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Our Highly Secured, Fully Managed WordPress hosting is powered by Pure SSDs

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Peter J. O’Hanlon

Founder and CEO of Legal Marketing Systems, Ltd.

"I've been with AccuWeb since May 2004 - over 12 years (the review site time scale only went up to 10 years - which tells you something). My business was lean in the early years. I'm not embarrassed to say I was attracted to AccuWeb because they were cheap. However, you don't stay with a third party service for 12 years because they're cheap. You stay with them that long only because of brilliant first class customer support and because they're still cheap. I'm a corporate exec doing his own IT. I contact Accu probably 5-6 times a year on various issues, and I believe they go above and beyond duty probably 50% of the time. I cannot issue a stronger recommendation than I do for AccuWebHosting"

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All our WordPress Hosting plans include…

Find the details of what is included with all WordPress Hosting plans.

WordPress Hosting

To manage your site

Web Server

LiteSpeed + LSCache Plugin

OS CloudLinux

Ultra-fast OS

SSL Free

SSL Certificate


Free Account Migration

Emails Business

Email Accounts


Complimentary Backup


24/7 Tickets + Chats + Phone


Fully Managed Hosting


Latest PHP Enabled


Free MySQL Databases


24/7 Security Monitoring


99.9% Uptime Guarantee


DDoS Protection & Mitigation


SEO Yoast + WP Migrator

WordPress Hosting Features

All our WordPress Hosting plans are bundled with valuable features

Powerful Performance with Cutting-Edge Hardware

Security is Essential and We Provide it

Get Advantage of Full Control

The Additional Features You Will Definitely Love

Why AccuWeb for WordPress Hosting

There is a reason why people choose AccuWeb Hosting.

Winner! AccuWebHosting SiteGround BlueHost WPEngine Kinsta GreenGeeks Pagely
Price $9.99/Mo $14.99/Mo $9.99/Mo $25/Mo $25/Mo $10.95/Mo $199/Mo
Allowed Websites Unlimited 1 Website 1 Website 1 Website 1 Website 1 Website 5 Website
Web Server LiteSpeed with LSCache Apache with Nginx Nginx Apache with Nginx Nginx LiteSpeed with LSCache -
Included plugins SEO Yoast, WP Migrator SiteGround's custom WP plugin None Migration plugin Caching plugin Caching plugin -
Free Backups Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Customer Support Premium 24/7 Support with All Plans Priority Support with Higher Plan Only 24/7 Support with All Plans 24/7 Support - Chat Only 24/7 Support - Ticket/Email Only 24/7 Support with All Plans 24/7 Support Ticket + Chat

To make your WordPress site fully performant, we use the latest hardware. Also, we use LiteSpeed Web Server with LSCache to ensure that your WordPress site loads in a fraction of seconds. In addition, LiteSpeed is bundled with various features designed to deliver a great performance to your WordPress sites.

We never oversell the resources on our servers. Apart from this, we also keep the "density" of hosting accounts low on the server to ensure your site gets ample resources..

Fully-Performant Server

We know the importance of Security, and we take Security seriously.

We have set up kernel-level tweaks to ensure server-level optimization and protection against DDoS attacks. And on layer 2, we have a hardware firewall to protect servers against DDoS attacks. We also use CloudLinux OS on the server that isolates your WordPress account from other accounts. Each WordPress account is monitored against most vulnerabilities, malware, and other potential threats.


Are you planning to customize your WordPress with the help of your developers? Don't worry. Our WordPress Hosting plans are fully developer-friendly.

Your developers will have a seamless website management experience. With full access to code files, you can customize your WordPress site efficiently. In addition, with our unlimited addon domain option, you can also set up a staging site for your WordPress.

Developer Friendly

Astonishing Performance, Marvellous Page Experience

AccuWebHosting’s majestic performance results to help you improved Core Web Vitals, allotting you sovereign supremacy over the upcoming Google Page Experience update.

Our Widespread WordPress Hosting Network marks These Locations

Our target is to bring equal convenience to every corner of this beautiful world!

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Our WordPress Hosting Server Architecture

This is our ultimate WordPress Hosting Server Architecture, with which, we perfectly handle even the heaviest traffic flow.

Server Architecture

Our WordPress Hosting Environment

The ultimate compilation of hosting components for exceptional WordPress Performance

WordPress Environment

To speed up your website performance and reduce the server load, our WordPress hosting plans are powered by the Litespeed web server and they are pre-configured with LS WordPress Cache plugins. These plugins will use smart caching to enable the pages to load much faster.

For top-of-the-class coding performance improvements and superior security, we ensure that you have the latest and greatest PHP environment.

Ideal for protecting your WordPress website against malicious DDoS attacks, as well as handily speeding up access to your content with the perennially useful Cloudflare Proxy Servers.

Ideal for optimizing your website for search engines, allowing your website to increase its ranking with the ever-important search engines.

LiteSpeed is bundled with a variety of features designed to deliver a great performance to your WordPress sites.

Free WordPress Migration

Contact our expert WordPress migration team to migrate your WordPress website


Our completely free and exemplary migration service includes a complete migration. That is, a complete export of all WordPress Posts and databases from the previous host, with the corresponding import to our very own WordPress servers, with a miniscule, or even zero, amount of downtime.

We diligently initiate this migration process within 24 hours of receiving your order.

Helpfully, we additionally provide a Temporary URL, so that you can preview your website on our server before actioning the termination of your previous hosting account.

Please feel free to explore more about our totally Free Migration Services.

Migrate My Website

WordPress Hosting Case Studies

Our potent antidotes to the technical or migration problems of WordPress Hosting service.

WordPress Hosting FAQs

Various Frequently Asked Questions regarding WordPress Hosting

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