cPanel/WHM error – Can’t use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference

We were receiving following error in WHM while clicking “List Accounts” ->”All” link:

Can’t use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.6.2/x86_64-linux/YAML/ line 72

For some reason, I have found that one of the domains hosted on the server was having invalid entry for CONTACTEMAIL field in /var/cpanel/users/user file. I have followed below steps to resolve this error:

1. Login to server via SSH as root.
2. Open the file /var/cpanel/users/user [Note: Replace user with your cpanel user name] in your favorite editor.
3. Search for CONTACTEMAIL field and make sure that the correct value is set for this field. I would suggest checking other values as well.
4. I have updated CONTACTEMAIL field and entered valid email address.
5. I have rechecked in “List accounts” -> “All” link and issue was resolved.

I hope this will help others who may be facing similar issue.


Rahul Vaghasia

Rahul is CEO at He shares his web hosting insights at AccuWebHosting blog. He mostly writes on the latest web hosting trends, WordPress, storage technologies, Windows and Linux hosting platforms.
Rahul Vaghasia
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