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What is Anti-Spam Cloud Service?

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Spam continues to be both a nuisance and threat to our web resources. It largely attributes to the disruption in our most vital form of communication, EMAIL.

SpamExperts is an Enterprise class Anti-Spam solution with the most advanced filtering algorithms and spam pattern identification to eliminate 99.98% of Spam reaching your mailbox.

With the protection of SpamExperts, you will be secured from inbound, unsolicited bulk emails and other related threats. Additionally, SpamExperts will drastically save time, eliminate wasted disk space, and protect your email service from junk emails. SpamExperts, with their Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus filtering services, fosters a safe internet environment.

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How SpamExperts filters Incoming Emails?

Our SpamExperts inbound spam filter is a cloud service with unmatched spam intelligence. Setup is quick and simple and only involves minor DNS adjustments to your site.

SpamExperts - AntiSpam Email Protection

Our team can easily do this for you. All we need from you are the MX records of your domain. After setup, all your incoming emails will start routing through our SpamExperts cloud services. Emails will be filtered by our intelligent algorithms and will be relayed back to its original destination mail server. Thus your inbox will be protected against Spam, Viruses, phishing and malware.

What happens to the Spam? Received emails will be filtered, discarded or quarantined based on the settings you choose! This is the ideal solution to secure your email and web environment.

How can your business benefit from SpamExperts?

  • Increase of Productivity, no more wasting time filtering thru junk email

    Since SpamExperts would intercept the email before reaching your Inbox, your employees will no longer deal with daily spam messages.

  • Prevent Spam and Viruses entering your Infrastructure

    Enjoy the exceptional accuracy of 99.98% in spam and virus detection. Regular and timely updates to Spam definitions and latest Virus attacks. Automated updates to the unmatched spam intelligence system. Automated updates for the latest threat definitions.

  • False-positive rate of less than one in a million

    With SpamExperts, you will never lose legitimate Emails(false-positive rate of 0.0001%, or less than one in a million). Thanks to SpamExpert’s 4-tier control panel, every single email can be located through the online quarantine or email reports and can be released with just one click.

  • Get your network Spam free

    SpamExperts protects your network against spam, phishing emails, emails containing viruses, Trojans and other malware. SpamExperts will mitigate the day to day risks your employees face from opening attachments and falling victim to phishing attacks.

  • Save your valued Web Resources

    SpamExperts is a proprietary self-learning smart technology solution that comes with 24x7x365 monitoring and automatic updates. Let SpamExperts handle your anti-spam system so your in-house IT resources can better support vital business responsibilities. SpamExperts assures that only relevant emails will enter in your network.

  • Never loose a Single Email/ Add redundancy and continuity to your email infrastructure

    What if your mail server is down? SpamExpert’s inbound filter will accept your emails and queue them for you. Queued messages will be pushed automatically when the destination mail server is reachable again. Essentially, SpamExperts will work as a failover layer to your email infrastructure.

  • Easy administration with our SpamPanel

    When you log in at the Email User level, there are different features available to support you with the administration of your account.

  • Incoming Log Search

    You have easy access to the logs of all Incoming emails and detailed information about sender, message ID and reason they weren’t accepted, among others. Receive a clear received, blocked, and temporarily rejected.

  • Quarantine

    Access the Spam Quarantine to find all blocked emails, easily adjust filters, release or permanently delete spam emails.

  • Delivery Queue

    View the emails that are currently in the queue. If the destination servers are not accepting emails, then these will be stored and delivery will be automatically retried.

  • Reporting Spam / Non-spam

    Mark an email as spam or release it from quarantine by simply dragging and dropping the email file (.eml and .txt accepted) or by using the Browse function.

  • Reporting

    Access the Periodic User section to enable user-based periodic protection reports.

SpamExperts Pricing


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$1.95/Domain/Month 0 to 100 Mailboxes - Order Now
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$5.95/Domain/Month 251 to 500 Mailboxes - Order Now
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