Top 10 Live Chat Software Providers

Top 10 Live Chat Software Providers

You know how, in normal business transactions, you speak to your customers? Either face-to-face or over the phone? Well, now you can use software that enables you to converse with your customers in a written/digital format. In real-time, and with a customizable interface so that you provide a chat environment that lets your customers see your business’s best reputation.

The best Live chat software allows you to conduct business over a chat window, in ways that are super easy for your customer to navigate. After all, if you provide your customers an easy, comfortable chat experience, there’s a better chance to convert them to repeat customers.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of live chat over any voice communication are huge. For your business, this is often a very low-cost solution to providing great customer service. You can have integrated brand messaging within the chat experience, so you are constantly driving your business’s reputation forward while working directly with your customer.

From a customer’s point of view, live chat gives them a feeling of “instant gratification”. Just a button-click. No looking up numbers, dialing, or endless voicemail prompts. No worrying about language barriers. Easy-to-obtain transcripts of the conversation provide backup for both sides of the exchange.

Comparision of Top 10 Live Chat Software Provider

Providers Audio Chat Video Chat Chat
en Shar
LiveChat $16/
Zendesk Chat $11.20/
LiveAgent $29/
Comm100 $49/
Olark $17/
PureChat $25/
ClickDesk $14.99/
Agent Free

1. Live Chat Inc.


LiveChat includes agent monitoring, foreign language support, and excellent customization tools. Make your own surveys to gather statistics from your customer’s viewpoint.

Live Chat INC


Live Chat Inc.
Visitor Banning Want to get rid of disruptive visitors? Don’t sweat it! With LiveChat, your agents can easily deal with such visitors by blocking them accessing your live chat option for a set amount of time.
Message Sneak-peek Everything that a visitor is typing in the chat window is visible even if they don’t send it over. This allows you to prepare your answer while a customer is typing.
Canned Responses A pre-made answer to a frequently asked question that can be recalled with just a few keystrokes. You do not need to type it again and over. Just save the message as canned response and use it as many time as you want.
Multiple Application Options All their apps are easy to implement so you do not need to spend time and implementation. This includes; Web Application, Desktop Application, Mobile Application.
See Online Visitors You can see the list of people currently browsing your site and can invite them for a chat.
Reports and Analytics You can identify the areas of your service which need improvement by using their reports and analytics.
Ticketing System Online ticketing system is an added advantage of LiveChat. If a chat can not be resolved clients’ issue, an agent can escalate it to a ticket and work on that.
Customer Feedback Your customers can leave a rate after finishing the chat or ticket. They can also provide a comment in post-chat surveys which will help you to improve your services.


→ 5 tiers of plans – each with monthly cost and discount for annual billing.
→ The annual plans are $19 (starter/small business), $36 (unlimited chats, advanced customization, reporting), $39 (agent groups, multiple brands), $59 (scheduling), and customized pricing (increased support and security).
→ All prices mentioned above are per agent.
→ The differences are centered around the amount of history, grouping, branding, and scheduling you require.
→ You can also sign up for a 30 days free trial.

2. Zendesk Chat


Owned by Zendesk, this is an inexpensive option for those who aren’t looking for a huge number of features. Customizable via templates, obviously integrates with Zendesk, as well as Salesforce, Magento, and WordPress.

Zendesk Chat

Extremely quick and easy to set up. And inexpensive, too. Operator experience is pretty good, the customer experience is a bit cumbersome unless you tweak some of their default requirements.


Zendesk Chat
Multi-Channel You can switch between chat, voice, ticketing, social media etc and offer uninterrupted support to your customers on their preferred channel.
Customization Based on your website theme, you can customize chat badges which include different layouts, themes, pictures etc.
Proactive Chat Zendesk chat allows you to automate chats. With this feature, you can reach out and talk with your site visitors before they ask you a question.
Visitor List From your Zendesk chat dashboard, you can see the list of active site visitors and focus on those who need your help the most.
Analytics & Reporting It offers various reportings such as; Chat Report, Agent Reports, Real-time Monitoring etc.


→ The price is free if you just want the Lite plan with 1 agent only.
→ The paid plans varies from $11.20/Month/Agent (Basic plan), $20 USD/Month/Agent (Advanced plan), $44/Month/Agent (Premium plan).
→ Even with the paid plan, you’re fairly bare-boned. If you really want a deeper experience, you can look at some of the other options.

3. LiveAgent


This is an all-in-one package that includes live chat, ticketing, phone support, and social media integration.


Because of its sheer size and magnitude of features, this one is a bit more complex than some of the others on this list.


Animations and Docking You can choose chat button from numerous options based on your website design. Animate the chat button to make it more eye-catching. You can also dock chat window on your page as per your requirement.
Contact Form Gallery LiveAgent provides an added advantage of contact form along with chat application. Your site visitors can send you an email message apart from online chat.
Chat Embedded Tracking With LiveAgent you can track the events of live chat sessions in Google Analytics. Using this feature, you can evaluate the impact of live chat to conversions of your website. You can also identify the impact of your chat representative to your business sales.
Real-time Typing View You can see what your site visitor is typing on chat window in real-time. You can prepare your reply before the visitor submits the query.
Proactive Chat Invitations It allows you to invite your site visitors to chat with your agents and troubleshoot their issues. You can also set this on the particular page(s) as you want.


→ There are three tiers, depending on your needs.
→ Their plan Ticket+Chat costs $29 USD/Month/Agent, All inclusive plan costs $39/Month/Agent which includes Chat channel, Call channel, Video Calls and much more.
→ You can also take a free trial for 14 days.

4. LiveHelpNow


A bigger package than some of the others, LiveHelpNow includes live chat, ticket-based support, knowledgebase and call management. Works with WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Prestashop and CS-Cart. Their API support gives your developers extra tools.



Create Customer Lists LiveHelpNow allows you to export the list of your customers. You can use this to inform your customers of an upcoming product, event on your site.
Quick Integration LiveHelpNow can be integrated in minutes with any CMS, CRM, e-commerce or custom sites.
Feedback and Analytics Your client can leave a feedback for you which will help you to improve your services. LiveHelpNow can be integrated seamlessly with your existing Google Analytics account.
Customize Your Environment You can customize your chat windows as per your requirement. You can create pre-made replies with even important links and images. Instant Language Translator is an added advantage of LiveHelpNow chat software.
Enhanced Impact It allows you to transfer files over chat, you can tag chats for future review. It also provides chat transcripts for customers and chat history for agents.


→ Each module has its own monthly pricing per agent.
→ Live Chat $21.00/Month/Agent, Ticket Management $ 21.00, Knowledge Base $ 21.00, Call Management $ 9.00.
→ You can also test the service with 30 days free trial.

5. Comm100


Comm100 is a full-featured live chat solution without the big price tag of some of its competitors. Unlike some of the others, this is a hosted solution. This assures you greater access to a wealth of functions.


However, to get the full set of great features, you’ll need their highest plan. If you go with one of the lower tiers, you might not be happy with the interface.


Chatbot Chatbot allows your visitors to interact with a bot, inside your regular live chat interface. You have total control over the questions and answers your Chatbot handles, using the question base from within your Comm100 dashboard.
Audio & Video live chat Just like in a Skype call, you can send text messages while on an audio or video call in Comm100 Live Chat. This is helpful when you need accurate information, such as an email address, or when you want to share the link.
Live Chat Reports They provide a wide variety of reports that help you evaluate agent performance, manage shifts, monitor chat quality, and gauge customer satisfaction for both real time and long-term planning.
Screen Sharing & Co-browsing Comm100 Live Chat integrates with GoToMeeting and Join.Me, allowing you to share screens with a visitor and remotely control the visitor’s desktop. This helps you assist visitors quickly and conveniently in both sales and technical support.
Auto Chat Translation Built-in Google Translate integration automatically translates chat messages to and from a visitor who speaks a different language.
Multiple Application Option All their apps are easy to implement so you do not need to spend time on implementation. This includes; Web Application for browsers, Desktop Application for Windows, Mac and Linux, Mobile Application for iPhone, iPad, and Android.
Route Chat To Right Agent Visitors chat for various reasons, from a simple yes/no question to a complicated billing issue. Set up your pre-chat survey to allow visitors to select the department they wish to chat with for a solution and you can also group agents for the different department.
Third party Integration and Plugins A wide range of integrations and plugins are available to make Comm100 Live Chat work with your existing systems and enhance your live chat capabilities.
Post-chat Survey Comm100 allows you to gain insights into customer satisfaction with the services they received by letting them complete a post-chat survey after chatting, which helps you gain valuable feedback and improve service quality. You can even customize the post-chat survey by using their built-in functions or custom CSS or Custom JavaScript.


→ They provide free service for 15 days with Business plan features.
Team plan offers the most basic features at cost of $29/month/agent. Discounts available with annual signups and volume.
Business plan includes everything in Team plan plus additional features like translator, customizable post-chat survey, creating groups of agents, analytics, and integration with many CRM’s at cost of $49/month/agent. Discounts available with annual signups and volume.
Enterprise plan includes all the features of Team plan and Business plan with many additional features. Contact support for the pricing.

6. SmartSupp


Based out of the Czech Republic, SmartSupp is a good choice for businesses in Europe. Record and track mouse movements and clicks. Automated, conditional messaging allows you to tailor-make scripts.


Clean, uncluttered and intuitive, the chat window is very easy to navigate. Works with WordPress, Shopify, Magento, and others.


Message Sneak-peek It allows the agent to prepare a reply, as agents can see what visitors are typing in the chat window before they send over.
Record Visitor Screen Watch video recordings of any visitor on your website. You see his screen, mouse movement and clicks. Great for understanding the behavior of your customers.
Multiple Application Option All of their apps are easy to implement for multiple devices and tutorials are also available. This includes; Web Application for browsers, Desktop Application for Windows and Mac, Mobile Application for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows phone.
Customize You can customize the chat windows to fit your company design and style.
Auto Message Set up custom rules to automatically send personalized messages to your visitors.
Track Visitors All their apps are easy to implement so you do not need to spend time on implementation. This includes; Web Application for browsers, Desktop Application for Windows, Mac and Linux, Mobile Application for iPhone, iPad, and Android.


Basic plan is for lifetime with unlimited agents and unlimited chats with the most basic features..
Standard plan includes additional features like unlimited chat history, video recording feature, automatic message, Google analytics at just $8/month for unlimited agents and chats. Discounts available with annual signups.
Pro Plan includes all the feature of Basic and Standard plan, in addition it also includes features like creating groups of agents, statistics, high load dashboard at just $19/month. Discounts available with annual signups.

7. Olark


Olark has a suite of software options for your business. Their live chat is a very intuitive product with some nice features for the price.



Sneak-peek On Visitors You can check live visitors, who’s is checking your website and exactly what they are doing. You can even see what is their cart.
Easy Installation Integrating Olark into your website is quite simple and easy. You’ll be on your way live in just minutes.
Integration Olark connects with the software you already know and love to use, also superpowers your CRM.
Post-chat Survey Get instant feedback from your customers so you know you’re making them happier.
Invisible Olark You’re always in control with Olark. You decide when to chat, with which customers, and how many chats a time. When you’re not available.
Operator Groups Group your operators by team/department, like a sales team and support team. In the Pre-chat survey, a user can select the group and the chat goes to the right department.
Shortcuts Save regularly used greetings, messages, and links to increase your chat speed and save time.
Customize You can customize the chat windows with light or dark color themes to match your company design and style.


Basic plan is free for lifetime with only one agent and 20 chat’s per month.
→ Their paid plan starts at $17/month/agent and includes all the premium features. Discounts available for long-term contracts.

8. PureChat


PureChat works on iOS (Apple), Android and Kindle devices. Custom colors and agent photo bring the personal feel to the experience. Sessions can be saved. Integrates seamlessly with social media other e-com services.


With a simple, intuitive interface, you and your customer will find PureChat a breeze to use. The box is unobtrusive and scalable.


Engagement Hub This feature offers a way to show your website’s get in touch options on every webpage. Choose from live chat, email, phone, Twitter and Google Maps.
Visitor Analytics The visitor analytics gives an opportunity to look at traffic patterns and identify promising leads.The benefits are super fancy charts and graphs, proactive chats initiate with any visitors, get notifications for qualified leads and history of every visit.
Integration Olark connects with the software you already know and love to use, also superpowers your CRM.
Contacts This feature allows you to have a rich CRM interface.You can manage and track your website can search leads and engage with them quickly.Tag transcripts and contacts for easy retrieval.Automate your sales workflow with easy integrations with Ziper, Google Analytics and HubSpot.
Integration and Installation PureChat integrates with Zapier (500+ Apps), HubSpot, Google Analytics, Infusionsoft & Axosoft.Moreover, it can be directly installed on WordPress, Weebly, Shopify, Squarespace GoDaddy.
Provide Instant Answers You can set push notification, SMS Messages and desktop notifications everytime someone visit your website.This helps to reduce the missed chat.You can create a weekly schedule, so you remain automatically available to website visitors at the same time every week.
Hosted Chat Boxes If you don’t have a website but some of your work requires you to have chat with your clients, this feature is for you.This creates a web browser accessible webchat.


→ The basic plan is free with up to 5 agents and 15 chats per month.
→ The paid plan begins with 3 agents at $25/Monthly.
→ The Intermediate Plan with 5 agents at $39/Monthly.
→ The enterprise Plan with 10 agents at $99/Monthly.

9. ClickDesk


ClickDesk is really an all-in-one solution for live chat, video conference, and helpdesk. As expected, this one requires more of a commitment and might be more than a small business really needs.


On the other hand, if you’re looking for some of those other features, this is a good way to get them all.


Video Chat Software For small business, a visual interaction is given more importance.You can use the video chat feature and can build your customer relationship.
Help Desk Software The help desk software is included with the live chat feature.You can keep track on top of issues and questions from your visitors.
Social Media Integration You can add like, tweet and follow buttons to your chat window.Visitors can connect with your brand on multiple social media platforms without leaving your website.
Mobile App for Online Support ClickDesk offers a streamlined Android app.You can start taking chats and can manage your helpdesk tickets from your smartphone.
Reporting and Analytics
The reports for daily web chat stats, agent and chat filters can be utilized with reporting and analytics.
Activity Monitor and Coach Monitor your agent activity to effectively manage agents silently.Also, you can coach them or assist during the active chat.


→ The basic plan starts at $14.99/month.
→ The next level plan is $24.99/Month (includes Video Chat, surveys, the developer API, and analytics features)
→ The above prices are per agent.



Free system that lets you chat and monitor the sessions. Fast, reliable, and easy to use with unlimited agents.

Real Time Monitoring You can monitor the visitors online on your website and engage them.
Native Mobile Apps Allows ease to chat on smartphones and tablets.
Automated Triggers Automated triggers allow you to set actions you want to perform for any visitor interaction.
Customizable Widgets You can set customizable widgets for any social media integration or get in touch options.
Ticketing Built-in If your website doesn’t have any helpdesk system, not to worry! offers ticketing system to manage your visitor’s issues.
Unlimited Agents There is no limit on the number of agents can remain active at the same time.
Ease of Management Message sneak-peek, Visitor Information, Scheduler, Agent Alerts, Mail Notifications, 1880+ Emoji, Ban/Unban Visitors and much more features are available.


Free. And you get a whole lot for that!
→ If you want to remove branding & looking for White Label Chat software, you will need to pay $15 USD/Month.

Things to remember while choosing live chat software

Make sure you can track and report all chat experiences. Analytics that tell you who’s using your system: why, when and where. Who are your repeat customers? How long does each session last? Use the data to maximize the benefits to your bottom line.

Pick and choose who can chat, when they can chat, and what happens when you’re not available. Proactively invite customers to chat, make them feel wanted.

Understand what features you’re paying for, how much you’re paying, and ensure your system is right-sized for today and scalable for tomorrow. Many plans offer free trials – don’t be afraid to experiment.

Our Methodology

Administrator tools allow your developers to customize the experience to your business. Put your business’s reputation and mission statement right up front where it can be seen with every chat experience. Integrate with other software, perhaps some of you already use. This enables a seamless experience for your operators.

Help and support are always available – to make sure your questions are answered, and that you achieve the full uptime your business deserves.

Best of all, treat your customers to a one-on-one experience that will leave them wanting more.


Live Chat brings a richness to your business that other forms of communication lack. Your customers will feel that they are important to you, as you provide instant service. Take advantage of customizations to show off your brand at the same time. And with a full menu of options, you can buy just the amount of service you need. So you can stick to your budget while providing excellent customer service. And that’s a win for everyone!

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