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How To configure DNS in Linux?


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  • How To configure DNS in Linux?

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    If you are using Red Hat Distribution then BIND 8.x comes in build with is. The configuration of BIND involves five easy steps. I have tried my best to describe them below:

    1. Enable DNS services.
    2. Configure the `/etc/hosts'' file.
    3. Configure `/etc/named.conf'' file.
    4. Set up DNS tables in the ``var/named/'' directory.
    5. Check for the named daemon is running.

    1. Enable DNS services:- To enable DNS services, /etc/host.conf file should be look like below:

    # Lookup names via /etc/hosts first, then by DNS query
    order hosts, bind

    2. Configure /etc/hosts file. :- For better performance you can add any hosts you access often like your local servers to avoid performing DNS lookups on them.

    3. Configure `/etc/named.conf'' file:- This file should be configured in such a way that the DNS tables correctly. Named.conf file contains information about different type of views like localhost_reslover (for caching nameservers), internal (who are directly connecting through LAN interface), External (addresses that are not in your LAN interface subnets), logging, Options.

    4. Set up DNS tables in /var/named directory:- Each domain will have its own DNS table file named as /var/named/domain.db. All the zones will be explained for a domain in this file.

    5. Check for the named daemon is running:- This daemon usually starts upon system boot. You can also start and stop the daemon manually by typing ``named start'' and `named stop'' commands respectively.
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