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Linux vs windows web hosting?


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  • Linux vs windows web hosting?

    WordPress Hosting on SSD Servers
    What is the difference between linux web hosting & Windows web hosting? Can't we built a website in windows if we take linux hosting and vice-versa?

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    Re: Linux vs windows web hosting?

    The major difference will be that
    Microsoft developed and owns the Windows operating system. Linux is open source and generally free...


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      Re: Linux vs windows web hosting?

      These two operating systems both can support HTML, Cold Fusion, and Java files. It was necessary in the past to use Linux for FrontPage creation but is now easy to use Windows for the incorporation of CGI and Perl as these platforms are easily supported by Windows even though Linux is still more commonly used to support PHP, where Windows uses ASP.


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        Re: Linux vs windows web hosting?

        In addition, Security, programming languages, and more all differ between Linux and Windows. But it's a great coup for Linux to note that, if anything, the functionality available for Linux meets and often exceeds that provided by Windows, making one's choice less about operating systems and more about the Web host's other services. It is better to pick a Web host based on its features and services rather than on what operating system is running on its Web servers, as the difference between the two is very little. However, if your Web site particularly requires a certain language due to the programmers you work with, it would be prudent to check for system compatibility before subscribing to a Web host.
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          Re: Linux vs windows web hosting?

          Linux supports a wide range of software, applications, languages, and databases such as PHP, Perl, PostGre, MySQL, PostgreSQL and many others making it very scalable. On the downside, Linux is not fully compatible with some Microsoft technologies so if you are using Access, ASP, MS SQL, or VB development tools then Windows would be a better bet.


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            Re: Linux vs windows web hosting?

            For most users it would be Linux. Windows hosting is quite a niche market as it is usually the big businesses or some specific softwares that require it. Linux is the most commonly used OS in web hosting environment, especially for end-users. Unless you plan on targeting Windows hosting customers, I recommend reselling Linux web hosting.


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              For most of the users Linux is the preferred option as it is more popular and provides a range of features. Windows server is supposed to be used with the application that requires it.


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                For me Linux is better!!! And I use them, work really good


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                  Linux hosting and windows hosting are the two popular kind of web hosting. Linux hosting is the compatible for the PHP and MY SQL which supports script such as word-press, Zen-card. Most of the people use Linux hosting due to its flexibility and affordable price. On the other hand windows hosting is supportive for the windows based technology such as ASP, .Net and a Microsoft SQL.
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                    Reliability is a strength of Linux. Linux server rarely needs to be rebooted and most configuration changes can be made without a restart. On the other hand, windows server are unstable when tasks are running on multiple database, web and file server. Windows servers are vulnerable to security than Linux.


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                      Linux is free and open source operating system whereas Windows is a commercial operating system whose source code is inaccessible.
                      Linux provides high security than windows because Linux is open source.
                      The separation of the directories is done using forward slash.
                      In Linux file names are case sensitive.
                      Linux uses the monolithic kernel which consumes more running space, but system running efficiency is high in Linux.

                      Windows is a commercial operating system whose source code is inaccessible.
                      Windows is not customizable.
                      Windows must boot from the primary partition.
                      windows file name are case-insensitive.
                      Windows uses the micro kernel which takes less space but system running efficiency is lower than Linux.

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                        which works best for speed as we are using linux hosting at our and want to know whether windows hosting will be faster than linux or not?
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                          ASP.Net Hosting starts @ $3.18/Mo.
                          I can make it simple to choose.... (or what is mostly preferred by many)

                          Go for Linux hosting If your web application is based on
                          1. Any open source web framework such as Wordpress, Joomla, ...
                          2. If your web application need to use PHP, MySql and apache
                          3. If you need more control and flexibility in controlling the server
                          4. Better control panel like cPanel to manage your website and Emails.
                          Go for Windows hosting If
                          1. Your application is based on ASP .net

                          More than 95% of the websites in the world are running using Linux server. It is always a wise idea to go for Linux hosting.



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