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Linux Web Hosting Plans

Linux Hosting on Cloud Servers

  • Host Unlimited Websites on Cloud
  • 100% Hardware Uptime Guarantee
  • Plan starts @ $4.79/Mo.

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WordPress Hosting on SSD Servers

WordPress Web Hosting
  • Managed WordPress Hosting
  • Easy installation of WordPress Website
  • Plan starts @ $2.99/Mo.

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WooCommerce Hosting on SSD Servers

WooCommerce Hosting
  • Managed WooCommerce Hosting
  • Allows to host Unlimited Online Stores
  • Plan starts @ $2.99/Mo.

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Denver, USA
Ohio, USA
London, UK
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  • Denver, USA
  • Ohio, USA
  • London, UK
  • Mumbai, India
  • Singapore
  • Johanesburg, South Africa
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Frankfurt, Germany
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Cloud Hosting Infrastructure

Linux Hosting on Cloud Servers

With our Linux Hosting on Cloud Servers, you get a powerful 100% hardware uptime infrastructure. Whether you have a website, web app or e-commerce, our cloud hosting solution is scalable enough to host it efficiently and effectively.

  • Instant Account Activation
  • Highly Scalable Cloud Hosting
  • 100% Hardware Uptime Guarantee
  • 24/7/365 Responsive Customer Support

Starting at
Per Month

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Linux Hosting on SSD Servers

Running your website, web app or e-commerce with SSD (solid state drive) servers is as easy as it could be with AccuWebHosting. Everything from domains and disk space to bandwidth and email addresses are completely unlimited and secure. Our SSDs come with RAID 10 architecture and are run on CloudLinux in addition to the accelerated LiteSpeed web server.

  • High-Speed SSDs with RAID 10 Architecture
  • CloudLinux: Probably the most reliable, reputable, secure and high-speed Linux distribution
  • LiteSpeed: The best commercial
    web server with 7x more speed than other

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Per Month

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ssd server
Cloud Hosting Infrastructure

Hosting WordPress on SSD Servers

We ensure you are provided with a secure, safe and reliable solution for your WordPress website regardless of the complexity and type. At AccuWebHosting, we assure you that your WordPress website has the most optimum performance with our stable, up-to-date technologies, SSDs and the effective support system we provide.

We provide premium WordPress services which include:

  • Yoast SEO: The best SEO ranking and compliance plugin
  • Hyper Cache: The best and most remarkable caching plugin
  • CDN: This ensures optimum and quick delivery of all types of content
  • CloudFlare: This makes available
    a web application firewall

Starting at
Per Month

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Already Have A Website? No Problem.

We have a specially trained team of migration experts to help migrate your website completely and without any shortcomings

Migrate your WordPress to AccuWebHosting
Migrate Wordpress Site
  • At AccuWebHosting, we offer a fully fledged migration service for as little as $0.00. So for no charge at all, we will transfer all your web files and databases from the previous provider to our own environment completely. What's more? We guarantee the lowest percentage of downtime possible, but we record 0.00% downtime most of the time.
  • After successfully placing your order, we assure you of a completion time of 24 hours or less.
  • To make the process outrightly easy, we provide you with a temporary URL which you can use to preview your website on our server before terminating your account on your previous Linux hosting provider.
  • If you have more enquiries, kindly explore more details about our Free-of-Charge Complete Migration Service.

Why Choose AccuWebHosting Amongst the Multitude?

We understand the simple fact that there is an enormous number of web hosting providers available today, so why should you choose AccuWebHosting amongst the multitude?

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How are we the best in customer support?
How are we growing
WorldWide DataCenter Facilities
Awards & Recognition

With just a few clicks, how'd it feel like to get all works done?

At AccuWebHosting, we offer three control panel options

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Probably The Most Competitive Linux Shared Hosting

Explore Linux Hosting

Quality Service Matching Your Budget

For as low as $3.09 a month, you get the best Linux shared web hosting with cPanel available to you.

Regular And Steady Backup

With AccuWebHosting, you can enjoy the benefit of a full website backup free of charge. So, you do not have to be bothered about losing the website database, content and emails anytime - ever!

Sufficient Resources Available and Guaranteed

For one, our servers are outrageously fast - believe us, they are! - because each and every account is isolated. This ensures that there are adequate resources for bandwidth, RAM, CPU and disk to carry out individual operations no matter the huge number of accounts.

Setup Marked With Speed

Setup Marked With Speed

You stand to benefit from a full backup of your website at a lightning speed. This is because you do not have to be bothered about the emails, content and database of the website. You just set up once and everything else goes on and on like that.

Fast Installation With One-Click Installer

With our fully integrated control panel, you stand to enjoy lightning speed installation with just a click of the button. Platforms, frameworks and content management systems such as Joomla! and WordPress can be installed with ease.

Free Unique Features, Just Enjoy!

You will find enhanced features that enable you to build your websites and web apps as operational as you want and need. Security features, traffic statistics, site protection and even much more - all for no extra cost.

Linux Web Hosting FAQs

Explore Linux Hosting
How Can I Get HTTPS On My Website?
By purchasing an SSL certificate, you are privileged to encrypt your website connections and use a secure HTTPS connection.
Where Is The Location Of AccuWebHosting's Servers?
Although we offer enormous web servers, all shared hosting servers are situated in Denver, Colorado, USA.
Can A Website Be Tested Without A Domain Name?
Yes, of course! At AccuWebHosting, you are provided with a temporary URL so you can test your website(s) or web app(s).
Does AccuWebHosting Have Apache mod_rewrite Module Installed?
Yes, we do have a fully functional Apache mod_rewrite module installed on our platform. If you happen to face an obstacle regarding the mod_rewrite module, our support team are more than happy to help you get it up and running. Also, they are ready to provide you with any other module for your website.
Will It Be Possible To Move My Website From Another Web Hosting Provider?
This question leads to an affirmative answer: YES! With the aid of our free cPanel to cPanel migration service this can be done with ease and promptness. We recommend contacting our customer support so they can walk you through the process without an obstacle or loss.
What Is The Limit Of Hourly Emails That Can Be Sent?
To avert the activities of notorious spammers, you can only send 500 emails per hour, per domain.
Do You Have A Backup Of My Website?
We backup all your data on our shared hosting server on a daily basis, so you don't have to be bothered by data loss and recovery. We store numerous recovery points and also provide restoration of your historical backups from the most recent points. Our backup system provides you with infinite resources during the period of validity of your web hosting. If you want to keep a local copy of your backup, you can as well make and secure a backup in your control panel.
How Can A New Domain Be Added To My Hosting Plan?
A new domain can be added to your multiple domain shared hosting plan with ease. To do this, use the cPanel “Add-on Domain” feature. All you would require doing is to login to your cPanel account and then click on the “Add-on Domain” icon in order to add a new domain.
Which PHP Version Can I Use On My Shared Linux Web Hosting Server?
We do have latest PHP 8.x and 7.x versions installed on the server. You can select any of the available versions for your website.
The Web Server Is Based On Which Operating System?
Our web server runs on the CloudLinux operating system, one of the best Linux distributions. It is created with the utmost emphasis on security, intensity and stability in relation to the requirements of your website hosting.
Is There A One-Click Installer Available?
Well, of course, there is. We provide Softaculous, which is a very fast and reliable one-click installer. With it, you can install 413 scripts with more than 1115 PHP classes - and with just a single click.
Is It Possible To Upgrade My Shared Hosting Plan To VPS Hosting?
In fact, this is very possible and it can be done with the help of the cPanel transfer tool for account migrations. To do so, you simply have to purchase a Linux VPS plan, then your existing shared hosting cPanel will be migrated to your new VPS hosting cPanel.
Is There A Way To Check The Statistics Of My Website?
Yes, there is. Statistics are vital to track the performance and progress of any website or web app. We understand this, so we provide an up-to-date and operational Awstatsadd-on available in the control panel for this purpose.
Is There A Limit For Setting Up Cron Jobs Or Schedule Takes?
In actuality, we have no limits on the number of Cron jobs or schedule tasks you can create but you only have three times a day for executing a Cron job.
Is There A Provision For Remote MySQL?
For security purpose, this is not available in our Linux Shared Hosting. But you can switch to our Linux VPS Hosting service to have remote access to MySQL.
What Is The Amount Of Email Disk Space I’ll Get?
You are not given a separate email disk space if you choose to use the Linux Shared Hosting plan. The free available disk space provided by AccuWebHosting can be utilized as your email disk space. What this means is that, if you have 20GB of free space available on your disk, you would have the capacity to utilize 20GB as email disk space regardless of the number of mailboxes created.
What Is The Inode Limit?
The Inode limit is capped at 250,000 on shared hosting. If you have higher Inode needs, you can do an upgrade to AccuWebHosting's Linux VPS Hosting - which is the best in the market.

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