Transactional Emailing: Why Professionally Managed Services over In-house?

The question is – Transactional Emailing: Why Professionally Managed Services over In-house?

Well, we’d begin by firing one question rather than directly answering it! Do you really prefer perfection?

If you’re using in-house service here, then 1 out of 4 of your targeted recipient is not going to receive your transactional email; that’s a hard fact to digest!

Besides that, you need to be smart and up-to-date with tracking. Being an enterprise, just sending emails doesn’t finish your job! You should look after managing and monitoring the transactional email process with dedication.

Figuring out problems like complaints, bounces, unsubscribes, etc. is crucial, and also you. Besides that, if you track opens/clicks, you’ll come to know whether any changes are to be made in the sending process or everything is going fine.

There’s much to know further!

Keep reading!

Transactional Emailing: Why Professionally Managed Services over In-house?

Undoubtedly, it’s your choice whether to roll on with the professional managed services instead of in-house or not. However, we’d love to describe what all you’ll suffer in case you reject a professionally managed service.

The majority of the organizations prefer going with the professionally managed service because there is huge potential for revenue generation of transactional emails. Choosing the in-house option doesn’t give them any control over the campaign, which brings several negatives.

Before you just tap on one of the choices, we’d advise you to cherish a few points, which ear certainly worth considering if you want to kiss success in the near future!

Inbox Success Rate: The ultimate consideration

You aren’t sending transactional emails for time pass, and of course, you want them to land in your desired buyer’s inbox and get read as well. Going with the in-house options means there are no guarantees of success rate, and even if it drops, you actually can’t do many forms your side.

That’s a pity situation, and you can’t expect the success rate to match what you get with the professionally managed system.

As we read above, there’s no guarantee that the email that you shot toward the purchaser will land in his inbox, but if you’re using a professionally managed system, the inbox success rate is inbuilt, and a core aspect. So, for those who prefer to be strict with the job, a professionally managed system is the right choice.

For more good results, always use a verified list(from email validation tools) for email marketing to get better deliverability on your campaign.

Sharp Monitoring & Tracking of Performance

What do you think about how important monitoring, measuring, and analyzing the performance of your transactional emails are? 

Rolling with the in-house service, you don’t just need great investment, but you also need the right technology (you can certainly make a mistake in choosing the right one here). Also, your in-house person needs to be perfect at tracking and everything. 

Buying professionally managed services can cut off the hassle and investment, and you receive tailed reports, analyses, and much more. Don’t you think that’s much of a luxury, especially when you’re paying so low (if you’re choosing Accuweb’s transactional email service)?

Client’s Data Security

Even after knowing that there are so many benefits of choosing a professionally managed system over in-house, several enterprises prefer managing all transactional email processes internally. The major reason behind the same is to ensure the safety of sensitive customer data.

Not every transactional emailing service provider is trustworthy, but our info-security is top-notch. We’re counted among the most reputed service providers, and we use certified global data centers for carrying on the transactional emailing process. Hence, all risks are eliminated, and we do deserve your trust!

We, at Accuweb email delivery service, have a security policy covering an enormous array of security controls reflecting how we implement info security to shield info stored, processed, and transmitted by our products and services.

Saving Money + Strong Infrastructure

Choosing the in-house transactional email process proves to be a weaker choice from the financial perspective as well, besides perfection. If you avoid going with the professional service, you’ll need dedicated IPs. Besides creating, maintenance of robust infrastructure is needed.

Also, you’ll have to bring skilled professionals for managing everything, which will need some interviews (investment of time), and we can’t be sure that they’ll work perfectly. Just imagine what sum of money you’ll be shedding in this whole process?

Better don’t set your pocket on fire!

If you outsource the whole process to the Accuweb Professionals, you’re saving tons of money besides saving efforts, and you can go carefree!

Just for example, our most recommended pro plan permits you to send 100,000 emails in total per month, costing you just $69.5. Don’t rub eyes, you read correctly!

Scalability: You can’t skip this part!

Your email volume is not going to be constant; you know that, right?

What if it expands in the future?

Your in-house set-up might not prove to be enough to accommodate. The expert whom you’ve hired for the same might face difficult times.

The smoothness of the whole process is disturbed, and you won’t let that happen!

On the other hand, scalability is one of the major advantages of Professionally managed services. Accuweb Professionals can always provide great help and perfectly accommodate you with your growth.

Transactional Emailing: Why choose Accuweb’s email delivery services over others?

Yes, there are several email delivery services existing today, boasting much high about themselves. Delivering perfection, convenience, and satisfaction is most important, and that’s what we consider our core motto. 

You’ll feel amazing to view our plans and pricing.

Hey, jaw-dropping low-cost service is available!

If you feel your requirements are small, then we’ve got unbelievable low-cost service for you. There are no hidden gimmicks at all.

If you feel that you’ll face some restrictions regarding the features with the low-cost service, then you’re wrong, sorry for that!

You’ll enjoy Core Email API, and Core Marketing Campaigns Features with this free plan. On top of that, a Data-rich email activity feed is what we’ve recently added, and you’ll certainly appreciate that. 

However, if you want to enjoy dedicated IP, prioritized support, sub-user management, etc., then you’ll have to move towards our paid plans, whose prices won’t hurt you at all. 

Amazing features for elevating your convenience

Firstly, we ensure instant activation and running of your email program without pinching you for the credit card. You can access all core features. Getting to our full-featured trial, you’ll gain access to all crucial features such as real-time analytics, drag & drop visual editor, 24/7 customer support APIs and webhooks, and so on.

Price: Something hard to believe!

Have you thought about how much you will have to pay to get a professional to take over your in-house transactional email sending procedure? Also, are you sure that he’ll bring guaranteed results and work with total perfection? 

No need to feel bewildered!

Accuweb has a much low-cost solution, and even if you are a humongous enterprise, our $799.5 plan proves to be enough. You’re free to send 2M emails, along with every single bit of assistance.

The conclusion

Hence, it’s already proved that opting Professionally Managed Services over In-house is so beneficial. You save money, time, effort, and also lead to perfection. Besides that, you don’t have to bother about monitoring, measuring, and analyzing your transactional emails’ performance. You go bother-free, without paying a high sum.

No need to spend thousands of bucks on developing in-house infrastructure! Just throw the job at us, and our experts will take care of the rest!



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