Best SEO Tools for 2022

What is SEO?

Before explaining the Best SEO Tools and services, let’s understand the meaning and motto of SEO!

The definition is simple here! Optimizing your website content and increasing traffic from the search engine’s organic search results, all come under SEO.

Free Search engines like Google and Bing rank and show the result of any searches like web pages, content, video, or image on the basis of the relevancy of the entered search keywords. That’s the thumb rule of major search engines.

If you’ve not adopted any SEO practices yet, then you’re in a boxing match, with just one hand! As there are tons of considerations, you need specific tools, and these can be paid/non-paid.

Keep reading, as below, we’re discussing the same!

What are SEO tools?

Analyzing all the SEO considerations by oneself will take millenniums! Some SEO tools make your life much easy!

Best SEO Tools

SEO tools analyze and identify all the web pages of your website and provide suggestions on keywords and backlinks to achieve a good ranking in SERPs. They are highly helping in tracking your SEO practices.

Thankfully, tons of free SEO tools are available on the internet. Here, we have mentioned 7 widely used SEO tools (paid and non-paid) on the planet.

(1) Google Search Console

Cost : Free

Known for : SEO, Website traffic and it’s performance


If you ask about the Best SEO Tools regarding perfection, google Search Console stands the first.

Google search console helps you monitoring the traffic (and its source) on your website and provide suggestions to improve search results for your website. This tool allows you to resolve various website-related issues like indexing, website slow-loading issues, security problems, as well as unsuspicious activity, malware, viruses, etc.

As this tool is from Google itself, the accuracy level is much higher than the third party tools!

  • Performance Report

The performance report of google search console is used to analyze the web pages and keywords that rank your website in search engines. You can get the performance report of your website up to the last 16 months.

Most importantly, you can find out how your traffic changes over time, from where it is coming, and what search queries are going to show your site.

You can learn about the queries and keywords that search in mobiles and smartphones to increase your traffic from mobile searching. As it shows perfect data regarding every single keyword, you can plan your SEO campaign as per the need. Other tools show similar metrics, but they take time!

  • Enhancement Tab

Enhancement tab in google search console will help you to improve your site performance. It will provide insight for the website speed, mobile usability, AMP usage, and structured data enhancements that will help you to get leads in the SERPs.

  • Speed Report

It is a new feature in the search console and still in the experimental stages. However, it is the most beneficial addition.

Speed report provides ideas about how fast your website is loading in desktops and mobiles. Not just this, but it gives you information on which pages have the issues and prevents the quick loading.

It uses the Chrome UX report to generate the data, and this means you have accurate reports. Getting data about site speed and improving it is always an important task as there are lots of benefits to it.

  • Sitemaps

An XML sitemap can be an instructor for your website’s important pages, posts, and blogs. Your website will undoubtedly receive benefits from sitemaps.

It is recommended for all site owners to enter the website XML sitemap into google search console so google can find it very easily. A sitemap file includes the information of your website pages, videos, and other files on your website.

Google will read this file and crawl your website intelligently. You can quickly find if your sitemap gives errors or if some of the website pages aren’t indexed properly.

Are you looking for more sitemap-related information? Click on GSC > Sitemap to get more details.

(2) Ahrefs’

Cost: $99/ month

Known for : Back-link and keyword ideas


Concerning the Best SEO Tools for keywords ideas, Ahrefs is the most dependable one.

Ahrefs is specialized for backlink authority checking, and it is used for analyzing SEO strategies of your, as well as the competitors’ website. You can also use it for website ranking monitoring, keyword ideas, analyzing the history of pages/keywords, etc.

Ahrefs contains the biggest database of live links and uses crawling software to find your website’s broken links. Ahrefs SEO site checker tools provide a dashboard reporting facility that helps you to track all the data of a website.

Here you can add URLs to improve your site indexing. On the Ahref dashboard, it will show the errors, new link improvements, URL indexing, domain references, and much more!

  • Data Explorer

If you have crawled the website with any of the crawling tools and found a few URLs with 404 error means page not found. Now, you need to find those broken internal links and fix them.

Here, data explorer is useful. It will find the broken links which are redirects to (404) addresses not found. You can make data filters as well on their links. Once you have fixed the broken link, you can run a data explorer again to find the broken link again.

  • URL Information

URL information provides reports on on-page data such as content length, title, description, canonicalization, and indexability. It allows quick access to the URL’s internal link to the page, internal outlines, external out links, hreflang tags, duplicates, etc.

  • Segmentation

Segmentation is one of the popular features for users. Many webmasters want to isolate the issues of specific sections of their site like /blog and subdomain. If you are running a big website, you should use this feature to segment your crawls. You can do this from the segment >> configure segment option in Ahrefs

  • Site Structure

A site’s structure report shows your subdomains and subfolders of your website in a tree view and displays the various distribution of HTTP status codes, organic traffic, link-depth, etc. for each section of your website.

With this report, you can determine the subsections of your website which have, most underperforming pages in organic search, pages which are broken and redirected and most unindexed pages.

(3) SEMRush

Cost: $99.95 per month

Known for : SEO, Advertising, Content management

semrush-seo-tool. It will open in the new tab.

SEMrush is a tool to improve online visibility and discover marketing insights. It provides reports that help marketers in SEO, Content Marketing, Campaign Management, Keyword Research, Competitive Research, PPC, PR, Marketing Insights, etc.

SEMrush makes all these efficiently manageable for the person who doesn’t have any prior knowledge of SEO. There are many website admins using SEMRush to optimize the website and to get a better visitor’s experience by making good and attractive content.

  • Site Audit

Site Audit is an SEO analysis feature of SEMrush that helps you to find and fix the issues related to SEO. It allows you to quickly find out your website’s health so that you can apply the required fixes to make it more accessible to search engines and provide a better user experience.

After finding the issues related to the content, images, coding, etc., It will help you to give an idea which error you need to fix first so you can set your priority for these errors.

  • Backlink Analysis

The SEMrush Backlink analysis will help you to get the overall backlinks report of your website. You can analyze the link building process of your competitors and easily make decisions about how to improve your campaigns.

Backlinks analysis provides deep knowledge about the geolocation of your backlinks and top-level domain distribution. You can check the IP address of each host of referrer’s domain. From this, you can analyze how many backlinks come from particular addresses and locations.

Backlink intersecting is another amazing feature, recently added, which has eliminated the hassle of manually matching your backlinks to the competitor’s backlinks to figure out which ones you are lacking, and what additional advantage is with your competitor.

  • Content Analyzer

This feature allows you to assess your website content, which is very important, though. Website owners always want to know how their quality content is performing on external sources.

Using the SEMrush content analyzer, you can easily measure and evaluate the content you publish on your website. This, additionally gives an idea of the number of shares on some of the major social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.

  • Keyword Overview

SEMRush keyword overview tool will help you to know about the searching ratio, trending words, suggestions on keyword listing, and the volume of paid and organic research. Here you can also get the details on pay per click; highest searched queries with locations analysis for mobile and desktop ranking.

  • SEO Checker

SEO checkers, also known as SEO ideas, help webmasters to optimize the website for better search rankings. It will provide some important suggestions to improve the search visibility of your website pages and put in your knowledge, what your competitors are doing to rank ahead of your website.

SEO Checker is a project tool. In SEMrush, you can start a new project for your domain. At the project dashboard, you will find the generated report for your website or blog with the ideas to improve SEO.

At the end of the report, you will find TOP pages to optimize, listed with their total volume. Pages of your website getting the most volume of the search will be on top. You can click on View all pages & ideas, to see all the ideas.

(4) Yoast SEO

Cost: Free – Premium Pricing: $89 USD for 1 site

Known for : Website’s SEO

yoast-seo-tool. It will open in the new tab.

Yoast SEO is a plugin-based SEO tool that makes it easy for your website to achieve the highest SEO standards. If you are running a wordpress website or you need to set SEO strategies for your website, the Yoast SEO is the best tool that will help you to improve the search ranking of the website.

It will help you to do the keyword listing, tracking, set website description, and sitemap management. You can buy a premium version of the Yoast SEO plugin. It includes extra functionalities with new and upgraded features.

  • Orphan content filter

Orphaned content, in simple words, is content on your website that doesn’t get any links from the other parts of your website. Content that doesn’t get any links will remain undiscovered by site visitors and search engines. It is always hard to track the orphaned content.

The Orphan content filter of Yoast SEO will help you to find these content and link it to internal links so that it can rank well in search engines.

  • Internal linking

Internal linking on your website benefits your website to get indexed. The context of internal linking is essential with an SEO point of view.

This tool of Yoast SEO Premium will help site owners to set up an excellent, and contextual internal linking structure. It will analyze the website’s texts and words to find which blog posts and articles are on similar topics.

  • Redirect manager

Redirect manager of Yoast SEO allows you to create instant redirection on your website pages. You don’t require a developer to set this for your site.

Using the redirect manager tool, you can redirect rules like 301 Permanent redirect, 302 Found and 307 Temporary redirects, 410 Content deleted, and 451 Content unavailable for legal reasons, etc. There might be various purposes to set the above-mentioned redirection rules.

  • Social previews :

Using social previews on Yoast SEO premium, you can find out how your post will look on Facebook or Twitter, without even going on it. When you are on your post, you can go to the Yoast SEO meta box and upload the image you would like to show on Facebook or twitter, and make sure it will look as you want.

(5) DeepCrawl

Cost: $14 monthly

Known for : Best Web Crawler

deepcrawl-seo-tool. It will open in the new tab.

This tool works like its name. It dives deep into your website for optimization and finds out the ratio of visitor’s clicks.

DeepCrawl is one of the excellent crawlers in the search engine optimization tool’s category. It allows the measurement of internal link weightage calculation like Google’s basic PageRank algorithm.

It also identifies the most linked to indexable pages on the website and quickly highlights the non-indexable pages linking to on the website.

  • Site Audit

Using DeepCrawl, you can monitor the websites regularly. Auditing your website can quickly identify the areas which have issues, so you can take the required actions.

You can automatize regular audits with DeepCrawl. It will allow your websites to recognize current trends to monitor website performance for further improvement and increased visibility.

  • Task Management

Task Management feature in DeepCrawl allows you to communicate issues with your other team members. This feature is very useful in communicating specific issues of your website with web developers as it permits sending an email with a link to the report along with full description like the issue severity and deadline. At the task overview page, you can see all the issues together.

  • Majestic Backlink

DeepCrawl platform has its integration with the Majestic backlink checker. It will provide you the backlink metrics for website URLs.

Addition of Majestic backlink metrics to crawl URLs, allows you to fix issues such as orphaned pages with backlinks and backlinked pages which have become broken or started to redirect.

  • Health check

The health check is one of the coolest features in DeepCrawl. It will provide you the information on the technical health of your website page, which is in question. Using a health check, you can find out various things like view the web page source code, run the page through W3C validation to find any error on the page, check the page exists in Google’s index, etc.

  • Mobile Site

DeepCrawl has a feature that allows you to add a separate mobile user-agent. Using this feature, you can separate mobile sites within the same desktop crawl.

(6) LongTailPro

Cost: $37/mo

Known for : Measuring Keyword Competitiveness

long-tail-pro-seo-tool. It will open in the new tab.

Long Tail Pro is specialized in keyword research. This SEO optimizer will help you to find out the lowest contestant keywords for your website. Here, you can get the information about keywords analyzing for your ranking related improvements.

LongTailPro provides you a facility to get a copy of your competitor’s web page URLs. Here you can check the keywording strategy of your competitor’s website.

  • Keyword Research

It is one of the best features in LongTailPro. Here, you can find out long-tail keywords that will help you to improve your search engine rankings. It will also provide the details to find difficulty, CPC, volume. SERP results etc.

You can also find related keywords, your competitors keywords that help to fetch the targeted business and manual keywords that help to counter check the keyword difficulty, rank value, volume, etc.

  • Ranking Tracker

Rank tracking will allow you to track the keyword growth. This tool will categorize your keywords into a small bucket of rank groups. You can identify from which keyword bucket you are getting more traffic. You can add 200 keywords per project in this tool, and ranking compares daily, weekly, or monthly.

  • Backlink Analysis Tool

It will allow you to analyze your backlinks in a perfect manner. You need to monitor how your competitors are using keywords in order to move ahead of them. You can easily identify your competitor’s backlink strategy using this tool.

  • SERP Analysis

Using LongTailPro, you can have a quick overview of your SERP, with average search volume and keyword competitiveness.

(7) Buzzstream

Cost: $24/mo

Known for : Best Outreach platform

buzzstream-seo-tool. It will open in the new tab.

BuzzStream is a tool that is designed to make email outreach easier and more efficient.

It helps to identify websites from which to request links and makes this link building process efficient. BuzzStream for Link Building tool works in 4 key ways (1) Managing communication (2) Identifying contact information (2) Link request sent, and monitoring backlinks achieved (4) Managing link opportunities.

  • Faster Research

This feature will make your research process faster. It will automatically apply your preferences on social platforms so you can manage your precious time on other important tasks. Now, this feature is even faster than what the giants like Ahrefs and SEMrush offer!

  • Track conversions

Buzz stream has the functionality to save emails and tweets. You can set up the alerts to take follow up on it so you can never forget your important conversions. This is a perfect feature for e-commerce websites.

  • Link Builders

BuzzStream researches prospects and monitors links are allowing you to do great outreach so you can spread much less time on excel sheets and more time to build links.

This tool gets automated information on link data and makes documentation on the dashboard and sorts it by the received link wise data. It also identifies the links which are mostly not followed, temp URLs that hold your links, spam pages, etc. BuzzStream is doing well by its process of automated link requesting and documentations.


There are thousands of SEO tools available to optimize your website, which you can use to improve your website ranking and keyword listing. It suggests the problems and solutions which help to reduce the SEO related problems for the website. This also saves you from spending a bomb amount on experts for getting your issues solved.

Once you understand the strategies to use SEO tools to optimize the website, you will definitely see your website at the top index. Just ensure which tool is working out the best and bringing you max ease.

The fact is, even the best free SEO tools won’t give you perfect data.

Our recommendation is not to highly depend on free tools (except those, directly from Google), and not hesitating on acquiring the paid ones, as perfection matters in SEO!

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