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Creating a simple Rewrite rule


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  • Creating a simple Rewrite rule

    WordPress Hosting on SSD Servers
    Hi there,

    I'm having difficulty getting a simple rewrite rule to work through IIS. Keep in mind that my site is a Windows site that I access through IIS Manager and not the actual IIS Web Server. This seemed like the logical place for this thread but can be moved if required.

    OK, somewhere Google has picked up a bad link to my site and misses one of the directories in the URL.

    Since this is my first post I cannot add proper links to describe what I mean, but in a nutshell the link is incomplete, typically missing the directory lingerie that is in the URL.
    I want to rewrite any URL that has the missing 'lingerie' so it has it in the URL.
    The image is basically what I have written. I am new to writing rules and from the past few days of research this is what I got.
    Finally, when I test the pattern everything works fine. I get back references on R1 and R2.

    I am not using any conditions or server variables. Since I do not want to rewrite any URL if the directory lingerie is in the URL, indicating the URL is good, I had to use the full path to the point of the offending part from Google.

    I'm pretty sure I butchered the rule, not really knowing, but the test pattern works fine(see below image) so I dunno!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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