Why Affiliate Marketing Does not work?

Affiliate marketing – for some people, it is the best online earning method, and for others, a scam!

Who is right? 

Well, both of them!

It’s right that affiliate marketing doesn’t work. Most people fail at it. 


First of all, people don’t understand affiliate marketing; and dive into it thinking that they will make hundreds of dollars overnight.

They are also influenced by some internet gurus, who claim that you will make a six-digit income per day by learning their course.

Two major reasons not to succeed in affiliate marketing?

  1. Not trying
  2. Quitting halfway

We have closely seen some affiliate marketers fall on their faces in this industry and found some most common reasons for their failure. We have tried to collect all of them on this page to help you avoid those mistakes in your ways.

Why Affiliate Marketing Does not work?

Unreal expectations:

If you are planning on quitting, focus on these things:

    • Self-pity
    • Someone’s negative opinions
    • Past failures
    • Unrealistic expectations

There are indeed no earning limits in affiliate marketing. And with the help of high commission affiliate programs like AccuWeb Hosting, it is easier to make a lot of money. 

Here is the reason, if you look at our commission rates, we offer a commission of up to $200 for each sale, so if you were able to generate a few of such sales, you would end up filling your pockets with a huge amount of money every month.

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Some of our affiliates’ monthly commission is more than a thousand dollars, and it is also true that some have not yet earned their first dollar.

Your earnings depend on several factors:

  • The work you have done
  • The time you have invested
  • How smart you have worked
  • Your skills to drive traffic and convert it, and many more.

The ones that have made thousands of dollars have started their journey from zero. So, to achieve the same goals, you need to work hard and believe in your work and yourself. 

Also, set realistic goals, do not make $1000 in the first month, start according to your capabilities, and push your limits to reach those goals.

Starting without a clear goal:

Almost everyone understands the importance of setting goals, but in reality, over 80% of people never set goals for themselves.

How can you reach your destination if you don’t know where to start? 

Let’s say you have imagined earning $1000 from affiliate marketing, but you don’t know where to start or where to go; how can you achieve the target?

Take the first step, set your monthly or yearly goal. Then according to this main goal, set daily or weekly objectives.

This will give you clear ideas of what to do, how to do it, where to apply changes, and much more.

Another important thing is not quitting; people usually set their goals, plan everything, but don’t put in the required effort.

Consistently running towards your goal is the only way to achieve it. Unfortunately, this is why affiliate marketing seems hard, and most people fail at it. 

Not understanding the product completely:

Another reason many affiliates fail is not putting effort and time into understanding the product they are promoting. How can you sell something you are not aware of. 

Your content and promotional pitch would be based on copied data from the website or merely assumptions derived by other affiliates’ content.

Take time to understand the product you are promoting, find reviews from existing customers, contact your affiliate manager and ask for information about the product. 

Also, do research on your own. For example, if you were about to purchase the service from the business, what would you look for? What would your experience have been searching for the information? Analyze all minor things and include them in your article to provide the ultimate quality to the reader. 

Promoting with a wrong approach:

Let’s assume that you have understood the product you are promoting. You know the business very well, but does anyone know you?

Why would people purchase something from you if they do not know you? How would they be able to trust you?

Most beginners follow other affiliates’ mindset and content, assuming that they will get the same results, which is not possible. 

To outstand the crowd and make your own audience, you will require something new. Some unique approach from your side that represents only YOU. 

“Don’t be a part of the crowd, be the reason of the crowd!”

Distractions and Procrastination:

These things will always become hurdles to your success no matter what you do. So, these are universal diseases.

You are working on completing your task in time, but the distraction is only a mouse-click-away from you.

No matter how hard you try, they will come to eat you. For example, while working on a project continuously for 2 hours, your brain urges for a break. 

You cannot fight the unavoidable, but you can do one thing. You have to control them and should not let them control you.

Plan your distractions, take small breaks between your tasks and come back with a fresh new mind filled with ideas. 

Most people fail at affiliate marketing; should I get into it or not?

As I mentioned, there are many reasons that affiliate marketers face failure. I have also tried to bring them to you from this article. 

People do not fail because affiliate marketing requires some supernatural powers. People fail because of their internal reasons, mindsets, and decisions. 

You can surely succeed in this industry if you stay away from scams, take the right decisions at the right time, learn new skills from mistakes, and get back stronger if you fail.

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