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A dedicated server is a powerful computer which is connected to the high-speed Internet, and housed in a state-of-the-art remote datacenter or co-location facilities. A Dedicated Server Or Dedicated Hosting is the most expensive web hosting type, wherein the customers rent an entire server.

  • Dedicated Servers are powerful hosting solutions with plenty of resources. Dedicated Servers are the most suitable solution for following requirements:

  • A website that generates a huge amount of traffic.
  • A website that serves (download/upload) heavy files.
  • A critical application that requires isolation, stability, highest availability and security.
  • Website/application that processes the highly sensitive data.
  • Mission critical corporate software etc.

  • Dedicated hosting gives you complete control on your server, allowing you to install/uninstall the software of your choice. You are allowed to utilize the server resources the way you wish. You have the freedom to install a software like a web server, game server, database server, DNS server, Forex trading server, application server, file server, storage server, radio station or any anything else you require.

  • Check out our FAQs & 'How to' section on Dedicated Server.

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