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How to configure DNS clustering in CPanel?


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  • How to configure DNS clustering in CPanel?

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    CPanel has started providing DNS clustering services from which you can synchronize your CPanel DNS server with a separate CPanel DNS ONLY server. This means that any DNS changes made on your cPanel server will be sent to your standalone DNS server. You will no longer have to use local name servers with cPanel and WHM.

    Below are the steps to configure DNS clustering services on Linux server.

    Suppose, you have total 8 machines, 3 DNS servers and 5 web servers. We will label them as:

    DNS servers:

    DNS1 = DNS Machine
    DNS2 = DNS Machine
    DNS3 = DNS Machine

    Hosting Servers:

    SERVER1 = Hosting Server
    SERVER2 = Hosting Server
    SERVER3 = Hosting Server
    SERVER4 = Hosting Server
    SERVER5 = Hosting Server

    Firstly, the DNS Servers (DNS1-3) will be totally DNS servers. No domain will be hosted on these servers.

    1. Login to WHM on each Hosting Server (SERVER1-5), navigate to the Cluster Management area and ADD DNS1 to each (You may need to go to DNS1 and mutually add a remote key for SERVER1-5).
    2. Set DNS1 as synchronizing in each of the hosting servers (SERVER1-5). You should see SERVER 1-5 listed as standalone servers in DNS1 WHM.
    3. Add DNS2 and DNS3 to the cluster (You may need to login to DNS2 and DNS3 and mutually add DNS1 to the respective cluster)
    4. Load DNS2 and DNS3's WHM and go into the cluster management area and set each to synchronize with DNS1.

    You should now see the following on each server:

    DNS1: All servers in cluster listed, SERVER1-5 (standalone) and DNS2-3 (synchronize)
    DNS2: DNS1 listed to Synchronize
    DNS3: DNS1 listed to Synchronize
    SERVER1: SERVER1 listed to Synchronize
    SERVER2: SERVER1 listed to Synchronize
    SERVER3: SERVER1 listed to Synchronize
    SERVER4: SERVER1 listed to Synchronize
    SERVER5: SERVER1 listed to Synchronize
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