Microsoft Azure and AccuWebHosting: A Comparison of Clouds

Microsoft Azure

To stay abreast of the ever-evolving advancements in the technology industry, it is imperative to ensure a thorough understanding of cloud platforms. They consist of multiple servers that work together to produce redundant and scalable hosting options of the highest performance and quality. Although there are countless cloud plans available, Microsoft Azure and AccuWebHosting are among the most popular options available to consumers and businesses alike.

Cloud computing is saving time and money for businesses, government entities, and organizations. CIOs and business managers alike must consider cloud computing’s rise in popularity and how it will impact the way their business grows in the future. Some of the most notable statistics include:

  • $180 billion. By the end of 2015, the market for global cloud services is poised to exceed this tremendous milestone. The industry has already exceeded $131 billion and is on track to increase $50 billion within the next year.
  • 50 million. There are currently 50 million physical servers in the world, meaning the majority of organizations have yet to embrace the cloud. Investing in cloud hosting now will give your organization an advantage over its competitors.
  • 60 percent. The majority of CIOs report that cloud computing remains their top priority in 2014. Cloud hosting results in more efficient and less expensive solutions for all clients, which is why it remains a top priority for organizations in every industry.

Selecting the right cloud plan can be a challenge, especially since there are so many options available. If you’re stuck between selecting Microsoft Azure and AccuWebHosting, it’s vital to consider the most pressing considerations.

Cloud ServerIn general, you’ll want to look for a transparent pricing structure, cloud security, scalability, low/nonexistent downtime history, and excellent quality support. By ensuring a cloud provider offers these services, you can enjoy the greatest uptime and security possible. Advances in Hosted VoIP, broadband, and cloud Telecom are changing the cloud hosting landscape, so keep these issues in mind as you compare cloud plans.

  • Is the platform fully redundant? At AccuWebHosting, our cloud platform delivers an unparalleled level of redundancy to prevent data loss or performance hiccups. Full redundancy eliminates worry about hard drive failure or storage limitations. When searching for a cloud solution, it’s vital to ensure the platform is redundant for reliable performance. This also ensures the service is able to handle sudden fluctuations in web traffic.
  • Microsoft Azure eliminates the need to wait for servers or infrastructure through Microsoft-managed data centers located around the globe. Clients no longer have to wait for the acquisition of bigger networks or new hardware. However, the bigger the network, the greater the chance of latency – or delay. With AccuWebHosting, clients enjoy immediate access to the data and services they need. Despite full redundancy, our clients retain all control and rights to their data and accounts.
  • Is the server self-healing? Nothing is a given when it comes to technology. A power outage or network disruption can affect your organization’s ability to function. It’s important to ask whether a cloud provider is self-healing and redundant. This means the network automatically heals itself after a disruption and strengthens its processes to avoid a similar hiccup in the future. Our cloud platform delivers self-healing redundancy with a leading state-of-the-art network infrastructure.
  • Despite the complex technicalities required to keep our systems running, our innovative cloud management solution is simple to use. Similarly, Microsoft Azure allows clients to be agile and save money on the infrastructure they need. Whether you need to develop an app or debug an existing application, Microsoft Azure provides the platform, security, and agility to do so. AccuWebHosting provides unparalleled control to our clients. Each administrative user has the authority and ability to manage your network for the greatest performance possible.
  • From managing individual files to storage, monitoring traffic to power, our platform allows you to maintain full administrative authority over your solutions. When investing in a cloud plan, it’s critical to retain full control over your account. This ensures you receive the greatest services possible at the most competitive price.
  • Is the pricing structure transparent? One of the biggest advantages of switching to cloud hosting from traditional solutions is a more transparent pricing structure. While shared and dedicated hosting results in flat fees regardless of usage, cloud plans only charge clients for their monthly usage. Our primary packages include Basic Cloud at $33 a month, Standard at $65 a month, Enhanced at $127 a month, and Premium at $247 a month. Our cloud platform is scalable to meet your needs so you only pay for what is used.
  • Microsoft Azure provides a free $200 credit, but the savings are only fully available for those that opt for a 6-month or 12-month plan. While flexible savings are available for a pay as you go structure, Microsoft Azure clients don’t get the full benefit unless they commit to a long-term plan and save only an additional 2.5 percent. At AccuWebHosting, our pricing structure is transparent so you’re never confused about the prices you pay.

Windows Azure Platform for Cloud Computing :


With so many benefits for each option, it can be difficult to decide which cloud platform is right for your business. Before making a final decision, it’s vital to review the security benefits that each option provides. From customer data to business financial, there’s an incredible amount of sensitive data that your organization must keep secure. At AccuWebHosting, our fully redundant platform is designed to ward off hackers and keep your information safe in the cloud. No matter how large the fluctuations in traffic, your site will always be secure with our fault-tolerant advanced storage system.

AccuWeb HostingBy comparing the benefits each Windows private cloud hosting solution has to offer, you better understand the options available. By prioritizing security, scalability, performance, reliability, and control, you ensure your cloud plan truly has the best interests of your organization in mind.

At AccuWebHosting, we’ve been recognized from 2003 through 2014 for our innovative and cutting-edge solutions. Whether you’re using Linux or Windows, our cloud platform brings you full control, authority, and peace of mind. Contact us today to find out more about what we can do for your business.

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