Best social media tips to increase digital traffic in 2021

Best social media tips to increase digital traffic in 2021

Digital advertising has become the main component of modern era marketing strategies, and if it isn’t a part of your business strategy, though, it must be.

Whether your business is B2C or B2B, by applying digital advertisements correctly, you will be capable of successfully improve your online presence and perfectly foster more sales and conversions.

Now more than ever, digital advertisements permit your company or organization to have much more visibility throughout a hugely wider audience.

However, if your advertisements are not well put out, you most likely will not get the outcome you are hoping for. Whether if its the channel, design, or messaging elements, all the aspect of the advertisement requires to be in a consideration for it to operate in your favor.

To determine the best ways to develop and implement digital ads, we have turned to experts across all the digital advertising industry, and we have consulted with our own leaders from Blue Fountain Media to develop a collection of tips that will help any organization and company get the almost everything out of their campaigns.

From the ideal channels to the ideal converting content-we have got it all covered, mate.

Take a look at these ten tactics, and see if it is integrating them inside your own market strategy could help your company get the best digital advertising results you are really looking for:

Best social media tips to increase digital traffic in 2021

1) Geo-fencing

The relatively new journey in digital advertising holds a ton of promise for every marketers-especially those who are in the B2C space.

It permits you to target the audience in an entirely new way, ultimately based on their own physical location, in hopes of naturally guiding them to your business and vise versa, pointing your business to them.

Andrea Mocherman, Vice president of Marketing at The Gravit8 Marketing, explains how geofencing could be pretty effective for a variety of digital businesses whenever it comes to driving sales.

Andrea Said that what’s increasingly becoming a more and more efficient tool for every marketer is using geo-fencing in combo with digital advertising so they can perfectly engage with all the consumers at the correct time, with the correct message to drive in-store audience.

These kinds of campaigns typically make three times the number of foot traffic and construct a twenty-seven percent increase in sales on average.

What makes geofencing so much power for all the marketers is the capability of targeted consumers based on their requirements and interests and then engage with them by delivering interesting offers, which will push them down to the path to buy.

The Geo-fencing permits marketers to draw a virtual fence surrounding all the address or point of interest and then send a notification whenever a customer crosses that particular line.

Whether it is a large retailer or a small business owner, they could use this advanced tech to grab any customer’s attention even before their competition does to deliver any time offers which will drive in-store audience and ultimately the revenue.

2) Product listing advertisements must have all the kinds of elements that customers want to see whenever they are doing a search.

You really don’t want any potential customers to need to go and do more specific research at the risk of losing their interest, so answer every question they might have upfront.

Any detail that can be beneficial to the buying process includes it! Improving these ads will make sure that they stand out explains this Monica Cabaniss, PPC(Pay-per-click) Associate at the Blue Fountain Media.

Monica has said that Take your time to develop a product feed which gives an informative description of your every product so that they could be presented well in the PLA’s on Bing, Google, and Facebook. Pairing a product photo with the product description on the search results page will include visual appeal to the basic text ads. -Monica Cabaniss, PPC Associate, The Blue Fountain Media.

Ultimately, digital advertising could be the main key to success for any organization and company looking to market efficiently to the eligible audience. If you are looking to improve your tactics and extend the scope of the current practices, try involving these techniques in your strategy of digital marketing.

When employing these tips must help enhance your overall ROI(Return on investment) in the present and also near future, keep this in mind to continuously be excited to learn about the fluctuations and changes in digital advertising, regardless of a platform or a channel that you’re currently on.

Being proactive about that and keeping on top of trends, and being updated will also set you apart from your many competitions inside this field.

3) Give Them the Motivation to Buy

Put yourself in your user’s shoes; why would you purchase that product? Personally, We would never think about buying a product without a special offer or a good campaign. At least, it must be interesting enough.

In order to give that, you could use a strong call-to-action type of message, as well as the discount coupons. Give something they would like! Develop confidence in your all services.

In this matter, we should discuss the importance of efficient email marketing campaigns. Take it as a beneficial way to enlarge your sales. Use unique and different kinds of characteristics with valuable content.

Do not ever forget that email marketing is an essential metric in terms of the audience to your website. Use one of the highly-rated email services to;

  • plan email marketing campaigns
  • organize your subscriber’s list
  • create an attractive email UI.

You must pay attention to your subject line and then plan your email campaign schedule quite strategically. In this matter, take a look at how to Extend Email Open Rates Guide For newbies to reach proven algorithms and extraordinary tips for your email marketing advantages.

4) Try Opt-In Forms & Popups

In order to add more subscribers to your list, you have to use efficient and effective opt-in forms. Adding an option for your web visitors to select whether they want to receive your email or newsletter in the form is a pretty nice idea!

If you search for other brands or companies, you will probably see that they’ve got a basic call to action to complete the form.

Exit-Intent popup developers are very handy to increase sales. You might prevent cart abandonment or just simply inform your customers about your ideal products to generate new sales!

For example, one of our customers wanted to enlarge sales and also conversions. We performed a deep and informative analysis on their webpage and then decided to use wheel popups so it can increase conversion rates, so it did. Our exit-intent popups are having magnificent effects on the conversion rates.

We received a total of 1,559 opt-in forms after three weeks, and we had an extension of 18% in sales conversion that refers to 280.62 sales after a month.

5) Be Where Your Audience Is

Where Your Audience

The first rule of any platform social media marketing is to utilize the platforms which your audience uses. You cannot just sign up for Instagram and expect to find your target B2B people there.

First, look at your target demographic and then try to find out where they are most active. You could decide to be everywhere, but that may be a bit too time-consuming.

If you are targeting a B2B audience, then LinkedIn might be a good beginning position, along with the Facebook, because everyone has a massive people base. Interestingly, Sprout Social found out that the 18 to 29 age group dominates all of the social media platforms, including LinkedIn.

A keyhole is an incredible tool for discovering where your target customer s is most active. You can decide on a popular hashtag which your competitors use for their own campaigns and then conduct a search mechanism using the Keyhole.

you gotta have to scroll down so you can find a section called “Top Sites.” This will give you a chart of the top domains where the hashtag was used.

That’ll give you a better one idea of where your target customers are most active. In this case, if ASOS was the competition, then Instagram would seem to be an incredible choice.

Once you are on the right social media, you’ll have a great chance of reaching your target customers.
Consequently, when you could reach your target audience more efficiently, your chances of driving your sales enhance dramatically.

6) Use Buyable Pins and Rich Pins to Simplify Purchase Operation

Pinterest is an amazing platform to market your merchandise because it’s such a visually orientated website. According to Shopify, sales derived from postings/ads on Pinterest have an average order of value $50 higher than any other popular social media platforms.

It is also the second most popular media source for traffic to Shopify any store. When you are planning to market your merchandise through Pinterest, it’s a good idea to simplify the buying process by using Rich-Pins and purchasable Pins.

Rich Pins could be used to display essential information about your service or product, making it much easier for the audience to make their purchase decisions. For example, you could show the price and availability of any particular product you are selling.

That way, people will not have to look anywhere else and search for that just for the information regarding your product.
Purchasable Pins make shopping from Pinterest a lot easier because they permit people to complete their purchases right on the platform. They do not have to visit that product page to complete their sale.

After adding the product to their bag, users can complete the checkout operation right on the Pinterest site. On top of that, Shipping information and also payment details could be added without having to switch to any other platform.

Because the operation on Pinterest is simplified and pretty much easy to follow, there’s a good chance this method will definitely result in increased conversions.

You could further optimize these pins just by promoting them, making the pins visible to relevant people, just like with advertising on any other social media platform. Just by promoting your Purchasable Pins and Rich Pins, you could improve their visibility and enhance your chances of driving more conversions even further.

7) Turn Loyal Customers into Brand Advocates

If you wanna promote your merchandise using a real audience, you do not necessarily have to rely on the influencers.

Your existing buyers can become effective brand advocates if you could entice them to promote your merchandise in exchange for discounts and freebies.

Conducting hashtag and keyword searches related to your product or brand name on social media would help you find those people who are already posting those content about your brand.

Let’s say you wanna market MVMT Watches. Naturally, you just search for #mvmtwatches on Instagram. But, in doing so, you would find that many of the top posts are from the influencers you are currently working with or maybe have worked with already.
Keep in mind that those are just top posts. Scroll down and Find some appealing photos which feature your product posted by those users you haven’t worked with. Then check out the profile of those users.

The user who made the post has a little more than 1,800 followers and has his/her the time to post about the product or brand on their own. This Instagram user would make a good addition to MVMT Watches’ of brand advocates.

If you have worked at MVMT, you can offer them a free watch or an impressive discount that can be used toward their next buy. And in exchange, you can ask them to make a couple of posts featuring your exciting watch.

8) Create Valuable Content to Entice and Educate Your Audience

Social media is an incredible platform for merchandise and brands to provide bite-sized yet much valuable content to their audience.

Besides that, This content must be engaging to your targeted people and compelling enough to entice them in making a buy. Additionally, to promoting all your posts on social media, you could also make bite-sized informational content that will offer value to your social media customers.

Ideally, you must offer guides and how-to content. The goal is to offer the audience the type of information that will entice them to try your merchandise.

For example, Betty Crocker utilizes its Facebook page to share their videos of short recipes as a way to better inform all their followers. These recipes are basic enough to entice all kinds of viewers to try them, and use the ingredients from The Betty Crocker.

You could provide useful tips on how to use your merchandise in combination with any other thing. In the case of fashion accessories, for example, you could put together an outfit that matches the accessory. Or, in a matter of tech gadgets, you could showcase some of the awesome things people could do with it.

Making use of this type of “informational” content provides your merchandise a broader context, and it provides potential audience ideas about how to utilize it.

As a bonus, this type of content gives your target customers more points to consider buying your product, which could lead to more conversions as well.

9) Work With Social Media Influencers

You have heard of influencer marketing, and you are wondering what all this hype is about. Influencer marketing is a popular marketing method because it works.

Annalect and Twitter found that almost forty percent of Twitter users felt compelled to purchase after seeing the influencer’s tweet. The study also found the amount of trust users place in influencers is comparable to the same trust placed in their family and friends.

This thing simply goes to show that promoting your products and brands through social media influencers is likely to drive a lot of sales and has been shown to provide ROI as high as 600% in many matters.

If you wanna make more sales through the use of social media, you have to use the ability of social media influencers. Get them to strategically function your merchandise in their videos or photos, or have them tell an engaging and unique story about your merchandise or brand.

You could also work with the influencers who will give honest information and reviews about your brand or product and/or give some tutorials and how-to content regarding your merchandise.

The opportunities are totally endless, but if you wanna drive sales, and efficient way to do so is to have your influencers promote different discount codes.

Any sweet example?

Daniel Wellington, just for an example, has been successful using this strategy since the year 2011 when they were founded. The wristwatch maker was capable of selling one million watches within just 3 years, all with the help of the influencers.

And in the year 2015, the brand even generated revenue worth more than $220 million, which was a 214% increase from the 2014 year.

To date, you could find both of these micro-influencers and top-tier influencers promoting discount codes for The Daniel Wellington merchandise.

Here’s an example by Dilara Kaynarca, a lifestyle and fashion influencer with 150,000+ followers on Instagram.

You could also leverage influencer marketing platforms like the Grin to find and then connect with relevant influencers for your brand on social media.

10) Share User-Generated Content

Before purchasing something online, customers tend to read several reviews about that product to ensure the brand and product are trustworthy or not.

These kinds of reviews ease the anxiety about purchasing from a brand that a customer barely knows or about to invest in a product they are not even familiar with.

When these review articles are the experiences and opinions of other customers just like themselves, then they will feel a kind of honesty with which they could connect with. When it comes to social media marketing, you require to make the most out of the content made by other customers to drive your sales.

According to an Olapic study, seventy percent of U.S. – based respondents are more likely to purchase products after being exposed to a positive or relatable image made by other customers.

Another way you could drive a lot more sales through the social media platform is by encouraging your consumers to share their pictures with your products online.

Ok, what else?

Also, make sure to go one step further just by sharing these user-generated pictures on your own social media profiles to show other social media users that your product and brand is totally trustable.

This is an easy method of increasing loyalty with your existing consumers and adding credibility to the brand whenever potential consumers visit your social media profile.

ASOS has a campaign in that they invite their consumers to share pictures of themselves wearing ASOS merchandise on unique social media platforms. The consumers just have to utilize the hashtag #AsSeenOnMe for an opportunity to be featured.

ASOS then gathers those images and features some of the ideals on their ASOS Instagram profile. They have an entire webpage created for these user-generated pictures. When the shoppers click on the pictures featured there, they could view and buy the items being worn in the picture.

11) Invest in Social Media Advertising

Social media platforms have billions of users. Even when you have found the ideal social media platform to engage with your target audience, your marketing efforts might not be effective if no one has heard about you before.

You could ensure that they take notice of your products by investing in social media advertising. Every social media includes services to either develop ads or promote your unique content.

This will make sure higher visibility for your product among relevant target consumers. Increased visibility will further enhance your chances of increment in sales from social media.

On Instagram, you could advertise through Instagram Stories, additionally to daily advertising. Just by advertising through Stories, an online luxury fashion retailer YOOX has experienced a six-point increase in brand awareness and an eleven-point increase in ad recall.

Through Facebook advertising, gift book publisher, the LoveBook was allowed to raise brand awareness and also increase conversions. They have created video adverts, which resulted in 3 times higher buying rates.

They experienced a fifty-seven percent increased in return on their media advertising costs when spending 53% less on other advertising platforms. Identically, you could invest in ad campaigns on Twitter, InMail to reach the right audience, and sponsored posts on LinkedIn.

You could even customize your ads by showing products that a user has recently has viewed on your website. This may remind them about particular products and entice them to go with purchase.

12) Increase Leads

According to all Social Media Examiner’s 2017 Social Media Marketing Industry have Report, more than sixty-five percent of tiny businesses are on social media to increase leads.

But the largest advantage of using this social media is not just the leads. It is the ability to generate highly qualified leads just by advanced targeting. And yet, in Ascend 2’s findings, enhancing the quality of leads proved to be a huge barrier to success.

So how can you use that social media to overcome that barrier and enhance the quality of leads for your tiny business?

A great place to begin is by promoting your gated content on social media. For this, you require content that’s compatible with the interests of all your followers.

To understand much better, let’s look at those examples from Marketing Professionals. One of their newest posts directs followers to the virtual conference.

The picture is relevant to the content (and also their audience); it is clear and easily understandable, setting the expectation for their Twitter followers as well. You could do the same by:

  • Writing for your reader and social media audience
  • Designing graphics that are “on brand” and visually appealing
  • Including a call to action that creates a sense of urgency

13) Improve Search Engine Ranking & Drive Traffic

There is a bunch of debate about this subject, but the bottom line is this… social media could(and would) enhance your search engine ranking. Well, How? The domain authority of the website increases when your social media share increases.

This leads to an enhanced search engine ranking of your particular pages. But it is more than just that. A lot of customers visit your social media profile before heading to the website to get better information about your brand or your product before they make any purchase.

More visits to your social profiles will boost your social page ranking and enhance their chances of appearing among top-ranked pages. Use all free tools like Pro Tiny Rocket or Rank Tracker to keep track of your ranking.

Basically, small businesses use social media with the main goal of increasing traffic to the website. This theory was highly supported by the same Social Examiner report we have mentioned above, with seventy-eight percent of small businesses says they are using social media to increase website traffic

14) Drive Traffic

If you really don’t have a strong presence on the social media, you are losing out on organically produced traffic.

This means that your traffic is produced from the identical limited amount of people currently following you, that’s a very bad idea.

You required to expand your company reach if you wanna drive more traffic. But where do you start? Especially provided the 2017 State of Inbound report, that found that sixty-three percent of companies facing the challenges of producing traffic and leads.

So how do you produce traffic? What’s the most efficient way?

First, make a profile for your huge or tiny business on each social media platform. Then, you should leverage these platforms just by sharing customized post and content with each of them.

An efficient social media presence would encourage your each follower to go through your lead funnel and then eventually reach your merchandise purchasing page. On the other hand, ensure you make it effortless for people to share your post or content with social sharing functions prominently shown on your website.

Additionally, you could add a Click to Tweet function on an interesting quote, statistic, or other details to make it more shareable. Now it’s just a single click away for readers to share your post or content.

15) Develop Trust with Customers

Social media is something unique more than just a platform for selling and promoting your tiny business’ products or services.

It provides you the opportunity to construct trust with audience. Also, you will be developing loyal customers in this way. There was a survey conducted by the Social Media Examiner. In that, nearly seventy-nine percent of marketers agreed that the social media is an efficient way to produce loyal followers.

Now that we already know social media could be used for generating a loyal fan base then let’s see how it could be done. All the kind of content you will post on your social media platform should be authentic, relatable, unique, and engaging for audience.

One way to ensure that your content has these kinds of qualities is to collaborate with those influencer to promote your services or product.

Influencers will share their personal experiences regarding your serviced or product, and this is one of the largest benefits to collaborating with influencers. Once your customers well-develop the sense of trust in your brand, marketing will go pretty easy for you.

Wait, there’s more…

Their stories are engaging, real, and also authentic. It’s quite easy for a user to relate to their stories and by relating themselves they will believe influencers as well.

The main obstacle with this method is to find an influencer and collaborate with the relevant influencer for your product and service. There are many tools and platforms available which will help you to find appropriate influencers for your company.

Platforms like Buzzweb and Grin could make this task of finding a trustworthy and relevant influencers easy for you. Using their modern and advanced filters, you could look for the most suitable and trustworthy influencers based on the follower count, niche and engagement rate.

Julie Sariñana is the fashion blogger from the very beginning of blogging. She has more than four million followers on her Instagram business account. Fashion H&M brand collaborated with her just to promote their 2017 fall-collection.

Julie liked the fall collection and then promoted it on her Instagram business account. Her post was managed to garner more than 66k likes.

16) Organize Contest, Giveaways, or Offer Discounts

Who does not like giveaways and discounts? Regardless of the kind of business, this way is super an impactful and cost-effective way to produce more sales in your business. It could also help to promote your services and product.

Organizing giveaways or contests can also be entertaining and fun. They help a lot to increase your engagement rate with the potential customers.

They will start engaging with your company and products more in the hopes of winning the contest you organized.

This could increase the awareness of your product or service. The reason is that customers excitedly share content and news about the discounts with their families and friends.

For example, we can take JustFab, a clothing and fashion brand from the United Kingdom. It gave away 3 nights for two people in the South France.

The screenshot is a good example of organizing any contest or giveaway.

As you can see, they have clearly mentioned each step to follow and when the winners would be announced.

This will motivate and attract people to visit their website.

The Conclusion

we hope this post has shown you how to increase your website traffic using some awesome, untapped strategies.

Now we would know what you have to say and please be frank and ask us anything!

Which kind of technique from this article are you prepared to try first?

Are you going to begin syndicating your content on the Medium?


Maybe you wanna publish an cool list post. Please, let us know everything in the comments below.

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