Benefits of Running Collections MAX on Windows VPS

The business of debt collection requires advanced tools, superior organization, impeccable documentation, and clear communication. Collections MAC embodies all of these qualities, and when working in conjunction with Windows VPS, is essentially infallible. Collections MAX is one of the most powerful debt collection software solutions in the industry, giving businesses the power to automate billing processes and communications and to build client trust. Using a “virtual machine” to manage collections, the Collections MAX database powers the software with the freedom it needs to work as efficiently as possible.

About Collections MAX

Benefits Running Collections MAX Windows VPS

Collections MAX is a user-friendly program than can be installed on a single PC or an entire network. It is competitively priced and comes equipped with a plethora of features, which are updated quarterly at no cost. Consider these benefits:

  • Skiptracing.

    This feature assists collectors with locating debtors via their homes, places of employment, mobile devices, etc.

  • Client Trust Accounting.

    The system assists with the separation of the clients’ collected funds from one another, as well as from the service provider’s general operations.

  • Integrated payment system.

    This allows payments via checks and credit cards to be accepted over the phone.

  • Document imaging system.

    This enables the attachments of files and other notes to accounts, creating a central location at which all relevant information regarding a particular client or debtor can be found.

  • ACH and real-time credit card processing.

    Automated Clearing House processing enables the electronic transfer of funds among participating institutions. These transactions can be completed with minimal lag-time.

  • Change of address service.

    Some debtors relocate frequently, and it can be challenging to maintain up-to-date contact information. This service provides forwarding information, and helps paper communications reach their appropriate recipients.

  • Promise system.

    During in-person or telephone communications between collectors and debtors, payment arrangements are discussed. The agreed-upon plan is referred to as the “promise.” The promise system allows users to document promises of payment made by debtors, and alerts collectors when said promises are broken.

  • Reporting engine.

    Compiles reports based on various data and documentation.

  • Dunning letters.

    Dunning letters are routine, methodical tools for reaching out to debtors. Collections MAC can generate dunning letters via Microsoft office or export them to a third-party letter service.

  • Unlimited notes.

    Information regarding some debtors may be clear cut, while others have complex and problematic situations. The program permits notes of any length necessary to comprehensively document all relevant details.

  • Unlimited status codes.

    These are unique numbers assigned to every request the server receives.

Demo of the Collections MAX Debt Collection Software system :


  • Export checks to Versa Check.

    Versa Check can immediately create customized checks that can be electronically transferred, making payment instant.

  • Duplicate account system.

    There is room for human error. When multiple accounts are inadvertently opened for the same client or debtor, this system will recognize duplicate data.

  • Sixty custom fields.

    These enable system expansion to accommodate a variety of situations.

  • PCI compliant.

    The Payment Card Industry (PCI) sets for standards to regulate entities that regularly handle personal financial information, such as that found on credit, ATM, pre-paid, and debit cards.

  • Importing screens.

    These allow for either manual input or input via batches. The mapping tool permits batch importing from Microsoft Excel.

  • NSF alert system.

    This alerts collectors when debtors have bounced payments.

  • Predictive dialer integration.

    The software will accept telephone lists for the purpose of efficiently making and connecting calls.

  • Sort accounts.

    Accounts can be separated by credit score, date, time zone, client name, balance, status, portfolio, etc.

  • Address and phone logs.

    These keep track of debtors’ previous phone numbers and addresses.

  • Automatic scheduler.

    Automatically schedules payment reminders and broken promise letters.

This list may seem exhaustive, but there’s more. Free support is available in addition to callback reminders, time zone alerts, an inventory viewer, a status-based automation system, and an integrated phone dialer. Although these features can all be accessed with point-and-click simplicity, there is an incredible amount of information to be stored in this context, all of which is highly sensitive. Many of Collection MAX’s capabilities would not be possible without Microsoft VPS.

What is a VPS?

What is Windows VPS

A virtual private server (VPS) is situated on the same computer as a multitude of other servers, although they are all independent of one another. This allows the user to employ any operating system, and to restart or re-format it at whim. It essentially allows the owner total and completely secure control – as if it were the only system on that specific server. The server will offer a specific amount of RAM, space, and transfers monthly, which makes it both convenient and flexible.

About Windows VPS

In every facet and nuance, Windows is big. It is so widely used that any entity shopping for a reliable server will probably require it to be compatible with Windows applications. Windows VPS is essential, then, because Windows applications will not run with any other host. It is also equipped with a significant amount of RAM. This is helpful because it can minimize delays and increase the speeds of many functions. Additionally, as a VPS, it allows users secure and private administrative access.

Some hosting companies can simplify the installation process. Serverpoint, for instance, has created a template based on Windows 2008 and Collections MAX’s side tools and database server pre-installed. All that’s required is the customer’s data. Furthermore, if customers are new to Collection’s MAX, the hosting company will supply the required usernames and passwords. If customers are already affiliated with Collections MAX, pre-existing usernames and passwords will remain the same – only the IP address will change.

The host will also back up all customer data, although customers are always encouraged to back up their own data as well. Furthermore, as previously mentioned, customers will be granted administrator access. To preserve the integrity of the data, however, it is strongly suggested that those without administration skills do not attempt to develop any in this forum.

For Collections MAX to function so effectively and efficiently, it requires a server that is built to accommodate. Simply put, Windows is widely used and is likely to remain in high demand. Its VPS has the RAM and security to handle the vastness and needs of Collections MAX’s work. The services complement one another perfectly.

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