Best Forex VPS Hosting for Traders in Japan

Best Forex VPS Hosting for Traders in Japan

Best Forex VPS Hosting for Traders in Japan: Forex trade is developing day by day in Japan, and young traders are coming up with the plans of running Forex trade, and earning good by implementing certain strategies!

Do you know, a Forex VPS hosting plan can make or break your Forex career? Yes, the impact is more than you expect.

Talking about the considering factors, speed, security, full RDP access, VPS management, full RDP access are the major ones, while the whole list can be pretty long. It’s also a bitter truth that from the majority of the Forex VPS hosting providers, the Japanese traders aren’t able to enjoy them as high performance as the American and the British.

Accuweb Hosting has come up with some tremendous plans for the Japanese traders, bringing the highest level of security, features, flexibility, and so on.

Now, Japanese Forex traders are most beneficial than ever, and the Accuweb Hosting’s plans have covered traders of all levels.

All offerings are genuine and incomparable and talking about the price, and it’s unbeatable!

Best Forex VPS Hosting for Traders in Japan

Now firstly, we’ll let you know what are the considerable facts while purchasing a Forex VPS plan, and measure our Forex VPS hosting plans on those grounds, and ensure whether all of your requirements are met or not. Besides that we’ve described which plan fits perfectly for whom, and highlighted the respective benefits of each.

Shall we begin?

Best Forex VPS Hosting for Traders in Japan: What all should you consider?

  • Price
  • Security
  • Speed
  • Flexibility in plans
  • Full RDP access
  • VPS management
  • RAM & Storage

Now, let’s go deeper into considerations:

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Obviously, the first consideration is the price! Undoubtedly, you can get some tremendous features, but what’s the benefit if it’s making you spend higher than normal?

The motto should be of getting high-end advantages and convenience at reasonable costs. Just look at Accuweb Hosting’s Forex VPS hosting plans price list! Most importantly, we haven’t compromised with convenience, security, speed, or anything else even a bit. By the way, we are better than others on those considerations.

Here’s the pricing chart, and we’re 120% sure that you’ll be glad!

Forex VPS 1 Forex VPS 2 Forex VPS 3 Forex VPS 4
¥2774.53 ¥4440.08 ¥8881.56 ¥15543.76

You can begin at just ¥2774.53, and the offerings will fill you with joy! Moving to further plans, all prove to be tremendous value for the money, as the Forex VPS Hosting plans of the competitors actually stand nowhere considering value for money.


Cyber criminals are smarter than ever, and you know, Forex is the game of money, it’s a golden target for several hackers. Security needs to be unbreakable so that you have enough peace while trading. Many hosting providers boast high regarding security, but do you feel there are no loopholes left?

Well, can’t be sure!

Forex trading includes the transfer of sensitive personal data as well as secret bank account information that you certainly can’t risk reaching the wrong hands. Among the advantages of using a VPS for your FOREX trade is because of the high-level security that it has. Hence, a good VPS hardware needs to be capable enough to provide enhanced security to you.

Besides the protection of your trading related information from hackers, a FOREX VPS needs to secure your data. How secure is your data? After a backup until when you need it?

Further, how secure is your data while a system error takes place or while you face other inconveniences? A highly optimized hardware always uses a RAID 10 technology. It ensures hardware-level data protection.

Considering security, Accuweb Hosting is truly unbeatable. It’s ranked the first considering security, and you can check the same HERE.

So, don’t let any loophole destroy your future planning/goals.

VPS management

VPS management is undoubtedly the ultimate consideration in a FOREX VPS hardware. Generally, a virtual machine allocates the system resources among all the users on it. Nevertheless, this could impede speed and performance. Hence, this isn’t the sort of server you need for your FOREX trading.

For attaining the flawless speed and performance you require, it’s crucial to go for a server using maximum system resources and highly virtualized hardware. Selecting server hardware that provides entire isolation from other VM is necessary, and all Forex VPS hosting plans from Accuweb Hosting brings you that convenience. Also, you enjoy 24×7 VPS Monitoring with all the plans. 


Like a computer, servers also have specific RAM. How much RAM does a Forex trader need for his VPS server? To demonstrate the same thing and help you answer that question, in case your server has 1 GB RAM along with one core CPU, it can conveniently keep your website up and running; besides that, deliver a smoother user experience to close to 2000 visitors a day. 

In the case of Forex, you need at least 512MB RAM to run MT4 and 256MB RAM for MT5. Assess your requirements and get enough RAM with your Forex VPS plan to run your trade smoothly.

While purchasing a Forex virtual private server, remember to check how much RAM they’re providing and select the plan according to your requirements of RAM. RAM is enough with all the plans, oh yes!


Forex trading is a business, which thrives on efficiency, speed, and fast decision. Every Forex trader should understand the numerous reasons to use VPS for Forex that delivers high latency during the hours of trading. 

The difference between a trader that is successful and a failure can be the VPS hosting’s speed that they’re using & how the former is predisposed for making greater money than the latter. Select a VPS hosting based on the place/country of the Forex trading organization. When it’s not possible, then choose a VPS based in a similar country.

On the plan page, We’ve provided the “Test Latency” option, and after selecting your broker over there, you can conveniently test the latency of Tokyo. Considering all brokers and overall latency in Tokyo, hardly anyone can beat our plans. CHECK NOW!

Here are the few forex brokers in Japan:

Forex Brokers in Japan Low Latency
Binance 1 ms – 4 ms 1 ms – 4 ms
IG 1 ms – 4 ms
Blueberry Markets 1 ms – 4 ms
EightCap 1 ms – 4 ms

Let’s begin your Forex journey now, spending just ¥2774.53!

Forex VPS 1 @ ¥2774.53 Forex VPS 2 @ ¥4440.08
1-2 Terminals 1-4 Terminals
1 vCPU Cores 1 vCPU Cores
40 GB SSD Storage 60 GB SSD Storage
1 GB Guaranteed RAM 2 GB Guaranteed RAM
1 TB Bandwidth 1.5 TB Bandwidth
Daily Backups Daily Backups
Purchase Addon Purchase Addon
Fully Managed VPS Fully Managed VPS
Easy Upgrades Easy Upgrades
1 IP Address 1 IP Address
Support All Trading Platforms Support All Trading Platforms
Compatible with All Operating Systems Compatible with All Operating Systems
7 Days Money Back Guarantee 7 Days Money Back Guarantee
24×7 VPS Monitoring 24×7 VPS Monitoring

Most of the Forex VPS hosting providers in Japan don’t prove to be generous with their cheaper plans. You are left desired with at least something, but after cherishing the Basic Forex VPS plan from Accuweb Hosting @¥2774.53, you won’t find anything for which you have to compromise or stay desired.

Ok, what else?

This plan permits you root access, can you believe? Besides that,1 GB Guaranteed RAM and 40 GB SSD Storage prove to be enough for successfully laying the foundation of your Forex trade. It’s compatible with all operating systems.

Yes, you can purchase addons, and the upgrading process is so simple. If your Forex trade expands, you can switch to the next plan of ¥4440.08. There, you enjoy 2 GB Guaranteed RAM and 60 GB SSD Storage. Bandwidth is increased from 1TB to 1.5TB.

Honestly, no other Forex VPS hosting provider is as generous for the beginners as we are!

Crossed that beginning stage? We’ve got the best mid-level Forex VPS plans!

So, how has your Forex trade journey been? Has it been good? What if we say that Accuweb Hosting can help you cover your path from a mid-level Forex trader to an Expert in a shorter span?

A good Forex VPS plan can thrive and bloom your Forex trade, and it’s true that most of the plans prove to be somewhat expensive and unfair. You do get basic features, but when it comes to storage, RAM, bandwidth, CPU cores, etc. at least something is left behind.

Why let a feature or two hinder your success speed?

Just look at the Forex VPS 2 plan and its respective features! These plans cost ¥4440.08, respectively. Don’t you think this plan can give an extra thrust to your Forex journey? Speed is insane, and security is unbeatable.

 Hey Forex Geeks, you really need to flip your Forex VPS Hosting plan now!

Forex VPS 3 @ ¥8881.56 Forex VPS 4 @ ¥15543.76
1-6 Terminals 1-8 Terminal
WINDOWS 2019/2016/2012 OS – LICENSED WINDOWS 2019/2016/2012 OS – LICENSED
80 GB SSD Storage 160 GB SSD Storage
2 TB Bandwidth 2.5 TB Bandwidth
4GB Guaranteed RAM 8GB Guaranteed RAM
2 vCPU Cores 2 vCPU Cores
Daily Backup Daily Backup
Fully Performant VPS Fully Performant VPS
Fully Managed VPS Fully Managed VPS
All Trading Platforms All Trading Platforms
Easy Upgrades
1 IP Address 1 IP Address
Compatible with All Operating Systems Compatible with All Operating Systems
24×7 VPS Monitoring 24×7 VPS Monitoring
7 Days Money Back Guarantee 7 Days Money Back Guarantee

Forex geeks need wider access in contrast to the mid-level traders and beginners. Bandwidth/storage needs to be high, latency needs to be very low, and besides that, the plans need to be fully managed, performant, and dedicated for perfect overall control.

No matter you want to make intricate changes and carry out high-end customization, you’re free to do everything. Several experienced Forex traders do prefer customization, and generally, Forex VPS hosting plans providing that much flexibility costs pretty higher than the Accuweb Hosting’s costs.

7-day money return guarantee exists to back you.

Guess what, you’re enjoying dedicated resources will all Forex VPS hosting plans!

Who doesn’t love to have dedicated resources in their web hosting plans? After all, the list of benefits is so lengthy! We’d like to mention the biggest ones here.

Flexibility and control

For many Forex traders, a huge advantage of dedicated hosting is that it permits greater control over the hosting and server. We state that because you can fully manage the configuration of the server with a dedicated server hosting.

You attain the flexibility of customizing the server can cover all your needs for RAM, software disc space, and CPU. Besides that, it means you can upgrade it desirably to match the growing needs of your Forex business.

Increased security

With our Forex VPS server, no one else except you and us will have access to your server, and we mean that. So there isn’t any danger of sharing space with other traders, potentially having spam or malicious threats.

The risk of cyber-attacks attacking other shared hosting websites is eliminated. It’s certainly important when you/your company handles sensitive transactions over SSL or FTP, isn’t it?

Reliability and performance

Shared hosting is considered incredibly reliable, but Forex VPS servers bring that little bit extra. There is hardly a piece of a chance of your trading account getting crashed. Reliability and performance are on top, and being a Forex trader, you certainly need both of these.

Unique IP address

Now, one would say that a unique IP address is something we get with cheaper hosting plans also, but all such shared plans don’t feature a unique IP. With our dedicated Forex VPS hosting plans, you get your own unique IP address, and that brings you relief and ensures security.

No worries concerning the actions of another user. This means that you won’t have to worry about the actions of another user, possibly blacklisting your IP address.

Administrative powers

In case you’re sharing a hosted server, you will not generally have administrative access. However, investing in Forex VPS server hosting permits you root access and allows you to install desired programs and custom configurations. Besides that, you can monitor your server usage to spot potential concerns and issues before they affect your Forex trade.

Best Forex VPS in Japan: The Conclusion

Our Forex VPS Hosting ensures high-speed and powerful solutions for Forex trade utilizing just the best hardware available. We understand that your Forex trade is unique, and that’s why our Forex VPS hosting plans are customizable to meet your requirements and fully accommodate your Forex trade’s future growth.

So, Japanese Forex traders, there’s much to enjoy, and now, let’s get ready to stand as tall as major Forex markets of the world! It’s the time to earn through Forex, and for that, the foundation needs to be very strong.

For that rock-solid foundation, you just need to spend @¥2774.53, and that shouldn’t bother at all because no one offers such high-end dedicated resources at such low price. VISIT OUR PAGE, and we assure you that you’ll also start believing that when it comes to the Best Fore VPS Hosting in japan, no one can beat Accuweb Hosting!

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