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AccuWebHosting has been helping enterprises, developers and entrepreneurs to bring their dream into life on the Internet since 2003. Our main goal is to offer the wide spectrum of the web hosting services, including Cloud Hosting, Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), Dedicated Server Hosting and Domain Name Registration to clients around the world.

In our continuous efforts to help site visitors and our customers, we’ve introduced WhoIS Lookup, DNS Check and Web Host lookup services. These all services are free of cost and they are integrated with AccuWebHosting website and on a brand new website called MyDNS.Is. Now you do not have to browse 3 different websites for DNS, WhoIS and Web Host lookup. Let’s have a look how these services work.

As you land on the website MyDNS.Is, you can find your IP address at the bottom of the website. It will help you determining your ISP IP address when it gets blocked in server firewall due to multiple failed login attempts.


In addition, you’ll also see three different lookup buttons on the same page. All you’ve to do is, enter your domain name and click the lookup button.

  1. Who is hosting this?
  2. Show DNS Records
  3. Show WHOIS Information

Who is hosting this?

As the name suggests, this tool provides you information about your web hosting provider and some additional useful data about web hosting provider of that domain name. It shows the following information.

Web Host Lookup

  • Hosting provider
  • IP address of the web server
  • Type of web server
  • Location of the IP address
  • Nameservers of the domain
  • Snapshot of your website

You can also get the permanent URL for the lookup you just made. In addition, this information can be easily shared over the social media platforms like, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Share This

Show DNS Records

This tool outputs the DNS information of your domain in tabular format. It displays the values of DNS records like A record, MX record, TEXT record, NS record and SOA record for the entered domain name.

DNS Records

Show WhoIS Information

This tool diplays the WhoIS Information of the entered domain. This information includes, Domain Registrar, Registrant Contact, Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Domain Name Servers and Domain Status.

WhoIS Information

Enjoy these new services and leave a comment below to let us know what you think about them!

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