AccuWeb Announces CDN Hosting

OLD TAPPAN, New Jersey – October 10th, 2012 – AccuWeb Hosting, a leading provider of Cloud-based website hosting, is rolling out Content Delivery Network (CDN) hosting as part of its packages. CDN hosting utilizes servers in multiple data centers, which improves speed and performance significantly.

Having multiple server locations means AccuWeb Hosting can offer quick access to content, speeding up surfing for all visitors to the sites it hosts. Adding a CDN package to a hosting account on AccuWeb is very easy, according to the site. The process takes approximately five minutes and if users have any problems, AccuWeb’s customer support team is available to help.

“Our CDN infrastructure is constantly evolving,” AccuWeb states on its site. “We are consistently adding new Pops on regular intervals, as well as removing weak Pops from our networks.”

For only $3.95 a month, members can add CDN capabilities to a web hosting plan. AccuWeb is currently offering the first month free. This plan allows up to 10 GB per month of site traffic and access to 90 pops in 33 different countries. If a AccuWeb’s CDN is among the largest content delivery networks, making for lightning speeds.

Accelerate delivery of static content at $3.95/Month
Integrate your website with CDN hosting and get Super fast load time @ $3.95/Month.

Because Google’s algorithms use a site’s load time to determine ranking, AccuWeb’s CDN can help boost a site up the search rankings. Plus, a user who experiences sluggish loads with a site is less likely to return. Return visits help boost a ranking as well, so this can further improve a site’s visibility.

Content delivery networks are the latest way web hosting providers are offering fast, reliable service to customers across the globe. This is accomplished by contracting with Internet Service Providers and carriers to host content on numerous additional servers, which can more efficiently handle incoming and outgoing web traffic. This technology has become especially important in recent years, as streaming content has become more prevalent. This type of content requires more power, which can usually only be accomplished through shortening the distance data must travel from point to point.

AccuWeb provides affordable web hosting through a variety of packages that include Windows and Linux-based platform hosting, as well as Cloud-based and VPS hosting services. Regular hosting packages start at only $6.47 per month. Customers wishing to add on CDN hosting will pay a one-time $1 setup fee, along with the extra $3.95 a month, and will be required to pass the company’s fraud detection service. This is designed to protect AccuWeb’s worldwide network of websites and the users that visit them.

In its nine years of business, AccuWeb has made a name for itself as one of the premiere web hosting companies. The addition of CDN to its network provides AccuWeb the ability to deliver content more quickly, with enhanced security functionality, keeping customers’ data safe. AccuWeb’s low prices make this solution ideal for businesses of all sizes and provide features that small businesses might not normally be able to afford.

For more information about Accuweb’s Content Delivery Network, contact Rahul C. Vaghasia at [email protected].

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