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Content Delivery Network (CDN)

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Faster The Access, Better THE Google RANKING's CDN offers accelerated delivery of your static content. The content is immediately delivered from the nearest POP to your site visitors. For example, if your visitor is from Poland, the content from the POP located in Poland or near by Poland will be delivered. If your visitor is from South America, the content will be delivered from the POP located in South America and nearest to your site visitor. We support all hosting providers out there. No matter if you are using shared hosting, VPS or dedicated servers, we seamlessly work with everybody. Whether you are using a custom infrastructure or a simple shared hosting with any hosting company, we will work with your service despite any complexity in your systems.

CDN Plan $3.95 / Mo.

First Month Free

Traffic allocation of 10 GB per Month Access to 107 Pops in 31 Countries One of the Largest Content Delivery Network

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Why should you consider CDN hosting service?

Faster Access Of Website

CDN technology allows your website’s content to be accessed from the closest geographical location of the request. This feature will ensure instant and fast accessibility.

Easy to Use

Simply signing up for a CDN plan allows access to the technology and takes 5 minutes to get started. The AccuWebHosting team will help you with all the technical setup involved in your hosting account. CDN is truly seamless, quick, and easy.

Better Rankings in Google

Key parameters that Google analyzes for optimal ranking are 1) load times 2) user experience 3) number of repeated visits. CDN technology is geared to address all these parameters.

How CDN hosting works.

End User Experience Without CDN Hosting (All the requests served from your server, which may be far from your site visitor ...)

End User Experience without CDN Hosting

End User Experience With CDN Hosting (All static files are served from the edge server nearest to your site visitor.)

End User Experience with CDN Hosting

Why should you consider CDN hosting service?

Acceptability of Content Format

Any type of static content (images, videos, css files, js files, etc ...) on your website is made instantly and reliably available.

Very Affordable

CDN delivers content from edge servers, saving both bandwidth and load on the actual server. Apart from this, there is a substantially better user experience, significantly faster availability of content, and enhanced security. All these CDN benefits can be achieved at very affordable prices.

More secure

CDN technology enhances security by preventing malicious usage of website features, as well as preventing DDos attacks originating from robots.

Edge Server Locations

Note: We update this map on regular intervals. Please visit this page regularly to know the latest PoPs available at AccuWebHosting.Com.

On AccuWebHosting CDN PoPs
  • Australia
    • Mellbourne
    • Sydney(2)
  • Austria
    • Vienna
  • Azerbaijan
    • Baku
  • Belgium
    • Antwerp(2)
    • Brussels
  • Brazil
    • Campinas
    • Sao Paulo(2)
  • Canada
    • Montreal(2)
    • Toronto(2)
  • Croatia
    • Zagreb(2)
  • Finland
    • Helsinki
  • France
    • Paris(3)
  • Germany
    • Berlin
    • Dusseldorf
    • Frankfurt(2)
  • Greece
    • Athens(2)
  • Hong Kong(2)
  • Hungary
    • Budapest
  • India
    • New Delhi
  • Ireland
    • Dublin
  • Italy
    • Milan(3)
  • Japan
    • Tokyo
  • Kazakhastan
    • Almaty
  • Mexico
    • Queretaro
  • Netherlands
    • Amsterdam(3)
  • Norway
    • Trondheim
  • Russia
    • Krasnoyarsk
    • Moscow(4)
    • Novosibirsk
    • Omsk
    • Polevskoy
    • Saint Petersburg
    • Samara
    • Ufa
    • Zelenograd
  • Singapore(2)
  • Spain
    • Madrid
  • Sweden
    • Helsingborg
    • Karlskrona
    • Kungalv
    • Kungsbacka
    • Stockholm(2)
  • Turkey
    • Istanbul
  • Ukraine
    • Kiev(2)
    • Kharkov
    • Lvov
    • Odessa
  • UK
    • London(5)
    • Manchester
    • Sheffield
  • UAE
    • Dubai
  • Vietnam
    • Hanoi
    • Ho Chi Minh City
  • United States
    • Arlington
    • Atlanta(2)
    • Chicago(2)
    • Dallas(3)
    • Green Bay
    • Los Angeles(2)
    • Miami(2)
    • Newark
    • New York
    • Phoenix
    • Portland
    • Provo
    • Reston
    • Sacramento
    • Salt Lake City
    • San Jose
    • Seattle(3)
    • Tampa
    • Washington(2)
* The list of CDN POP server is updated in the month of May 2017. Please contact our support team to get the latest updates.

How to Setup CDN?

Who needs CDN hosting?

With the benefits it offers, CDN technology can be vital for any website. Examples include General Websites, Forums, Blogs, Online Education, Phone Applications, Content Management Portals, etc. etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does AccuWebHosting CDN Work?

    There are two layers: CDN edge servers (Spread over Geographical Locations) which cache content, and deliver to end users; the core CDN network (AccuWebHosting CDNaaS) which redirects content requests from end users to the most suitable edge server. When end user browse your static content, core CDN component decides the nearest edge server location and delivers content from that edge server.

  • What CDN services/protocols are currently available?

    The AccuWebHosting CDN platform currently supports HTTP Pull, where content is replicated to local edge servers as end users request that content. Future releases will support HTTP Push (where content is replicated to edge servers when it is created at the origin), as well as streaming support for various video protocols.

  • How does AccuWebHosting CDN pricing work?

    AccuWebHosting offers you fixed price CDN hosting plan. Our introductory plan offers access to 10 GB of bandwidth per month.

  • What happens if I exceed my allocated bandwidth?

    If allocated bandwidth is exceeded, additional 10 GB bandwidth can be purchased for @ $3.95 Month.

  • What’s an Edge / POP server?

    Edge servers cache web content and deliver it to website visitors. They are virtual appliances that are deployed on hypervisors, on various Geographical locations and managed just like VMs.

  • We have a domain hosted on your servers and we are interested in the CDN service. Can you please provide more information on how to do this?

    CDN: A content delivery network (CDN) is a large distributed system of servers deployed in multiple data centers on the internet. It is an interconnected system of computers on the internet that provides Web content rapidly to numerous users by duplicating the content on multiple servers.

    CDNs are used by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to deliver static web-content, but this technology is especially well suited to streaming audio, video, and Internet Television (IPTV) programming. Availing CDN service for you domain is simple and affordable.

    In CDN, your website's static content is cached on geographically spread POP servers. This content is refreshed every 60 minutes. When a visitor from Europe is trying to access your website hosted in the United States, all the static content is delivered to him from the nearest EU POP server.

    Another example is if a visitor is accessing your website from Los Angles, all the static content is delivered from the nearest LA POP.

  • How do I use CDN hosting in my Website?

    Simply signing up for a CDN plan allows access to the technology and takes 5 minutes to get started. The AccuWebHosting team will assist you with all the technical setup involved in your hosting account.

    Once your CDN is setup, you just need to change the static content path on your website and point them to CDN URLs.

    CDN is truly seamless, quick, and easy.

    You can also refer to the below mentioned knowledge-base URL for how to use CDN hosting in a general website:

  • Is the CDN feature available for self managed VPS customers?

    Yes, regardless of any purchased services from AccuWebHosting or from another service provider, the CDN feature is available for all hosting customers.

  • Do you have detailed pricing for CDN?

    Our CDN World plan is $3.95/month + $1.00 setup fee for 10 GB bandwidth [Also, First Month Free !!!]. Additional 10 GB bandwidth is charged @ $3.95/Month.

    $3.95 is the monthly recurring price with a one time setup fee of $1.00. If you are hosting your website with another hosting provider, you can still purchase CDN hosting from AccuWebHosting.Com. If you wish to cancel the order within 30 days of purchasing, the amount of $3.95 will be refunded. Please note the recurring price after the first month will be $3.95/month.

    You can also pay Quarterly, Semi-Annually, Annually or Biennially: Billing Cycles:


    $3.95 USD Monthly + $1.00 USD Setup Fee


    $11.75 USD Quarterly


    $22.95 USD Semi-Annually


    $45.45 USD Annually


    $90.00 USD Biennially

  • If I purchase CDN from you, can I see my videos live at mobile with RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol)?

    Yes, CDN content will be seamlessly distributed on your Mobile browsers. You can see Live videos through your Mobile device with RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol).

  • How will CDN hosting work with bandwidth on the cloud servers you offer?

    Bandwidth usage will be as following (this is equally applicable for websites hosted on traditional servers and cloud servers): If you enable the CDN feature for your website then all the static content will be fetched from our nearest Edge server (Nearest POP server from the location of the Website user). As such, static content will consume CDN bandwidth (10 GB), and all other content will use bandwidth from the cloud server/cloud plan you have purchased.

  • I am looking for CDN hosting can you explain how it works?

    CDN mainly works on two URLs.

    The first URL is the Source URL, generally any URL on your website.
    For example, or, etc.

    The second URL is a CDN URL.
    This URL is created by AccuWebHosting.Com and mapped to your Source URL.
    For example, /.

    CDN takes your data from the "Source URL" and places it on many different edge servers around the world so that high traffic content can be delivered to the end user as quickly as possible. The same static content is distributed to your site visitors using the "CDN URL".

    When a request for content is made using the "CDN URL", CDN evaluates the location of the request and routes it to the nearest edge location. This will provide the lowest latency and best connection speed for the requester. The file is then transferred directly from the edge location's server to the user that requested it. As a result, you will get the fastest possible load times, better visitor experience and less load on your servers. As a result of these advantages, an added benefit is it can help improve your Google search rankings.

  • If I change the DNS for CDN hosting, my site will not go down. Right?

    No, you don’t need to change your site's DNS for CDN hosting. You just need to add a CNAME record in your domain. Your website will not face any downtime.

  • How can I check from which location do you serve my traffic?

    Use any of these tools -
    Just Ping your CDN Hostname from the command prompt for Windows, and Ping your website from SSH for Linux. You will receive an IP address from where the static content is being fetched. For example, Open your Command prompt and type "ping". The IP address displayed will be of the nearest edge location from where the content is served. You can compare the above ping command with new ping command "ping" to see the difference in latency. is our non CDN version of the website.

  • Is it possible to have more than one CNAMEs pointing at the same origin?

    Yes, you do not need to create individual CDNs to have more CNAMEs for the same origin. Send us a request with the list of CNAMEs you would like to use and we will add them for you.

  • Price $3.95/10GB is for per website or per VPS?

    It is per Domain per Month. Rather than the "per domain" term, the ideal term should be "per URL". This URL can be used for unlimited number of domains.

    For example, you sign up for a CDN Plan for the Source URL as and CDN URL as

    1st URL: ==> This is a source URL. All static original content (images, css, etc.) will be published here.
    We will setup the 2nd URL: ==> Any content that is published in the source URL is distributed over CDN using the 2nd URL

    You can use this CDN URL for UNLIMITED domain names.

  • I have one website that is targeted for the entire United States and one website targets only California. Will CDN work for me?

    CDN will be helpful to both the websites.

    For the California targeted website, "static content" will be delivered from CA edge servers. Currently we have 4 POP servers in CA in various locations.
    For US targeted website, we have more than 30 edge servers in different locations. So, content will be delivered from the closest Geo location to your site visitor.

  • What will be the percentage increase in average page load?

    CDN improves the speed of delivery of the static content. Improvement cannot be counted in terms of percentage, but for CDN oriented websites, the pinging latency for static content will be decreased and this will improve the performance of static content of your website.

    For example, if your server is located in USA and your visitor is from Australia, the average latency for them is around 170 ms to 300 ms. Using the CDN, for Australian site visitors, the static content will be delivered from Canberra, Mellbourne, Perth or Sydney edge servers and the latency will be around 20 ms to 50 ms.

    We have 107 CDN Pops within almost 31 countries. Moreover, if you want to test the performance of the CDN then you can easily check the difference between the pinging latency of the following URLs: - NON CDN version of AccuWebHosting.Com. (ping command will be "ping") - CDN URL for AccuWebHosting.Com. (ping command will be "ping")

  • How do I know consumption of traffic of my CDN package?

    You can login to your billing area "" and check the CDN usage.
    Moreover, if you have any questions regarding CDN hosting, you can raise a support ticket or initiate a chat from our website. We are available 24/7.

  • I am looking for CDN targeted to the US market. How is your service performance in USA?

    For US targeted websites, we have around 28 POPs in various locations throughout the Country. Content will be delivered right from the closest Geo location to your site visitor. You can refer to the following URL for our POPs across the globe:

  • We are studying static CDN. As we are in France, is it possible to limit our website response to French customers only?

    Yes, of course it is possible. In this case, you need to apply custom configuration while setting up your CDN.

  • Is it possible to use your CDN services for the website hosted somewhere else?

    Yes, you can use our CDN services for websites which are hosted somewhere else.

  • What Static contents are included in CDN hosting?

    Static contents included are Javascript files, Images, CSS files, Videos, Flashes, Audio.

    *Our CDN infrastructure is constantly evolving. We are consistently adding new Pops on regular intervals, as well as removing weak Pops from our networks. Please visit this page regularly to see the latest available POP locations.

    **Offer Details:









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