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AccuWeb Hosting aims at quality content. Below is the content writing protocol which provides a gateway for bloggers.

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A compelling, relevant, and high-quality content enhances readers' choice. We welcome well-crafted content, which we are obliged to publish on our blog that adds value to our audience. We value our readers and are concerned about their interests. A well-structured post will attract readers and worthy links to your post. We are also humbled to say that we have been proved beneficial to various stakeholders.

What We Are Looking For

We appreciate quality content that grabs readers' interest. The blogs which are genuine in their content add value to our audience and enhance their knowledge.

You should know: We receive approx 300K clicks and 5M impressions for our blog every month. So, the quality of the content is crucial for us.

Here are some trending blogs. We need similar researched work on technical topics:

How Can You Write For Us

  • Before pitching your write-up, you have to provide a brief outline and ideas on your topic.
  • Once we approve your topic and idea, share the structure of your blog with us.
  • Always remember; We solely consider genuine/original content and not poorly written one. We reserve the right to modify/reject the content.

NOTE: We can also reject a post if it contains malicious content that doesn’t add value to our audience

Points to Keep in Mind Before Writing

  • 1500-2000 word limit is acceptable for a post.
  • If your post includes images/references/quotations, then credit source should be mentioned.
  • Have a unique approach to capture readers’ interest.
  • Only two no-follow links are allowed to your brand/product pages.
  • Use a grammar and spelling checker to eliminate the errors.

The Final Stage

Once your post is thoroughly scrutinized with necessary changes done by our expert team to attract more readers’, we will post it on our blog.

We look forward to reading your post and publishing it on our blog.

Write For Us

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