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Shared Hosting Vs Cloud Hosting


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  • Shared Hosting Vs Cloud Hosting

    What is the advantages and disadvantages of Shared Hosting and Cloud Hosting, Please share your view ?

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    Advantages of Shared Web Hosting :
    1- Low cost
    2- Shared web hosting basically draw the basic concept of managed hosting, which is normally referred to dedicated servers.

    Disadvantages of Shared Web Hosting :
    1- System Crashes – System or Server crashes with shared hosting still remains a problem. If a load of so many websites is there on the server, it can crash.
    2- Performance Problem – Performance can also be a problem. User shares their server components with another user. So server component cant provides great performance.
    3- Security – One of the other important part that is not under warranty in a shared hosting environment.

    Advantages of Cloud Hosting :
    1- Cost efficiency – The biggest reason behind shifting to cloud computing is that it takes considerably lesser cost than an on-premise technology. Now the companies need not store the data in disks anymore as the Cloud offers enormous storage space, saving money and resources of the companies.
    2- High Speed – Cloud computing lets you deploy the service quickly in fewer clicks. This quick deployment lets you get the resources required for your system within fewer minutes.
    3- Excellent accessibility – Storing the information in cloud allows you to access it anywhere and anytime regardless of the machine making it highly accessible and flexible technology of present times.

    Disadvantages of Cloud Hosting :
    1- No longer in control
    2- May not get all the features
    3- Doesn't mean you should do away with servers
    4- No Redundancy
    5- Bandwidth issues


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      With shared hosting, you have limited server which is shared with how many websites that you don't know, when there's a load of visitors on your website or someone website who is sharing with your server, your website could be down or load very slow, but with managed WordPress hosting you have an option of scale the server. Also, you have unlimited access to your server with free SSL, load balancing and dedicated server.
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        Ok, Got It, Thanks for replying the valuable information.


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          you have limited resources in shared hosting and its not scalable , whereas in cloud hosting the resources are more than you get in shared hosting and can be scalable whenever your website or app requires


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            In shared hosting, security is based on databases and, its applications which make them vulnerable for hackers. This is because once one has access to one shared hosting server, it is easier to access the other websites on it. And once a website has been hacked into, most intruders leave a back door to gain entry again later.
            Since the security threats on a shared host are prevalent, most web hosts advise users to keep their computers safe using reliable update antiviruses. They also advise on using strong passwords and keeping your cPanel password away from any files on your account. Also, disable unnecessary options on your PHP settings to enhance security.
            Cloud Hosting: Cloud hosting security management deals with arising issues using security control.
            While cloud hosting services encounter traditional security issues like network eavesdropping, illegal intrusion, and cloud-specific ones like misuse of cloud services and side-channel attacks, the service has clamped down on data confidentiality, data access control, and data integrity. On top of that, the hosting service has also incorporated encrypted algorithms to further protect privacy and data.