SmarterMail vs MailEnable – Which one fits you best?

SmarterMail vs MailEnable
In this modernized world, Email is still prevailing as the best communication system for business. Emails have eminence in Business communication. Business communication not only includes information exchange.

Nowadays, With the preponderance of digital marketing in the modern world business, Emails is used for speaking, writing, sharing, reporting, presenting the information for the promotion and marketing of your business.

So, how you will take advantage of email for the branding of your company? So, first of all, you must be thinking of having a business email address, right! Having a business email address like [email protected] while presenting your product in events look professional.

If you are a prudent businessman, you shouldn’t stop having only a business email address, because you must be thinking of registering the service for a business email address at general email client services like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. They won’t provide you the proper freedom and does not have many features compared to private email providers like SmarterMail and MailEnable.

Email Service Provider like Gmail, Yahoo has several limitations like no. of recipients within a certain time period and lacks the features like list management and personalization, etc. Hence having private email service provider would be the best choice for your business.

Today, we are discussing two best email service providers i.e SmarterMail vs MailEnable. Both are perfectly capable of providing the best Email solutions. So we will try to cover more ground on SmarterMail vs MailEnable – The one will best fit for you!

SmarterMail – Best UI and Ideal solution for business!

SmarterMail is a finest Exchange-level mail server software program, has over 15 million end-users and a strong, global network of channel partnerships. Currently, SmarterMail is benefitting small and enterprise-level businesses, web hosts and service providers with their amenable and reliable email-server having more control over the account through the allured web interface. SmarterMail has reached to over 120 countries and they do provide support over 60 different languages.


SmarterMail has categorized its plans mainly in two categories i.e. Professional Edition and Enterprise edition. In which you can select the plans as per how many mailboxes you required. SmarterMail Professional edition has all basic features to run a fully-functional email server and In SmarterMail Enterprise addition you will get all basic features with more advanced level features.

Edition 250 500 1000 2000 Unlimited
Professional $399 $599 $799 $999 $1,199
Enterprise $599 $799 $999 $1,199 $1,499

You can also use SmarterMail Free edition, which contains 99% features of SmarterMail Enterprise edition, except it is limited to one domain with up to 10 mailboxes. This is a great opportunity to try out all the feature before making the decision to purchase. Check out the prices of different variants of SmarterMail edition below. You can check various plans available.


i) SmarterMail Professional has more than 100+ features, so you can use the server as a fully-functional email server which includes:

  • A webmail client – Access your email securely, from anywhere
  • Multiple calendars – allows you to manage your appointments
  • Contact management – the ability to manage all your contacts
  • Task management –  Manage your projects & daily tasks
  • Migration- Mailbox migration for email, calendars, contacts, and tasks
  • Security- Incoming and outgoing SSL, SMTP authentication, Brute force detection for Webmail
  • Control Panel Compatibility- Compatible with a wide variety of control panel companies
  • Mailing Lists- Bounce detection, Optional double opt-in, Subscriber custom fields.

You can check the complete list of features available in the Professional Edition.

i) SmarterMail Enterprise Edition includes all the features of Professional Editions, plus additional Enterprise-level features, including:

  • FREE expert installation and configuration
  • Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) support, Microsoft Outlook 2007 and higher (2-way) synchronization, Global Address List (GAL).
  • Failover functionality, Remote wiping of mobile devices, etc.
  • Prioritize SMTP based on the message type, domain or user.
  • Scheduling Assistant support in Outlook for Mac (and future Outlook versions that support EWS)
  • Advanced collaboration: shared calendars, contacts, tasks and notes
  • LDAP support
  • Message Archiving – Enable message archiving by domain, Search, view and print archived messages, etc.
  • Active Directory Authentication (ADX)
  • Email and chat archiving for SOX, HIPAA or other regulatory requirements
  • Over-the-air synchronization for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and Windows Phones

You can check the complete list of features available in Enterprise Edition.

MailEnable – The Simple and Core Solution for Business!


MailEnable is also one of the popular mail servers used in the world for the Windows platform. It also benefits many corporate companies. The main feature why it is so popular is MailEnable heavily leveraged Microsoft’s Management Console (MMC). The MMC enables MailEnable to blend with the administration tools of different applications and gives a consistent administration UI. The MMC facilitate you to effectively administer postoffices, spaces, and clients and design the fundamental administrations of the mail platform.

As indicated by one overview in May 2016, MailEnable has the largest reported install base on the Windows platform and positioned fourth in the rundown of email servers visible on the internet behind Exim, Postfix, and Sendmail.


MailEnable offers its editions in four different variants i.e Standard Edition, Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition, Enterprise Premium. All editions include 12 months Annual Upgrade Protection, Complimentary Bronze Support Package. Unlike SmarterMail, In MailEnable’s Standard Edition, you can add unlimited domain and mailboxes.

Edition Cost
Standard Edition Free!
Professional Edition $349*
Enterprise Edition $699*
Enterprise Premium $1098*

MailEnable Professional Edition includes all the features of MailEnable Standard Edition plus additional features such as Mobile Webmail and Web Administration, 3rd party antivirus scanning, and enhanced anti-spam features. MailEnable Enterprise Edition expands on the features of MailEnable Professional Edition and is designed for organizations or ISP’s dealing with high volumes of mail, requiring greater control and flexibility over mail services.


Let’s check out the features of MailEnable as per the Edition wise.

i) In Standard Edition, You will get the following basic features including:

  • Webmail – Access your email securely, from anywhere.
  • Mail Protocols – Mail Enable supports POP, SMTP, IMAP protocols.
  • Contacts – the ability to manage all your contacts.
  • Calendar – allows you to manage your appointments via drag & drop and inline editing.
  • Appointment Scheduling & Invitations – allows users to setup & send appointment invitations.
  • Free & Busy Scheduling – allows you to view free slot of attendees to schedule meeting.
  • Tasks – Manage your projects & daily tasks by documenting them in Webmail Tasks
  • Control Panel Integration – MailEnable integrates with several different third-party control panel software products.
  • Out-of-Office Start/End Times for Autoresponder – able to set a start/end date and time for their autoresponder, to more accurately target a specific time frame.
  • Security – Extensive security measures – SMTP Authentication, Integrated Windows Authentication, Relay control.
  • Anti-Spam – anti-spam features include PTR record checking, DNS blacklisting, auto-banning of IP addresses and much more.
  • Management Console – MailEnable’s management console is a responsive and intuitive platform, that presents administrators with inbound and outbound connection statuses, system usage information, critical server activities, and server health reports.
  • Video: Inline YouTube Player – Webmail’s embedded YouTube Player integrates full video control.
  • MP3 Media Player – allow interactive online streaming of audio files (MP3’s).
  • List Server – allowing you to subscribe or unsubscribe members and provide information mail outs or discussion groups.
  • List-Unsubscribe – allow you to unsubscribe within the Webmail interface.
  • Migration Centre – provides a simple solution for migrating from legacy email systems.
  • Diagnostic Reporting – includes advanced diagnostics via a comprehensive Diagnostic Reporting Utility.

ii) Professional Edition: includes all the features of Standard Edition with added features like POP Retrieval, Exchange ActiveSync for MailEnable, Mobile Webmail, Mobile Webmail Tasks & Calendaring, Device Aware, Web Administration, Content Filtering, Security features (SSL, NTLM & CRAM-MD5) support, Greylisting SPF Exclusions by Domain, File Viewer, etc.

iii) Enterprise Edition: broaden on the features of Professional Edition and designed for organizations or ISP’s dealing with big volumes of mail, demanding greater control and flexibility over mail services. Enterprise edition includes added features like SMS Connector, Optimized Services, Queue Prioritization, Notes, Identities (Multiple Send & Reply Addresses), System Alerting & Monitoring, Intelli Messaging Support (SMS Provider), Clustering, Database Connectivity, etc.

iv) Enterprise Premium: MailEnable has announced a new direction for the mail server product. The new MAPI solution provides complete integration between the MailEnable server and Microsoft’s Outlook email and office productivity client. Also, includes features like Exchange ActiveSync for MailEnable, Sharing & Collaboration, Mobile Management & Administration, Directory Access, etc.

What would be a better choice for you?

Based on the features and varieties of the different priced plan, there are a lot of factors matters while deciding the better choice, right? Let’s decide by considering two main factors which are pricing and features.

A) Based on a pricing comparison: As you can see from the above, the prices of both the email server, it is clearly stated that MailEnable is cheaper than SmarterMail. As compared to SmarterMail, in MailEnable, you can manage unlimited domain even in free version i.e. Standard edition. So, if you are just new to this email service, you can go with MailEnable.

As per the price is a concern, Professional edition of both the email server has slight changes in price. Hence if you prefer a better user interface then Professional Edition of SmarterMail will cost you a little bit more.

B) Based on the features: If you want to choose the email server based upon features, then both the email servers have its unique features and advantages. Both the email servers are easy to use. I would say, that SmarterMail has enhanced UI than the MailEnable but that does not mean MailEnable is any less than SmarterMail.

MailEnable’s Enterprise Premium edition, they provide native Outlook integration which is not available in SmarterMail. Also, With lower hardware requirements, superior stability and reduced maintenance costs, SmarterMail has significantly lower TCO(Total cost of ownership) and is the best-in-class corporate email solution.


The Email server you choose is going to play a prominent role in your Business. The email service you choose must give ease of doing business which you are going to need to manage your business. So, as per the facts stated above, you can choose the best option you need.

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