AccuWebHosting Announces VPS Hosting with Windows 2016 Server


AccuWebHosting always believes in offering the latest and most updated technologies to their clients. In an effort, to provide the latest technology, AccuWebHosting has now started to offer new Windows Server 2016 in VPS hosting to its clients with SSD Windows VPS, Classic Windows VPS, SSD Forex VPS and Windows VPS Reseller hosting plans.

Windows Server 2016 Benefits

In Windows Server 2016, Microsoft added many new features that enhance performance and improves security of the OS. It serves as a modern, open application platform for all software applications and hybrid public/private cloud solutions. It allows the users to access from almost anywhere and any device, giving them the flexibility to stay productive at any time.

Windows Server 2016 Features

  • Internet Information Services (IIS) 10.0 – Support for HTTP/2 protocol, which allows numerous enhancements over HTTP/1.1 such as more efficient reuse of connections and decreased latency, improving load times for web pages.
  • Windows Defender – Windows Server Antimalware is installed and enabled by default without the GUI, which is an installable Windows feature.
  • Soft Restart – It enables faster boot times by minimizing hardware initialization in favor of resetting only the software elements of the server.
  • Shielded Virtual Machines – Windows Server 2016 provides a new Hyper-V-based Shielded Virtual Machine to protect any Generation 2 virtual machine from a compromised fabric.
  • Active Directory Federation Services – It is possible to configure AD FS to authenticate users stored in non-AD directories, such as X.500 compliant Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) directories and SQL databases.
  • Remote Desktop Services – Support for OpenGL 4.4 and OpenCL 1.1, performance and stability improvements; MultiPoint Services role.
  • Storage Services – Central Storage QoS Policies; Storage Replicas (storage-agnostic, block-level, volume-based, synchronous and asynchronous replication using SMB3 between servers for disaster recovery). Storage Replica replicates blocks instead of files; files can be in use. It’s not multi-master, not one-to-many and not transitive. It periodically replicates snapshots, and the replication direction can be changed.
  • Web Application Proxy – Preauthentication for HTTP Basic application publishing, wildcard domain publishing of applications, HTTP to HTTPS redirection, Propagation of client IP address to backend applications.

Click here to compare features between different Windows Servers.

AccuWebHosting offers customers a choice between Windows 2016, 2012 R2 & 2008 R2 as Guest OS on their Virtual Private Servers. We cater the needs, of any customers looking for hosting services with our best offering in the industry and a wide range of hosting plans.

AccuWebHosting has been known as a premium web hosting service provider. With our Global Data Centers, that offers state-of-the-art server equipment, AccuWebHosting provides 24/7/365 support, with a staff on hand to take care of any issues that might arise. For this reason, AccuWeb is able to fully honor its 99.99% uptime guarantee and keep small businesses and individuals as well as their customers more than satisfied with the company’s hosting services.

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