cPanel Price Increase: What You Can Do?

Creating a remarkable and user-friendly experience for our cPanel customers is a top-notch priority. We who stand behind the cPanel hosting network believe in industry improvement, exceptional customer service, and employee care. Unfortunately, as the technological world widens, the price also rises. If you are looking for the ideal host for your brand, however, look no further.

In June 2019, cPanel announced a new pricing and licensing structure. Before the month of June, cPanel was licensed per server and it allowed you to host unlimited cPanel accounts. After updating the licensing structure, this is no longer the case. Now, you must purchase a license based on the number of accounts and plans you have created on your server.

We changed the cPanel licensing structure on Sept. 1, 2019, and are working with cPanel for the licensing announcement. The cPanel price is lower for a single user. cPanel will be significantly higher for hosting providers and resellers, with prices dependent on the number of cPanel accounts hosted per server.


Following Key Changes Must be Considered Regarding cPanel.


The Old License Structure

Before the change, WHM/cPanel had a very simple pricing structure. There was a $12 per month license for VPS hosting and a $20 per month for a dedicated server. This was also regardless of the number of accounts.

Both structures were cheaper when purchased from partners. Discounts were also available for longer periods.

Reinventing VPS and Dedicated License Types

cPanel has changed its package names to coincide with industry terms. VPS is now “Cloud” and Dedicated is now “Metal.” The package name changes go into effect immediately.

What Happens to my Existing cPanel Licenses?

AccuWeb Hosting has already changed existing licenses to the new licensing structure. This began on Sept.1, 2019. We will select the new license package that fits your usage at the time of the conversion.

Fixed Account Licensing Upgrades

When a cPanel license reaches the account limit of any fixed plan, an upgrade is required to add more cPanel accounts. Upgrading between two fixed plans will require payment of the difference in price between the two fixed plans. For example, upgrading from the cPanel Admin Cloud, which costs $14, to cPanel Pro Cloud, which costs $20, increases the total cost by $6. AccuWeb Hosting does not provide a pro-rated refund that occurs in the middle of your monthly billing cycle.

Conversion of Quarterly, Semi-Annual, Annual, and Multi-Year Licenses

We will not change any billing cycle. We offer quarterly, semi-annual, annual and monthly billing cycles to our customers. You can purchase any cPanel license with any billing cycle.

Do Suspended/Inactive Accounts count Against your Allocation?

All accounts will be counted against your allocation. It doesn’t matter the type or status of the accounts. This is why it is important to consider setting a median balance regarding your right limits. The limits should be set high enough so that the customer visiting the site is not affected by bad quality. Your right limit should also be low enough so that the site is not overly abused.

What Will Be the New Price of my cPanel Licenses?

The prices are based on your active cPanel license and the number of accounts (including suspended accounts) on each license.

We initially sent the notification and pricing structure to our existing customers before changing to the new cPanel licensing and pricing structure. Notifying our customers beforehand made the understanding of the changes easier for everyone.

Considering this change, we will be offering an account-based package/pricing as per the below:

cPanel License cost for Our Linux VPS:

  • cPanel Admin Cloud (1-5 cPanel accounts): $16/Month
  • cPanel Pro Cloud (1-30 cPanel accounts): $23/Month
  • cPanel Plus Cloud (1-50 cPanel accounts): $31/Month
  • cPanel Premier Cloud (1-100 cPanel accounts): $39/Month

For those who want to create more than 100 accounts, cPanel has introduced a plan called cPanel Premier Cloud Bulk Account. After the 100th account, each account will increase in cost by $0.20.

cPanel License Cost for Our Linux Dedicated Server:

  • cPanel Premier Metal (1-100 cPanel accounts): $39/Month

How Can You Host Multiple Websites Within the New cPanel Account Limits?

To start, make sure there are no unwanted accounts within your WHM account. Delete all unneeded accounts and information where possible. Reducing accounts by hosting multiple websites that are added under a single cPanel account as add-on domains is another way to reduce account limits.

How Does the New cPanel License Structure Work?

cPanel Premier Metal Bulk Account allows you to create more than 100 accounts, with the 100th account increase in cost of $0.20.

No Changes to cPanel Add-ons

Please note that all active cPanel add-ons you have purchased from us will continue to operate with theirexisting license, price, and billing cycle. The changes only apply to cPanel licensed products.

Remove Unused Accounts

Before, there were no restrictions on using the number of cPanel accounts on a single server. This made it very affordable to simply keep unused accounts instead of deleting them.Presently, you must pay based on the number of accounts you have. This current way will save you money on your cPanel licensing costs.

How Will This Impact Resellers’ Accounts?

We have updated our current reseller plan costs along with several cPanel account limits. We are continuing to sort through all reseller accounts to check the usage and total account number to determine the best reseller plan. We will then switch to that new plan.

Will your Hosting Price be Increased?

Generally, we will do our best to avoid the increase in price for our customers. However, we will be forced to increase the price to cover our license costs. Web hosting costs will not be increased due to this change in cPanel pricing. Only the cPanel price is increased. Mostly, reseller hosting plan pricing will be affected due to these changes. However, for the dedicated server clients of VPS and cPanel, the subscription price will increase from the next billing cycle. This will also depend on the number of cPanel accounts. We have informed our affected customers regarding this fact via email.

What Does This Mean?

Almost all hosting companies use the cPanel control panel on their servers. The price changes affect the hosting industry in a big way. Most companies have already communicated their new pricing structure and updated the same on their websites. Others have chosen to maintain their pricing but have moved to alternative control panels such as Plesk, Directadmin, etc. For the clients still trying to decide, the choice will be to either raise their budget for hosting their website and emails or move to different panels.

Alternative Option – Plesk Control Panel / Free Control Panel

Plesk is an alternative option for the control panel. This is one of the most powerful web hosting control panels available.

Plesk is a complete multi-level hosting platform control panel. It provides a wide range of graphic-interface options to set up and maintain a whole hosting business, which serves the end customer.

Plesk’s user-friendly interface and a variety of helpful tools that come with it make developing websites simple and straightforward. AccuWeb Hosting offers Plesk panel in Windows shared hosting, VPS hosting and Dedicated server plans.

Open-source Control Panel:

Also, we offer an open-source control panel with VPS hosting and Dedicated server plans. An open-source web hosting control panel has its source code open or made available to the public for free use and modification.

The following are the Top Five Free Web Control Panels: offers a variety of free web-control panels as well. Just choose from ISPConfig, Ajenti, CentOS, Virtualmin, and Webmin. Each of these panels includes both different and similar characteristics. No matter which you may choose, each of these free web control panels may just be ideal for your brand.

(1) ISPConfig:

ISPConfig control panel is developed by UG. This is a widely-used open source control panel under the BSD license. It is mainly for Linux users. Also, it delivers an easy, user-friendly interface to manage multiple servers based on login levels. Login levels include reseller, administrator, client, or email user.

(2) Ajenti:

Ajenti is another open-source web control panel that does the job more efficiently. Most administrators prefer Ajenti because of its relatively faster remote access and high performance. Also, it is easily managed and configures servers such as Samba, Squid, etc.

(3) CentOS Web Panel:

CentOS Web Panel is easily integrated with CentOS/CloudLinux. It is an open-source and a freely available hosting control panel. It is also supported by RHEL 6.x distribution. It provides many advanced features and a modern panel with a full control panel. The control panel installation is easy to install with a few clicks.

(4) Virtualmin:

Virtualmin is a supercharged version of Webmin, such as WHM/cPanel. It is open-source and widely used by active users all over the world. It perfectly supports UNIX operating systems and Linux distributions. Virtualmin is ideal for domain hosting and as a virtual server.

(5) Webmin:

Webmin is a web-based version of the Virtualmin panel. Similar to Virtualmin, Webmin is both open source and commercial. It originally supported UNIX and similar systems, while recent versions support Windows.

Additional Fact and Details Regarding Web Hosting:

Major Impact on Web Hosting Community

Over the years, users have depended on cPanel to manage their sites. cPanel provides integration with Softaculous, Lite speed, PHP selector, WHMCS, Jetbackup, Cloudlinux, Imunify360, and much more. This helps the cPanel become faster, more reliable, and secure. Due to these facts, it is a popular web hosting control panel compared to others. Moving from cPanel to other web hosts may encourage other providers to develop their own panels in order to reduce dependency on the products previously used.

Impact of cPanel Price Change on Partners and Direct Customers

Please see the outline below to better understand how these price changes may affect you:

cPanel Partners

  1. Account-based pricing will require additional effort. Due to this, cPanel will offer implementation support to its partners.
  2. WHMCS currently does not support the new pricing model of cPanel.
  3. If you do not use a WHMCS, then cPanel will provide you up to 12 months at no cost a WHMCS license to implement a new cPanel and WHM hosting pricing model.
  4. Partners will have to change the billing method for a cPanel license to every month. The options for annual and quarterly billing payments will no longer be available.
  5. In case a customer fails to pay for their cPanel license, partners will be able to request a service credit for up to one month.

Direct Customers

  1. cPanel Solo licenses for direct customers will be available at $15/month on Cloud only.
  2. Dedicated server users cannot buy Solo licenses.
  3. We will no longer convert existing cPanel Solo licenses to the Admin package.

Reason For The Price Increase

In cPanel’s official announcement, the company accredited the increase to be a result of new technologies such as the Cloud, which allows for much more powerful servers/hardware. It also has the ability to host many more accounts per server than in years’ past.

Looking Ahead

At the moment, we do not have a replacement for cPanel. We currently do not feel there is a suitable alternative control panel available that surpasses all the qualities cPanel has to offer. However, new options may arise in the future. Technology will continue to improve, adapt, and change. The hosting world is not an exception to this fact.

What You Can Do Next?

AccuWebHosting is ready to help. It does not matter if you are new to hosting, in the middle of making a hosting change, or simply want some technological advise. We are more than happy to assist and advise you on any questions you may have, such as cPanel pricing and adjustments. Our ambition is to help you decide what the best option is for you and your business.

In case you have any further questions, concerns, or simply need additional clarification regarding the pricing changes, please feel free to contact AccuWeb Hosting anytime at [email protected] Live chat is also available on our website.

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