What is Windows VPS Hosting?

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Windows VPS hosting is a virtual private server with Microsoft Windows as an operating system. Windows VPS hosting is also referred as windows virtual hosting (short name Windows VPS).
What is Windows VPS Hosting?
  • When you buy a Windows VPS Hosting it comes with Microsoft Windows 2016, 2012 or 2008 as an operating system. If you are an administrative user, you will have full administrative access to the server, e.g., full access to the file system and to the registry system of the Server. You can access the remote desktop of your Windows VPS server using RPD protocol. Your android or iOS devices can also connect to the remote desktop of your Windows VPS.
  • Windows VPS machines are created using Microsoft's HyperV technology. Using Microsoft HyperV, the host server is virtualized and Windows VPS are created. In a host server, operating systems of different Windows VPS machines are completely isolated from operating systems of each other.
  • A Windows VPS is a multi-purpose virtual machine, which is useful for running a Game server, Forex applications, to offer web hosting to your clients and running as a backup or storage server.
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