Do I Need VPS Hosting? 7 Unmistakable Signs That You Do

Are you losing money, productivity, or business because your applications aren’t meeting your needs? While software solutions are designed to automate otherwise complex or mundane processes, unreliable service can be costly. If you’re in the market for web hosting, then there’s a plethora of hosting services fighting for your attention. Still, Windows VPS remains at the top of the field. Here are seven unmistakable signs that VPS hosting is right for you:

1. Growth potentialGrowth Potential

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, one of the most common business planning mistakes is unrealistic projections about selling channels. When businesses fail to understand their margins, administrative costs, and how these components will accommodate growth, then trouble is right around the corner. 

While your business may be a small start up today, do you have a plan in case growth occurs sooner than you expected? Since it’s the goal of every business to grow, you must have a solution ready to implement the moment the growth comes. Overnight success stories are only possible when businesses are prepared to scale upwards. Without an engine to grow, missed business opportunities will haunt you for years to come.

Fortunately, Windows VPS hosting addresses these concerns with scalability and a grow-as-you-go model. Since VPS hosting isn’t dependent upon physical servers and hardware, growth accommodations are just a few clicks away, ensuring that your business has the digital infrastructure necessary to handle increased traffic.

2. Your business relies on your website

Your Business Relies on Your Website

Even if your business isn’t fully dependent on your website, digital transactions continue to increase year after year. In 2013, global ecommerce sales boomed 18.3 percent and show no indications of showing down. As the percentage of commerce continues to shift online, businesses must continuously ensure their sites are operating at maximum efficiency 24/7. On average, just a single minute of downtime costs a business $5,600. With commerce transactions continuing to migrate online, the cost of downtime keeps increasing. 

However, it’s not all about the money. Unexpected downtime causes incredible damage to your brand. Loyal customers, for instance, might choose your competitors if they feel that your site is unreliable. A major outage may even draw media attention a la BancorpSouth, which received negative publicity when its new website caused technical glitches, crashed their mobile app, and made it impossible for visitors to check their online accounts. Wait times for customer phone calls averaged a lengthy 22 minutes.

Aside from public relations damage, unexpected downtime swamps your employees with work, keeping them from working on more productive projects. Investing in VPS hosting mitigates these issues by performance improvement, highest connectivity and virtualization.

3. You’re a small business that wants enterprise-class solutions

Windows VPS offers world-class solutions to businesses regardless of size. From webmaster to small business, enterprise to ultimate, VPS is scalable to meet your specific needs. The best part? Hosting is simple and affordable. Benefits of VPS include:

  • Host server by Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Operating System; 2012 OS is also available
  • Complimentary backups
  • Cutting-edge HyperV-based virtualization technology
  • Remote desktop access for administrators
  • And much more

With so many benefits at an affordable price, VPS hosting is a solution that any business can afford.

4. You need a backup of your sensitive information

Whereas onsite disasters can result in a permanent loss of information, VPS hosting by Accu Web Hosting provides one free monthly back-up to all clients regardless of business size. Daily CDP backups are also available for an additional fee per month. With VPS hosting, you can ensure your sensitive and important data is backed up and easy to restore. Never stress about data loss again.

5.You need help managing server loads

Understanding the complexity of server loads and hosting configuration can give even the most experienced technicians a headache. Eliminate the learning curve by investing in a hosted VPS service that comes with extensive and comprehensive support. This ensures you’re never alone in running your digital business and that you have the answers necessary to keep your website fully performing.

6. Security is a priority

Windows VPS Secure

From firewalls to unique-to-user password entries, it’s never been easier to secure the back-end of your site. This protects the sensitive information of your clients while ensuring only authorized employees are working on business-related items. In the wake of the Target data breach in 2013, businesses everywhere are prioritizing security for employees and clients alike. Nearly half a year after the data breach, Target is still battling declining store traffic.

A new consumer tracking survey reveals that “meaningful decreases” since the breach have been hurting the retailer’s bottom lines. These revenue drops are most acute among Target’s core demographic: middle and upper income shoppers. The long-term result? There’s still a lingering effect on customer service, and customer satisfaction has dropped to an alarming 71 percent. Over 40 million credit card accounts were compromised as a result of the breach.

7. Control

VPS hosting offers the ultimate control for webmasters and business owners. Since your application and site’s content can be accessed from anywhere by authorized personnel, you’re no longer bound by the physical constraints of a home computer or business office. With a password protected admin panel, you can log-in from anywhere to edit content, upload documents, and otherwise run your business. It’s a powerful solution that offers the utmost flexibility and solutions for business owners.

The reality is that you and your employees would be more productive serving customers and ensuring the greatest satisfaction possible. Instead of worrying over server loads or configuring a complex hosting environment, you and your team can create the best customer experience possible.

Furthermore, with Windows VPS hosting, you have the opportunity to ensure the ultimate performance of third party solutions such as SmartStore, nopCommerce, and VevoCart. Since VPS is designed to grow alongside your business, you no longer have to search for a scalable solution to meet your hosting needs. If you face one or more of these issues, then chances are that your business is ready for a Windows VPS hosting solution.

Are you giving your business the digital tools necessary to succeed?

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