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Joomla Error :: Joomla php index page was rendering as text


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  • Joomla Error :: Joomla php index page was rendering as text

    Problem Statement

    Joomla website stopped working.

    Error Message

    Joomla php index page was rendering as text.
    Error: <p>Table './measure1_joomla_3_3/table_name' is marked as crashed and should be repaired.


    Upon further checking, if you have found the following log, you can try given below Recommendations:

    <ffffffff800cb679>] out_of_memory+0x8e/0x2f3
    Out of memory: Killed process 29116, UID 101, (mysqld).

    Usually, you receive above error when MySQL database table corruption. Following are some of the reasons why MySQL database tables are corrupted.
    1. Unexpected MySQL server crash due to hardware failure, power failures or bad memory.
    2. MySQL service is killed by other process
    3. Insufficient space while performing large database operation.
    4. MySQL service interruption while performing any database operation.
    5. Server goes out of memory and it kills MySQL process. This was the root cause for your server.


    1. Upgrade memory of your server if you are facing such issue frequently.
    2. Take MySQL database backup in your local system so that in case of serious corruption, you can directly restore database from your local system.

    Since InnoDB engine does not support reparation operation, The InnoDB tables cannot be repaired. If your MySQL database supports MyISAM engine, you can repair database tables by following steps:
    1. Navigate to MySQL database directory. In most cases, database are stored at following path;
    2. Run following command
      myisamcheck -r *.MYI

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