How to change the port of MSSQL Server 2008?

Following steps will be useful to you at a time when you wish to change the default port for the MS SQL

Server :

Step1: Go to Start → All Programs → Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 → Configuration Tools → SQL

Server Configuration Manager.
Step2: Choose SQL Server Network Configuration.
Step3: Choose Protocols for SQLEXPRESS.
Step4: Choose properties of TCP/IP Protocol.
Step5: Now, move to IP Addresses tab.
Step6: Scroll Down and Modify the Port number from IP ALL Section.
Step7: Click on Apply and OK button.
Step8: Once you click on Apply button, one dialog box will pop up and ask to restart the service of

SQLEXPRESS, click on "Ok" button.
Step9: Now restart SQL Server Services. (For this, click on SQL Server Services from left pane and

right click on SQL Server(SQLEXPRESS) and select restart option.)
Step10: Now open SQL Server Management Studio (For this select Start → All Programs → Microsoft

SQL Server 2008 R2 and click on SQL Server Management Studio.).
Step11: Now, you will see a dialog box whose title will be "Connect to Server".
Step12: In that dialog box, you can write IP-Address,Port (i.e.,1989) as Server Name to login.
Step13: Note that, whenever you change the port do not forgot to allow in Firewall Configuration.

Paul J.