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WordPress is undoubtedly one of the best and most popular content management systems (CMS) for many reasons. It is also free to use and easy to set up, making it user-friendly. WordPress also has plenty of themes and plugins that make it possible to design your websites how you want.

But do you know what makes WordPress so user-friendly?

The answer is “Page Builder

A page builder is a feature that allows you to create intensely beautiful and custom layouts without even using a single line of code!
So, even without coding, you can create impressive WordPress websites and do many things on your web page.

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What is a WordPress Page Builder?

Adding designs and functionality to your site with the help of themes and plugins is very easy. Still, if you want more scope for customization, you often contact a web developer and designer. By default, pre-designed themes are not flexible enough; they do not let you freely develop and modify your pages, especially if you are not tech-savvy. Even developers won’t have enough flexibility to develop the page per your needs.
Additionally, it’s much more expensive and time-consuming.
So, a WordPress page builder is the option that you can depend on to get the efficiency and flexibility to modify your website as you like it.

The WP page builder is a plugin that allows you to build a customized WordPress website by designing, developing, and modifying functionality with a distinct style and appearance. A page builder encompasses many configurable and customizable elements such as color and text to image galleries, buttons, animations, etc. In addition, its in-built functionality lets you drag and drop any elements that easily allow you to apply your preferred customization, giving you ample freedom with creativity.

WordPress Block Editor vs. Page Builders

Are you familiar with the WordPress Block Editor, the default editor? A block editor is used to create beautiful content layouts, including media content, text, and designs, and add widget areas.

Despite being pretty useful, a block editor is far from replacing the powerful drag-and-drop page builder plugins that offer more customization options without requiring coding knowledge and with an easier user interface. Additionally, page builders often come with pre-made templates and layout options that allow for creating more complex and visually appealing pages.

For example, you want to create your eCommerce website and build a product page. The product page requires so many features and functionality; it is going to take much time and effort.

A basic eCommerce Product page Requires the Following Things:

  • First, you need a layout of the product page. But with Page builder, you can create your own product page by selecting from various pre-made product page templates.
  • Add eye-catching headlines to present the products and their deals. Page builder makes it easy to add an attractive animated headline.
  • Add a Widget for Related Products, Share buttons, or Countdown timer; Page builder makes it possible to include all the features wherever you want with a “drag-and-drop” interface and create a professional-looking design.
  • Page builder allows you to add and customize the Order Now buttons, Product titles, Short descriptions, prices, ratings, Product images, etc.

Adding and arranging this functionality requires so much time and effort. But with the Page builder, you can cut down this time and create your product page with all these features. In addition, page builder allows you to customize and manage all your required features by drag-and-drop interfaces.

Advantages of Using WordPress Page Builders

There are several reasons why people use WP page builders besides/in place of the already available themes or plugins –


A page builder gives users a high level of freedom to build and apply customization to create custom designs and layouts by adding distinct styles on their websites that themes may not accommodate. It’s most useful for users who demand a unique appearance, functionality, and features.


Page builders often offer additional features and functionality that are beyond what is included in the theme. For instance, features like; creating a contact form, including buttons, and implementing an animation page builder perform these tasks on their own.

Knowledge of Coding Not Required:

Page builder usually comes with a “drag-and-drop” interface, which makes it easy to add and modify any elements on a page for the user. Therefore, it is one of the most user-friendly options for those who are not adept in coding or are non-technical and for those who want faster website creation. The plus side is you can also use your coding with the page builder.

Improved Productivity:

With the help of a page builder, you can save the time and energy you have to invest while building a website with custom coding, especially when it is done from scratch; it also improves overall productivity.

Best Page Builders for WordPress Sites

Several WordPress page builder options are available, including standalone plugins, and plugins that are included with specific themes. Here we have listed some of the most popular and widely used page builders that you can use to improve your website’s aesthetics, functionality, and uniqueness.



Elementor is one of the most popular drag-and-drop page builders that offers a wide range of features and design options. It is free to use, or if you wish, you can opt for its pro version, which costs $59 per year.

Recently it was included in the list of top downloaded plugins in WordPress.

It allows custom-designing your website without requiring you to write a single code. Users can customize different kinds of content using a visual interface, including text, images, video, and blocks.

A wide range of features and design options are available with Elementor, such as pre-design templates, a feature of responsive design, the option to add CSS customization, and widgets. In addition, this plugin is integrated with other popular plugins, such as WooCommerce, WPForms, Gravity Form, etc.

Therefore, it’s a simple and user-friendly tool that enables you to construct and customize a professional-looking website with little or no coding skills, no matter what type of web page you wish to create, making Elementor one of the most popular.

Active installations: 5+ million

Ratings: 4.5

Price: Pro-version starts at $59 per year (A free version is also available).

Reason to use it: The Elementor page builder is the most beginner-friendly option that you can use to create any WordPress website. In addition, you can add and customize all the desired features you want to add to your website. 

Beaver Builder


Beaver Builder is the most beginner-friendly page builder and a powerful tool that offers a wide range of features to build all types of websites you desire.

One of the best things about Beaver Builder is that it’s designed to work with almost all WordPress themes. It’s available for both free as well as premium options. With Beaver Builder, you can create a page in a shorter duration with the help of an easy drag-and-drop module. It includes features like photos, icons, text editors, HTML, audio, video, button, and a sidebar. In addition, you are allowed to add CSS classes and IDs.

You can build an attractive layout with its flexible content modular with a drag-and-drop system; it’s one of the best page builders to create an attractive landing page. Not only that, Beaver Builder supports both core and third-party WordPress widgets with all your favorite plugins.

For developers, Beaver Builders offer numerous features that enable them to customize the site.

Active installations: 200,000+

Ratings: 5 stars

Price: The price for pro-version starts at $99 per year (A free version is also available)

Reason to use it: Beaver Builder is beginner-friendly and one of the reliable options if you want to build multiple sites.



SeedProd is another popular page builder. It makes it easy to customize the website without advanced skills and technical knowledge of HTML and CSS.

Users can easily customize their website’s appearance while selecting from various pre-designed templates, colors, fonts, and other design elements that can be easily dragged and dropped to create a professional website with a professional feel.

With the “no-code website builder,” SeedProd, you can create headers, footers, posts, pages, sidebars, WooCommerce product pages, checkout pages, Cart pages, etc.

SeedProd provides simple steps to start building a website; however, it has limited options available for free. You can create “Coming Soon” or “Maintenance” mode pages, a marketing landing page such as “sales” & “thank you”, and so on for free. But to create an entire site with SeedProd requires a pro-version.

SeedProd ensures a responsive design, whether a desktop, smartphone, or tablet; it looks good on all devices. So, SeedProd is a valuable tool for anyone looking to create a website without technical expertise or extensive design skills.

Active installations: 1+ million

Rating: 5 stars

Price: The price for pro-version starts at $39.50 per year (A free version is also available).

Reason to use it: SeedProd is an affordable and one of the fastest landing page builders.


Divi is another option for a drag-and-drop WordPress page builder plugin that makes it easy to arrange and manage everything. It’s a powerful page builder with a visual WYSIWYG editor that consists of pre-design layouts, and you can customize every aspect of your website. Divi is a powerful and user-friendly page builder plugin that can help you create professional-looking websites without the knowledge of coding.

Divi allows extensive customizing, including bulk editing, fonts, colors, spaces, size, etc., that creates unique page layouts with plenty of simple and flexible elements to utilize for making an excellent web page by organizing the elements the way you want with ease.

When you build a website with Divi page builder, you don’t have to adjust the layout for smartphones or tablets because Divi automatically creates your website that has a beautiful and responsive layout on any device.

However, the Divi page builder only works with Divi themes as it is incompatible with other themes.

Active installations: 100,000+

Rating: 5 star

Price: Price starts at $89 per year with lifetime access for $249.

Reason to use it: No matter which type of website you want to create, Divi page builder provides an out-of-the-box solution to customize your blog without needing any custom code.



SiteOrigin is quickly gaining popularity as a WordPress drag-and-drop page builder. This plugin is one of the most effective content-creation interfaces that gives complete freedom to select any WordPress theme; it is compatible with almost every WordPress theme

SiteOrigin works with standard WordPress widgets, making it simple and effective in creating responsive column-based content.

You can add custom CSS and CSS classes to SiteOrigin for additional customization; it provides an alternative to building a website without using code. Additionally, SiteOrigin creates content that is compatible with mobile devices.

However, developing a website with SiteOrigin requires some expertise; thus, it might not be suitable for beginners.

Active installations: 900,000+

Ratings: 5 Star

Price: Free and premium add-ons price start at $29 per year.

Reason to use it: SiteOrigin is an excellent page builder for creating a powerful responsive website without coding. It allows you to add custom columns, create unique layouts, and use any of the core WordPress widgets.



Themify is an ideal choice for developers who want to expedite the creation of websites required to have ready-to-use templates for their customers. In addition, you can almost entirely customize your web pages using the Themify builder.

For anyone requiring a flexible page builder and a plugin that works with almost any theme, Themify is one of the most preferred options. In addition, you can easily add and rearrange rows, columns, and modules on your website, which is one of the most valuable features when designing a product page as it groups content together with a neat and clean appearance of a cluster.

They also allow you to customize various options, create a fully responsive page, and set animations on your pages using pre-designed modules.

Active installations: 9,000+

Ratings: 4 stars

Price: The price for pro-version starts from $59 (A free version is also available).

Reason to use it: Themify offers maximum customization for websites allowing you to create a unique appearance with various animation effects. In addition, Themify ensures smooth, responsive features optimized for all devices.

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