7 Indicators that It’s time to migrate to VPS Hosting


How’s your web hosting plan treating you nowadays? Hopefully, it is doing what it’s supposed to do. But what if one fine day you find your website with some complications? 

No worries! 

If you see any of the following signs regarding your website, it might be time to upgrade your hosting plan to VPS.

Here are the 7 Remarkable signs that tell it’s time to migrate to VPS hosting solution:

For all the problems with your current hosting solution, perhaps it’s time to evaluate whether it is worth keeping. To help you with this analysis, we’ve listed 7 signs that tell you – it’s time to migrate to a VPS solution.

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1) Your Website Needs Enhanced-security Features

Typically, there is a risk of security breaches in a shared hosting environment because multiple sites are on the same server; more websites mean more opportunities for attackers. In addition, shared hosting customers tend to be the least familiar with web hosting precautions, which can lead to security problems; your hosting neighbors could cause server vulnerabilities.

Undeniably, shared hosting accounts have security, but they may not be at the level you need for your growing business; shared hosting fails when it comes to better and enhanced security. If you are handling your clients’ sensitive data, you should move to VPS Hosting for better and uncompromised security to secure your growing business.

The VPS Hosting will not only shield you from security vulnerabilities, but a reliable VPS Hosting provider will offer top-notch personalized security, which will be under your direct control. Shared hosting leaves you vulnerable if someone on your server gets infected by malware or targeted by hackers. Whereas on VPS hosting, you are the only point of access, this ‘VPS isolation’ system gives you an extra layer of protection.

2) Increasing Popularity of your Website 

When your site gains popularity, attracting more web traffic, it is the time to elevate from shared hosting since it will no longer be capable of handling such a large amount of traffic. A VPS Hosting solution will be more suitable for high server resources and better webpage speed.

3) Internal Server Error or ’50x’ Occurring too Frequently 

Does your website ever display a 50x error i.e (500, 503, 504, 507)?
It means that your website has reached its allocated resources quota available on your shared server. This is a prominent sign that you will have to upgrade your shared plan to access your site, or you can switch to VPS Hosting to access more resources. If you put off getting the VPS Hosting service, such troubles and restrictions will often affect your website. 

4) Your Website Experiences Frequent Downtime

If you are managing a large eCommerce store and generate good revenue online, downtime of even one minute is not acceptable or good for your business. If you have been facing extensive downtime, then it’s time to scale up from a shared hosting plan to a reliable VPS Hosting. VPS servers have less downtime and are more stable. In addition, the VPS servers are highly capable of managing the site’s load and perform really well compared to shared servers.

5) You are Running an E-commerce Store

Shared hosting does not allow you to install your custom/ own software. Also, most eCommerce or online sites that store credit card information and process it are PCI certified. But unfortunately, the shared hosting solution mostly fails to pass a PCI compliance test. However, the VPS hosting solution or VPS servers are more likely to pass PCI compliance standards.

6) Your Site Requires Direct Access to the Server

Direct control over a server or full access to the server allows you to perform the customized server configurations. In addition, a VPS or dedicated web hosting plan has the option and scope for editing files and installing new softwares. Installing new software is quite essential because new software programs for businesses seem to penetrate the market on a daily basis. Thus you should opt for VPS Hosting if your business requires full access to the server.

7) Your Website is Running Slow

A website’s speed is affected by several factors, including design and hosting type. Hence if you find your site slowing down, you should immediately upgrade to a new VPS server for your business to grow, support the increased website traffic, and boost your sales without any issues. Furthermore, a VPS server has many better customization options; thus, choosing a VPS Hosting ultimately benefits your business. 



So the 7 signs that we discussed are the greatest indicators that it is the time to upgrade to VPS hosting. You must have probably encountered some of the issues mentioned above if your website has been up and running for quite a long time and is successful. If you want your site’s performance to keep momentum with its growth, you should consider upgrading to a VPS Hosting.

Since the decision to switch to a new hosting service should be well thought out and planned, you must first ensure that you’re choosing the right hosting for your site. 

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