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How to change the port of MSSQL Server 2008?


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  • How to change the port of MSSQL Server 2008?

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    How to change the port of MSSQL Server 2008?

    Following steps will be useful to you at a time when you wish to change the default port for the MS SQL

    Server :

    Step1: Go to Start → All Programs → Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 → Configuration Tools → SQL

    Server Configuration Manager.
    Step2: Choose SQL Server Network Configuration.
    Step3: Choose Protocols for SQLEXPRESS.
    Step4: Choose properties of TCP/IP Protocol.
    Step5: Now, move to IP Addresses tab.
    Step6: Scroll Down and Modify the Port number from IP ALL Section.
    Step7: Click on Apply and OK button.
    Step8: Once you click on Apply button, one dialog box will pop up and ask to restart the service of

    SQLEXPRESS, click on "Ok" button.
    Step9: Now restart SQL Server Services. (For this, click on SQL Server Services from left pane and

    right click on SQL Server(SQLEXPRESS) and select restart option.)
    Step10: Now open SQL Server Management Studio (For this select Start → All Programs → Microsoft

    SQL Server 2008 R2 and click on SQL Server Management Studio.).
    Step11: Now, you will see a dialog box whose title will be "Connect to Server".
    Step12: In that dialog box, you can write IP-Address,Port (i.e.,1989) as Server Name to login.
    Step13: Note that, whenever you change the port do not forgot to allow in Firewall Configuration.

    Paul J.

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    t looks like it. I've installed SSMS and SQL Server, 2008 editions for both, and both directly from Microsoft's website. I imagine my screw up with this is ludicrously simple, but I've exhausted all my options as far as trying to figure it out goes.

    Following the few guides I've found, I tried to register a local server in SSMS, and it tells me "no local servers of type 'database engine' were found." I've only ever worked with the software once it's already installed before, so setting it up is new to me.Xvideos Xnxx Chaturbate
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