How to make customizable products in WooCommerce?

Product customization is one of the most effective ways to diversify an online merchandise store. This blog will guide you on how to make customizable products in WooCommerce.

WooCommerce doesn’t provide any feature for the purchasers to personalize the product while shopping. However, you can use plugins to offer customizable merchandise using WooCommerce.

Adding an input field can do this, but we’re providing an easier way to do this. This feature can cut back the work on merchants as well.

The following tools are required to implement this.

  • WordPress CMS
  • WooCommerce: WooCommerce is a complimentary WordPress plugin. It enables you to make an eCommerce store. You can add the product, manage the products online without knowing the coding language.
  • Printful Plugin: This plugin lets you customize products and merchandise and sell them via WooCommerce. 

Let’s discuss how to make products customizable using PrintFul?

Step 1: Install WordPress + WooCommerce. Update Them To Their Latest Version.

Install WordPress & WooCommerce. If WordPress or WooCommerce is not upto date, update them to the latest versions. The older versions do not work properly with Printful. So you may face issues in functioning.

Step 2: Make Sure REST API Is Enabled. 

Printful and WooCommerce communicate using the REST API. So first, make sure the REST API is enabled. If not, then enable it by following the below steps.

Login to WordPress and click on -> WooCommerce -> Settings -> Advance -> Legacy API -> Tick the checkbox located beside “Enable The Legacy REST API.

Click on the “Save Changes” button to save the required changes.

Enable The Legacy REST API

Step 3: Select The Permalink Setting That Is Not Plain.

All the permalinks must be well defined for better performance with the Printful plugin.

Plain Permalink: The permalinks containing the Id of product, post, etc., can cause the issue in functioning with the Printful plugin; hence it is better to avoid such structure (Plain Permalink).

To check the permalink, navigate to WordPress Dashboard – > Settings -> Permalinks.

Avoid Plain permalink

Step 4: Install Prinftul Plugin and link it with WooCommerce.

Login to the WordPress Dashboard and navigate to Plugins -> Add New. Next, search the Print full and click on the install button. Once the plugin is installed, click on the “Active” button to activate this plugin.

Add Printful Plugin

To link the Printful plugin with WooCommerce, you must create a Prinftul account.

Login to WordPress Dashboard – > Printful -> Connect.

Coonect it with WooCommerce

Next, click on the “Approve” button; it gives the read/write permission to Prinftul to access the WooCommerce Plugin.

Give read write permission

To check if the Integration is successful or now. Login to the Printful Dashboard and navigate the Stores. Here, you can see your WooCommerce store listed along with the “Active” stamp.

Active stamp

Let’s discuss how to set up customizable products in WooCommerce.

This feature is called personalization in Printful. It provides a wide range of products, e.g., garments, embroidery product jewelry, etc.

Step 1: Add Products.

Login to the Printful Dashboard, navigate to Stores -> Add Products.

Add product

Here you can browse the Printful plugin’s product library. Printful offers more than 270 products like home appliances, clothes, accessories, jewelry, and many more.

Now, select the product category you want to sell. Here, we have provided a tutorial on men’s clothing.

Select Category

You can see the details like color, size, prices, etc., in each product. Now, select the product.

color, size, prices, etc.

Step 2: Let’s start designing your product.

Using Printful, you can change the product’s design and make customizable products in WooCommerce.

Next, click on the “DROP YOUR DESIGN HERE” to upload the design from your device.

Also, you can select the color, size design from this page as well.


Here, we have placed the “Nice Shirt.” We will place the custom text area for the customers so that they can update the text.

Nice Shirt

Step 3: Make the product customizable.

Navigate to Design -> Add Text.

Add text

Next, add the text in the field. Here, we have added the “You Name” in the file so which can be modified by the client.

Next, tick the Checkbox located below “Allow text personalization.” This Checkbox allows your customers to replace the text we have added above.

Allow text personalization.

Step 4: include features like customizable text, fonts, etc.

Tick the checkboxes to provide your customers with more features like font colors, font style, outline, etc.

customizable text, fonts, etc

Once your customized design is complete, click on the “Proceed to Mockups” button.

Proceed to Mockups

Step 5: Add the Product Details and Synchronize them with Woocommerece.

Printful provides a Print-on-demand service that syncs the product details to your WooCommerce store. 

Next, you need to enter the product details like description, title, etc.

description, title

Next, tick the product visibility checkbox to appear the product in WooCommerce, then add the product to a category.

Click on the “Proceed to pricing” button.

Proceed to pricing

Here, you can set the pricing of your product with a calculator. Next, enter Retail price, which increases by amount or percentage in the last field, showing your profit with that price.

Click on the “Submit to Store” button.

Submit to Store

Finally, you can edit or view your product in WooCommerce after the sync.

view your product in WooCommerce

Step 6: Let’s check the view of the customizable products from the customer side.

Let’s check how the customization tool works on the customers’ side.

Browse the product’s page. Next, select the size, color and click on the “Personalize Design.”

Personalize Design.

Here, customers can enter their text instead of “Your name” and select the font color. E.g., here, we have replaced “Your Name” with “victor.”

In the next option, customers can select the color outline of the text. Next, click on the “Add to Cart” button.

Replace name

Finally, the product is added to your cart; now, you can proceed with the payment.

Proceed to checkhout

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