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Difference between TCP and UDP ports


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  • Difference between TCP and UDP ports

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    TCP stands for transmission control protocol. It is a connection oriented protocol. A connection will be established between client and server and the data will be sent through that established connection.

    * Reliable - TCP provides reliable connection. The server will re-request the lost part if there is any interruption between send/receive packets.
    * Ordered - It works on first come first server method. The requests will be processed based on its priority.
    * Heavyweight - Due to ordering and reliable connection, TCP protocol is bit heavyweight for OS to make the process in ordering.

    UDP stands for User Datagram Protocol. It is a connectionless protocol.
    * Unreliable - UDP does not provide you a reliable connection. You will not know if a packet will lost between the way.
    * Not ordered - It does not maintain any order to process the request.
    * Lightweight - It is bit lightweight for OS than TCP as it does not maintain any order or reliability.

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