Our Linux VPS Hosting Plans

At considerably low prices, we offer Linux VPS Hosting plans with classic, SSD, and cloud hosting options.

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Linux VPS Classic

  • Self managed classic VPS

    What includes in self-managed VPS

    General 'How Do I?' questions

    Server reboots

    Password changes

    Basic configuration changes

    IP address additions

    RAM/Disk changes

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  • Low-Cost Xen-Powered VPS
  • Starting at $5.00 per month
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  • Fully managed SSD VPS

    What includes in fully Managed VPS

    Physical hardware monitoring, replacement and management

    Server/Service monitoring

    Best efforts in installing third party tools

    Operating system & control panel management

    Fast response time and 24x7 fully managed support

    Free Control Panels Support

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  • Pure Solid State Drive Storage
  • Starting at $12.00 per month
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Linux VPS Cloud

  • Self managed cloud VPS

    What includes in self-managed Cloud VPS

    General 'How Do I?' questions

    Server reboots

    Password changes

    Basic configuration changes

    IP address additions

    RAM/Disk changes

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  • 100% Hardware Uptime Guaranteed
  • Starting at $18.00 per month
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MEAN.js VPS Hosting

MEAN.js VPS Hosting
  • MEAN.js VPS Hosting on SSD Servers
  • Fully-Fledged MEAN.js Pre-Installed
  • Starting at $18.00 per month
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Node.js VPS Hosting

  • Node.js VPS Hosting on SSD Servers
  • Fully-Fledged Node.js Pre-Installed
  • Starting at $23.00 per month
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Magento VPS Hosting

Magento VPS Hosting
  • Magento VPS Hosting on SSD Servers
  • Powerful Web and Database Performance
  • Starting at $36.00 per month
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Licensing Details

Licensing Details
  • OS Licensing Details
  • Control Panel Licensing Details
  • SQL Server Licensing Details
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Linux VPS Global Server Locations

We do offer Linux VPS at global locations. You can launch your Linux VPS in any of the following locations:

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Denver, USA
Central, Canada
Oregon, USA
Ohio, USA
N. Virginia, USA
London, UK
Frankfurt, Germany
Paris, France
Seoul, South Korea
Tokyo, Japan
Mumbai, India
Sydney, AUS
Johanesburg, South Africa
  • Oregon, USA
  • Central, Canada
  • Denver, USA
  • Ohio, USA
  • N. Virginia, USA
  • London, UK
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Paris, France
  • Ireland
  • Mumbai, India
  • Seoul, South Korea
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Singapore
  • Sydney, AUS
  • Johanesburg, South Africa

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Our potent antidotes to the technical or migration problems of Linux VPS Hosting service.

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Operational Linux VPS Hosting

Four words describe AccuWebHosting's Linux VPS Hosting: Ease, Flexibility, Reliability, and Security.

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At AccuWebHosting, we let you focus on what you are good at: your brand or business. We, on the other hand, flawlessly handles the hosting aspects regardless if you have a small personal website to a large e-commerce store. We combine a great deal of functions, scalability, and ease.

What's more? You have to pay for just what you need for your website or web app. Also, there is no need to have extra resources such as hardware and bandwidth.

Options are numerous and diverse, so we understand you might be having an overwhelmingly hard time picking the right model for your system. Fortunately, our customer support correspondents are responsive and readily available to help you pick the best.

So, you've picked the right plan. Now, all you have to do is to sit back while we do our job. Meanwhile, we can work hand-in-hand to deliver the best result with respect to your requirements and budget.

Why Choose AccuWebHosting Amongst the Multitude?

We understand the simple fact that there is an enormous number of web hosting providers available today, so why should you choose AccuWebHosting amongst the multitude?

Explore Linux Hosting

With just a few clicks, how'd it feel like to get all works done?

At AccuWebHosting, we offer pre-configured control panel to have peace of mind.

Explore Linux Hosting

Features of Linux VPS Hosting

High-Quality, Low-Cost

We provide the highest quality in the industry, and at a low price starting at $5.00 per month.

Guaranteed Resources

Satisfying you is our first motif. Therefore, we provide you with dedicated resources so your VPS can be more active than expected.

OS Options

OS Options

At AccuWebHosting, we do not coerce you to use a particular Linux distribution. You can use Ubuntu, CloudLinux, CentOS, Debian etc.

Full Root Access

Full Root Access

Regardless of the Linux VPS Hosting plan you opt for, we provide full root administrative access. With this access, the design and power of your VPS are all in your hands - and you don't have to stop until you have exactly what you want.

Commendatory Backup

Regardless of the Linux VPS Hosting plan you opt for, we provide a commendatory backup service so you can securely save your files and avoid critical data loss.

Cloud and SSD

Our fully-redundant Cloud VPS solution is ideal for those looking for high uptime. Our high-performance SSD VPS solution, on the other side, is ideal for those looking for lightning speed infused with high performance.

Fully-Scalable Virtual Private Servers

VPS says, "I grow with your requirements, and care less about time."

Expandable Memory

Expandable Memory

You do not have to worry when you need to deploy a new application or upgrade your existing application. Why? We can easily upgrade the RAM of your VPS with just a single reboot.

Disk Upgrades

Disk Upgrades

As well, do not fret when it is time to add new websites or web apps to your VPS. You can easily add additional disk space whenever you want, and your existing data will still be intact.

Scalable Bandwidth

Scalable Bandwidth

We foresee the growth of visitors to your website, so you surely will need to upgrade the bandwidth of your VPS as soon as possible. Upgrading is so easy and seamless that your visitors won't even notice it. In basic terms, your bandwidth will grow with you.

Money Back Guarantee

Assured Money-Back Guarantee

It is safe to say you probably want to test the competence of your website or web app on our VPS. Well, we understand this and offer a full-refund money-back guarantee within seven days. So, if you are not satisfied, we will simply refund you.

Unlimited Hosting

Unlimited Hosting

VPS is almost synonymous with perfection. You have the opportunity to host an unlimited number of websites or web apps effortlessly and with more control. Plesk, DirectAdmin and cPanel are the control panels readily available to ease your workload.

Unlimited Databases

No Limit for Databases

Depending on your website or web app, you might need one or more databases. With AccuWebHosting, you can create as many databases as you want. Additionally, we provide phpMyAdmin to help you manage and administer the databases.

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Linux VPS Hosting FAQs

Explore Linux Hosting
What Is Linux VPS Hosting?
Linux VPS Hosting simply means the hosting of a virtual private server (VPS) on a Linux operating system distribution. AccuWebHosting uses the Xen and KVM virtualization platforms for its Linux VPS Hosting. With AccuWebHosting, you have full root-level administrative access to your VPS and dedicated resources are allocated to it. With these, you have full control and install any application on your VPS - and your VPS operations will run smoothly regardless of other websites.
Why Exactly Should I Opt For Linux VPS Hosting Amongst All Options?
VPS provide certain features and perks that other options do not provide. Ease-of-use, supercharged security, and improved reliability are few of the benefits for website owners. For web professionals such as developers and designers, flexibility and scalability are the most notable benefits of Linux VPS. Further, each VPS has its own dedicated operating system, so you can easily add or remove applications as you wish. Utmost control is guaranteed as you can easily enhance the VPS environment to maximize performance and improve the experience for your visitors.
Does AccuWebHosting Provide Root Access To Linux VPS?
Yes, we do provide full root-level administrative access to your Linux VPS with any of our Linux VPS Hosting plans. With the access, you have full control of your VPS and can, therefore, configure your VPS as you need or wish.
Is There A Complimentary Backup Available With Linux VPS?
Yes, there is. AccuWebHosting provides a free-of-charge complimentary backup service for you to unlimitedly store and restore your data - but restricted to availability. Meanwhile, we offer a CDP backup service at cheap costs. This type of backup stores data on distinct locations, and provide a file/folder-level restoration system. For more details, you can contact our customer support team.
Can I Upgrade A Linux VPS Hosting Plan To Another Linux VPS Hosting Plan?
Yes, you can! We provide a control panel to control panel migration and have all your settings and files perfectly intact. You can trigger an upgrade at any time you wish.
Is There Any Setup Fee To Configure A Control Panel?
With us, installing and configuring a control panel on your Linux VPS is completely free of charge.
Do AccuWebHosting Provide VPS With A Control Panel?
Well, of course, yes! A control panel eases your workload and makes functionalities effective as quickly as possible. At AccuWebHosting, we provide distinct control panels: cPanel, DirectAdmin and Plesk. With either of these panels, you can easily - in a few clicks - manage DNS and create and manage websites, email accounts, FTP accounts, web files, and even much more.

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