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What is SPF Analyzer?

Once you enter your domain name in the SPF Record Lookup tool, it will give you a list of server IP Addresses and other domains that are authorized to send emails for your domain name.

What is the SPF Record?

SPF stands for Sender Protection Framework. It helps to authenticate your emails on the recipient email server. Also, the SPF record prevents spammers from sending emails using your domain name. You can add your authorized email server IP Addresses and hostname within the SPF record.

Example of SPF Record :

"v=spf1 mx a ip4: include:spf.mandrillapp.com ~all"

Structure of SPF Record :

SPF Tag Descriptions
v=spf1 It means the record is an SPF record.
Mx Allow domains listed MX to send emails for this domain.
a Allow domains listed IP Addresses to send emails for this domain.
Ip4: IP addresses in CIDR format that deliver or relay mail for this domain
include:_spf.mandrillapp.com This mechanism authorizes the domain/hostname spf.mandrillapp.com to send an email for this domain.
~all all instruct the incoming email server to SOFTFAIL, or flag email sent from an unauthorized source.

(ALL) mechanism in SPF Record

Below are the four all methods for the SPF record. SPF records must have all mechanisms to indicate what is needed to be done with the emails that fail to authenticate.

  • +all (plus all -- all the email passes)
  • ?all (question all -- failed message was a test message)
  • ~all (soft fail all)
  • -all (hard fail all -- only the mentioned IP Addresses are authorized to send mail for this domain.)

Why do you need an SPF record for your domain?

SPF record will add a layer of security to your domain. It contains the IP Addresses and hostname that are authorized to send emails on behalf of your domain.

When you send an email, the recipient mail server will verify your email with the domain's SPF record using DNS lookup. If the SPF is passed successfully, there will be more chance of delivering your emails to Inbox instead of spam.

Email without an SPF record may land in spam, or some recipient email server can directly block emails, so your domain should have an SPF record to mitigate such an issue.

Benefits of Using SPF Record

Prevent your emails from moving to spam

Recipient email servers will verify your emails with the Domains SPF record using DNS Lookup and allow landing your emails to Inbox instead of Spam.

Prevent email spoofing

Stop spammers from spoofing your domain.

Improves Domain Reputation

Implementing an SPF record will increase your genuine emails to reach recipient Inboxes, and less chance of being spam eventually improves your Domain Reputation.

It gives Less chance to phishing attempts

Domains with SPF records are less likely to be the target of phishing attempts.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is the full form of SPF?

    The full form of SPF Record is Sender Protection Framework. It is a method to authenticate your emails from delivering to spam or being forged.

  • How does the SPF authentication work?

    When an email is sent to any email account, SPF authentication will check for the authorized IP address or server to send emails using DNS lookup. If it doesnít find the authorized server, it will flag an email with spam.

  • Do I require to set the SPF record for all the domains in the same email server?

    Yes, you need to set the SPF record to all the domains in the same server from where you are sending emails.

  • Which are the other records recommended with SPF record?

    It can help if you have DKIM are DMARC records with the SPF record for the emailsí best security practice.

  • How many websites can I host on a single webserver?

    There are no limitations on the number of websites. However, you will need to consider your serverís resources like CPU, RAM, and disk space.

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