS.
  • You can mark the boxes of unused CSS if you still want.
  • You can simply ignore the code in unused CSS if you're fine with that and just keep the "Used CSS" code in your live site to increase the loading speed.
  • So, in no time, you've actually removed all anted CSS styles and improved the overall speed of the page without facing hassle.

Here come the most considerable benefits of AccuWeb's special CSS Tool

Ultra-fast Speed

Ultra-fast speed

As we know, increasing the web page's speed isn't an easy fate. Sometimes, it drains your bank balance. Removing the unused CSS is a great way of elevating the speed to a great level. Not just will your pages load quicker, but also it will decrease the pressure of elevating speed through other means.

Achieve your Goals

Achieve your goals

Now, as your web pages will load in the blink of a wink, the chances of click-backs will go minimal, meaning that you'll get more engagement. More engagement means more business, which further means more money! Putting in just a few minutes and achieving huge results is sweet!

Better maintenance with fewer mishaps

Better maintenance with fewer mishaps

Remember, we're helping you in a way that will decrease the clutter in your code. As you're free to remove all unused CSS as well as only the selected ones, there are hardly any chances of misconfiguration of the codes of the webpage. Thus, functionality will remain intact. No matter if you actively make changes to your website, still maintenance of your web pages' design and functionality won't be a strain for you.

Download the clean CSS file

Download the clean CSS file

You can conveniently download the clean CSS file and replace it with the existing one. This way, you can deal with unwanted CSS without any technical know-how. Even if you don't want to replace it, for now, you can keep it as a download and replace it whenever you want. This will add that particular class in the "Used CSS" file and download the new file with the code he has selected.

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