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What is proxmox and What are the advantages of it?


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  • What is proxmox and What are the advantages of it?

    Hello everyone,

    I'm eager to learn more about Proxmox and the advantages it offers. If anyone can provide information or insights on this topic, your assistance in answering these questions would be immensely valuable.

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    Proxmox Virtual Environment is a robust open-source server virtualization platform that allows you to manage two virtualization technologies: KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) for virtual machines and LXC for containers - all through a unified web-based interface. It allows users to:
    • Create & manage multiple virtual machines on a single host server.
    • Consolidate your physical infrastructure into virtual machines.
    • Dynamically scale your storage resources.
    • Seamlessly integrate the KVM hypervisor and Linux containers (LXC).
    • Harness the capabilities of software-defined storage and networking.
    • Efficiently back up and restore virtual machines (VMs), containers, and physical hosts.

    What are the advantages of Proxmox?

    Load balancing: The Proxmox cluster can effectively distribute virtual machines and containers across multiple hosts. This strategic distribution prevents any single host from overloading and optimizes utilizing available resources.

    Centralized Management: The Proxmox cluster offers a unified administration interface that simplifies the management and monitoring of the entire infrastructure by consolidating all Proxmox servers in the cluster.

    Shared Storage: The Proxmox cluster enables efficient storage sharing among multiple hosts in the cluster, simplifying the management and allocation of storage resources for virtual machines and containers.

    Live Migration: The Proxmox cluster facilitates the seamless relocation of virtual machines and containers between cluster hosts, enabling us to perform maintenance and updates without causing any downtime for our workloads.

    Scalability: Due to its remarkable scalability, the Proxmox cluster allows for the effortless addition or removal of hosts to accommodate evolving requirements and workloads.