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Do You Need a Fully Managed Server?


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  • Do You Need a Fully Managed Server?

    The dedicated server option is the ideal choice for many people who are looking to set up their own website but it can definitely be a daunting prospect if you have never used it before. This means that some people will lack the confidence and may eventually decide that they will not continue with their hopes of web hosting.

    This is understandable but it is also a silly option as there are many ways to get involved in this process. One of the best ways to get into the world of web hosting comes with the fully managed server option. This means that all of your focus and time can be placed onto the website whereas a company will take care of all the backroom stuff that many people know nothing about.

    There is no doubt that fully configuring dedicated server can be a tricky procedure if you have no experience in doing so which means that the fully managed server option is one that appeals to most people. It has to be said that securing your site is one of the most important aspects that people have to consider these days so it is good to have this element taken care of professionally.

    The biggest downside about choosing the fully managed server option comes in the fact that it costs more than the other options. If budget is a serious issue for you, it may well be that the fully managed dedicated server option has limitations but the value for money that comes with it has to be considered. Knowing that everything is taken care of allowing you to focus on the site can often be the most important factor.

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    Re: Do You Need a Fully Managed Server?

    ts not even a month we have purchased a Fully managed server and is hacked. ... Personally I have been Debating if I want to keep my VPS