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Fully Managed WordPress Hosting

Our Highly Secured, Fully Managed WordPress hosting is powered by Pure SSDs

Our Customer’s Success Story

Our relations with our clients are stronger than steel

Peter J. O’Hanlon

Peter J. O’Hanlon

Founder and CEO of Legal Marketing Systems, Ltd.

"I've been with AccuWeb since May 2004 - over 12 years (the review site time scale only went up to 10 years - which tells you something). My business was lean in the early years. I'm not embarrassed to say I was attracted to AccuWeb because they were cheap. However, you don't stay with a third party service for 12 years because they're cheap. You stay with them that long only because of brilliant first class customer support and because they're still cheap. I'm a corporate exec doing his own IT. I contact Accu probably 5-6 times a year on various issues, and I believe they go above and beyond duty probably 50% of the time. I cannot issue a stronger recommendation than I do for AccuWebHosting"

Astonishing Performance, Marvellous Page Experience

AccuWebHosting’s majestic performance results to help you improved Core Web Vitals, allotting you sovereign supremacy over the upcoming Google Page Experience update.

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Our Widespread WordPress Hosting Network marks These Locations

Our target is to bring equal convenience to every corner of this beautiful world!

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All our WordPress Hosting plans include…

Find the details of what is included with all WordPress Hosting plans.

WordPress Hosting

To manage your site

Web Server

LiteSpeed + LSCache Plugin

OS CloudLinux

Ultra-fast OS

SSL Free

SSL Certificate


Free Account Migration

Emails Business

Email Accounts


Complimentary Backup


24/7 Tickets + Chats + Phone


Fully Managed Hosting


Latest PHP Enabled


Free MySQL Databases


24/7 Security Monitoring


99.9% Uptime Guarantee


DDoS Protection & Mitigation


JetPack + SEO Yoast

Our WordPress Hosting Server Architecture

This is our ultimate WordPress Hosting Server Architecture, with which, we perfectly handle even the heaviest traffic flow.

Server Architecture

Our WordPress Hosting Environment

The ultimate compilation of hosting components for exceptional WordPress Performance

WordPress Environment

To speed up your website performance and reduce the server load, our WordPress hosting plans are powered by the Litespeed web server and they are pre-configured with LS WordPress Cache plugins. These plugins will use smart caching to enable the pages to load much faster.

For top-of-the-class coding performance improvements and superior security, we ensure that you have the latest and greatest PHP environment.

Ideal for protecting your WordPress website against malicious DDoS attacks, as well as handily speeding up access to your content with the perennially useful Cloudflare Proxy Servers.

Ideal for optimizing your website for search engines, allowing your website to increase its ranking with the ever-important search engines.

Jetpack allows you to fully customize your site with a number of themes, tools, and rich content. It also offers Security, Malware Scanning, Backup, SEO Tools, Website Statistics, and many more features handy to you.

LiteSpeed is bundled with a variety of features designed to deliver a great performance to your WordPress sites.

WordPress Hosting Features

All our WordPress Hosting plans are bundled with valuable features


Pre-installed WordPress

All of our WordPress Hosting plans come with pre-installed WordPress. You will focus on your business and we will take care of your WordPress site.


Managed WordPress Hosting

Worried about the technicality of your WordPress site? Don’t be! All our WordPress Hosting plans come with fully managed support that is available 24/7.


Optimized WordPress Hosting

We care about the performance of your WordPress site. And with this line in mind, we deliver all orders with a fully optimized WordPress installation.


Full Access

You will get full access to your WordPress source code and database. You will be able to manage your files from cPanel and databases from the phpMyAdmin.


WordPress for Beginners

Our Personal+ is specially designed for small blogs or for a personal WordPress site. We are here to assist you in any way to start your business from a small scale to a large level.


Isolated WordPress Accounts

CloudLinux OS installed on the server isolates your WordPress account from other accounts. This isolation will also protect your site from other compromised accounts on the same server.

Powerful Performance with Latest Hardware


DDoS Protection

We have setup kernel-level tweaks to ensure server-level optimization and protection against DDoS attacks. And on layer 2, we have a hardware firewall to protect servers against DDoS attacks.


24/7 Technical Support

For your peace of mind, a team of highly skilled WordPress technicians is available for you 24/7. In most cases, we guarantee a trouble ticket response in under 1 hour.


Scalable WordPress Hosting

At any point in time, you can upgrade the resources of your WordPress Hosting plan or upgrade to the next plan. You just need to contact our support team for the upgrade assistance.


Complimentary Backup

Each WordPress Hosting plan comes with a complimentary backup. This service allows you unlimited restores (contingent on the availability of the backup).

Security is Essential and We Provide it


WordPress Themes

We understand the importance of your WordPress theme. All our WordPress Hosting plans support all themes. You are free to install any theme that best fits your business model.


WordPress Plugins

All our WordPress Hosting plans come with pre-installed WordPress plugins such as; Jetpack, SEO Yoast, All-in-One WP Migrator, etc.


WordPress E-commerce

No Doubt! One-Stop Solution AccuWebHosting. We provide the best compatibility and fast Ecommerce hosting with the Woocommerce plugin supported. Our experts offer 24/7 full support for your e-commerce store.


Regular Audits

Performance is everything for any business. Therefore, we perform regular audits of all our servers to eliminate any hardware or performance-related errors.

Get Advantage of Full Control with All Plans


Fully Redundant Platform

Our Cloud architecture delivers a redundancy level to compensate for multiple hard drive failures, processing power, storage, etc.


Dedicated IP Address

With each VPS plan, you will have at least one dedicated IP address. You can connect to your VPS via the dedicated IP address allocated to it.


Full RDP Access

All our windows vps plans come with full administrative access via RDP. Therefore, you can install any application in your VPS as per your requirement.


Complimentary Backup

Regardless of the plan or duration of the service, we offer a free weekly backup to all windows VPS plans in Denver, USA. Read more about Complimentary Backups.


Paid Backup

Apart from the Complimentary Backups, we offer daily CDP backup with all plans at a very affordable price. Read more about our Paid Backup options.


VPS Management Panel

All plans in Denver(USA) include a web-based VPS management panel to monitor CPU, memory, and disk usage of your VPS. You can also pause, resume, and restart the VPS.

The Additional Features You Will Definitely Love


Hosting Server Location

We have servers in 15 locations. So you can launch your VPS plan in the available location which is nearest to your targeted audience.


Choice of Operating System

You can select the OS from Windows Server 2019 / Windows Server 2016 / Windows Server 2012. You will have all these options available with all plans.


Choice of Control Panel

To automate the provisioning of a full suite of website hosting services, we do offer SolidCP and Plesk panels with all VPS plans.


Choice of Email Server

Our team of experts will install and set up a mail server for you. You can choose MailEnable, SmarterMail Professional, or Enterprise edition with any plan.


Choice of Database Server

We offer free installation and set up of SQL Server (Any version) Express edition and MySQL. SQL Web edition is available at $30 USD/Month.


Additional Resources

During the signup or at any point in time, if you are looking for additional resources for your VPS, you can always add them as required.


Latest ASP.Net, .Net Core, PHP

Your VPS experience includes access to truly cutting-edge technology. We will install and set up the latest and PHP for you completely free.


Easily Scalable

All our VPS plans are easily scalable. You can upgrade to the next level anytime you wish. All your data will remain intact during the upgrade process.

Already have a Website?

Contact our expert WordPress migration team to migrate your WordPress website


Our completely free and exemplary migration service includes a complete migration. That is, a complete export of all WordPress Posts and databases from the previous host, with the corresponding import to our very own WordPress servers, with a miniscule, or even zero, amount of downtime.

We diligently initiate this migration process within 24 hours of receiving your order.

Helpfully, we additionally provide a Temporary URL, so that you can preview your website on our server before actioning the termination of your previous hosting account.

Please feel free to explore more about our totally Free Migration Services.

WordPress Plan Comparison

"Hands up! No one cares for your 'wallet' and convenience like we do!"

Key Features AccuWeb Hosting A2 Hosting Siteground Hostgator Inmotion Hosting Godaddy Kinsta 1and1 DreamHost Bluehost
Price for 3 years $2.99/Mo $7.99/Mo $3.95/Mo $5.95/Mo $4.99/Mo $3.99/Mo $30/Mo Not disclosed $2.59/Mo $3.95/Mo
Price for 1 year $2.99/Mo $8.99/Mo $3.95/Mo $7.95/Mo $6.99/Mo $5.99/Mo $30/Mo $0.99/Mo $3.95/Mo $5.95/Mo
Price for 1 Month $4.49/Mo $9.99/Mo $3.95 + 14.95 (Set-up) $14.95/Mo Not available $8.99/Mo $30/Mo $8.99/Mo $4.9/Mo Not available
Renewal Price Same pricing no surprises Not disclosed Not disclosed Not disclosed Not disclosed $8.99/Mo Not disclosed $7.99/Mo Not disclosed Not available
Number of Websites Unlimited 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Storage 20 GB Unlimited 10GB Unmetered 40GB 10GB 3GB 50GB Not disclosed Not disclosed
Bandwidth 1 TB Not disclosed Not disclosed Not disclosed Not disclosed Not disclosed Not disclosed Not disclosed Not disclosed Unmetered
Domain Registration Free To be paid Extra To be paid Extra To be paid Extra Free To be paid extra Not disclosed Free for 12 months To be paid extra Free
Account Migration Free Free To be paid Extra Free (1 Site) Not disclosed Not disclosed Free (From Limited vendors) Not disclosed Not disclosed Not disclosed
Money back Guarantee 30 Days Anytime 30 Days 45 Days 90 Days 30 Days 30 Days Not disclosed Not disclosed Not disclosed
Plugins All WP plugins supported not disclosed not disclosed not disclosed not disclosed not disclosed not disclosed not disclosed not disclosed not disclosed
SSL Free Free Free Free Free To be paid extra Free Free Free Not disclosed

Windows VPS Hosting Case Studies

Our potent antidotes to the technical or migration problems of Windows VPS Hosting service.

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WordPress Add-ons

Add-ons can be purchased anytime

ADD-ON FEATURES WordPress Personal + WordPress Small Business + WordPress Enterprise + (VPS) WordPress Scale + (VPS)
Additional 10 GB Disk Space $5 / Month --- $5 / Month (Denver Only) $5 / Month (Denver Only)
Additional 1 GB RAM --- --- $20 / Month (Denver Only) $20 / Month (Denver Only)
Additional 1 vCPU --- --- $10 / Month (Denver Only) $10 / Month (Denver Only)
Additional Data Transfer (100 GB) $20 / Month (Denver Only) $20 / Month (Denver Only) $20 / Month (Denver Only) $20 / Month (Denver Only)
Daily CDP Backups Included Included $10 / Month (20 GB) $10 / Month (20 GB)
Additional 1 Dedicated IP $3 / Month (Denver Only) $3 / Month (Denver Only) $3 / Month (Denver Only) $3 / Month (Denver Only)
Rapid SSL Certificate $49 / Year $49 / Year $49 / Year $49 / Year

WordPress Hosting FAQs

Various Frequently Asked Questions regarding WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting is type of hosting which focuses on hosting WordPress Websites. Under this type of plan, it is the diligent Webhost that manages their WordPress servers, to ensure maximal security, optimized speed, adherence to updates, actioning of backups, as well as the many general maintenance and optimization tasks a WordPress server requires.

WordPress is indeed a free and open source website creation tool. However, WordPress Hosting itself, requiring some form of web server to serve content to users, and is thus a paid service which you must purchase to ensure that your WordPress website becomes live on the Internet.

Yes. Your offer will be provisioned with the powerful cPanel control panel. You will thus be able to upload your desired content and themes by simply making use of the included File Manager, or via FTP.

It is fortunately an uncomplicated process. Once your WordPress website is completely ready at your localhost, please follow the steps listed below, in order:

  • Backup your database from your phpMyAdmin application.
  • Upload that database via FTP to your purchased WordPress hosting.
  • Create a MySQL database from your web hosting control panel.
  • Restore the MySQL database file.
  • Upload your desired WordPress content.
  • Ensure to test your website with the temporary URL provided.

You can create support ticket to request a migration of your account to another location. Our support team will get in touch with you after checking the migration feasibility. There will not be any data loss as we will use Cpanel to Cpanel migration tool to perform the migration.

We can use Cpanel to Cpanel transfer tool to transfer your Cpanel account to another location. There will be change of DNS records and IP address of your website. Please refer our migration terms.

Accuwebhosting offers LiteSpeed WebServer to host your Wordpress website. LSWS is ultra fast than Apache and Nginx webserver.

Accuwebhosting offers LiteSpeed WebServer to host your Wordpress website. LSWS is ultra fast than Apache and Nginx webserver.

WordPress offers two configurable URLs. These are the WordPress address, and the Site address, which are both used to successfully load the requested content. Helpfully, we have this article, which includes each necessary step combined with informative screen-captures.

Yes, this is indeed possible. You can link, or point, your WordPress to your domain name. All that is necessary for you is to point the name servers to your WordPress hosting location.

Yes. You will be provisioned with email accounts for the domains that you host with us. To create an email account, it is possible to do this from your provided cPanel login and administration page.

A wholly functional WordPress website will end up costing you less than $90USD/year. This is inclusive of the domain name registration cost, of $14.99/ year, as well as the WordPress hosting fees, typically coming in at around $71.99 per year.

By installing a WordPress Cache Plugin along with Leveraging Browser Caching, minifying all the CSS and JavaScript, Optimizing Images, Enabling Gzip Compression, and by using a Content Delivery Network, you can help your WordPress site to load as quickly as possible. This lengthy and researched blog post includes each of the above actions, performed one by one in an easy to follow fashion.

There is no additional fees on any datacenter location you choose.

With our fully managed WordPress hosting, we provide high performance caching with plugins, optimized web server technology & Cloudflare.

We provide free WordPress migration, and regular scanning of the server to prevent backdoors & malware, etc. Please note that support related to theme, plugins, website tools is not included within in fully managed WordPress.

LiteSpeed offers its own caching engine for WordPress that allows better performance than other websites, hosted on Apache or Nginx.